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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2005
Slowdive are one of those bands - you either get the idea and therefore fall in love with the music, or you don't.
In 1993 I bought the limited edition release of Souvlaki (with the Blue Day singles collection as the second CD) after reading about them in the NME.
I immediately fell in love with the sound - melancholic, soul-searching and epic. I was 16, had just been dumped by my all-time ideal woman (or so I thought at that age!) and spent many hours listening to Slowdive laying on the floor of darks rooms.
Even had that poster of Rachel Gosling with bullet-belts around her on my bedroom wall (I'd pay thousands for that now!).
Since 1993 no band has bettered the sound of Slowdive on Souvlaki. To be honest, not many bands have strayed in that direction - Jesus And Mary Chain continuing in their similar vein, Kevin Shields giving it a go with a more commercial edge etc etc.
Slowdive captured the production sounds of the late 90's indie wave, added the accoustic mentality of Verve and produced soaring masterpieces.
There are elements of sound from such diverse records as Blur's 'Sing', Smashing Pumpkin's 'Rhinoceros' and Verve's 'Slide Away' and yet it still feels like Slowdive are fresh and original (discounting the fact that ELP, Eno and others had been doing dreamy epics 20 years previously).
12 years on and Slowdive records stil have the same effect on me - they represent all those feelings from all those years ago and I love getting lost in the music in dark rooms or in the car. And I still yearn after the same woman! (shh, don't tell the missus!)
I got the idea 12 years ago and still get it now - it represents a part of my life, as I suspect it does for other fans.
If you're emotional, appreciative of deep, soul-searching music, buy Slowdive albums.
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on 9 March 2008
I was a pale callow student when in that brief window between baggy and grunge it was all the rage to crank up the volume and stand on stage staring at a vast array of guitar effects - I know because I was in a band that tried to do this too!

I loved Slowdive then, saw them live a few times and always had a soft spot for Rachel Goswell - sadly unlike another reviewer I never had a poster of her on my walls - though I did get to interview them for a student radio show and they were nice folks.

I have all the stuff on this album on vynl and I was delighted to finally have some decent digital recordings that could go on my ipod. Their music far more than ride or MBV moved me - and still does, there is something wonderfully blisful about the way the music builds on tracks like Morningrise and in the nicest possible way lifts your head off when it all comes in on a track like catch the breeze.

I was always disappointed that such beautiful music never generated more press inches or critical respect - but at least the CDs are all available now and the excellent Mojave 3 are around too.

This is just fantastic so buy it...
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on 23 March 2010
ive liked shoegaze for years,ive liked sonic guitars for years,from psychocandy to ride to early verve to my bloody valentine,i absolutley love it! it sounds like trancendance-on this double album the best song for me for energy is 'slowdive'.ive listened to this album many times,its a cool soundtrack to your life,its got a non intrusive energy,yet its totally noticable.this music is beautiful.i love the male female dynamic of the vocals,they are harmonious.My only regret is that i didnt know about this band when they were gigging.i still think this kind of music has a place in popular music,its not fully explored it can evolve and at best can be something holy; but the sceen seemed to evaporate,ther are few bands now exploring this sound -this genre of music-although their are some that are very good and not signed to large music corporations.anyone liking this album will probably like alot of cocteau twins music.so yes..this album comes highly recommended its genius!!!
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on 11 April 2005
Its criminally shameful how pop history seems to have forgotten Slowdive. Emerging from the post "isnt anything", "shoegaze" boom of the early ninties they were definitely the best band who wasnt "My Bloody Valentine", infinitely better than the overrated "Ride", and i promise anybody whos heard the too will agree.
This CD collects most of Slowdives recordings,and crucially has there masterpiece "soulvaki" here in its entitrity, albeit split over the two disks. "Alision" IS the best noise pop song ever, and absolutley has to be heard whearas "40 days" is just as good and will make you cry with its transcendenatal beauty.
You must check this out.
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on 7 February 2005
The innovative noiseniks Slowdive were one of the many great shoegazing bands of the late 80s. They are clearly influenced by My Bloody Valentine to the point of replication and although this does take away from the bands originality its music is still superb. The atmospheric guitars float above you while the subtle drumming underneath keeps you involved. The music has to be described as atmospheric even more so the MBV, it takles there distorted riffs but makes it lighter and fluffier, leaving you with a haze of sound that washes over you leaving you feeling totally fullfilled by the album. The cover of Pink Floyds Golden Hair is respectable and the album highlights include the mezmerizingly beautiful Souvlaki Space Station and the title track Catch The Breeze which creates more colour than than even the best Joy Division tracks. A definate purchase for any noisepop fan.
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