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Number 1
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 2 March 2005
I am writing here because I saw there were no reviews and would like to convince anyone who's not sure about it to give it a shot, because this album is one of the most interesting and satisfying I've heard in ages.
However if you're looking for more Transvision Vamp-style rawk, forget it. Number 1 is really raw and kinetic, much more akin to late 70s/early 80s post-punk/dub, like the Raincoats and the Slits debuts, where Tranvisions Vamp's albums, and even James' solo album released in the early 90s, are more assaulting.
I'm not a huge Wendy James fan so I feel no loyalty to her music (I didn't even know it was her when I got it - it was a Christmas present), but I do like experimental, alternative music and can see Racine won't be coming off my Latest playlist (NOT on iPod, can I just say!!) for some time yet.
Give it a go.
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on 6 July 2006
I actually brought this CD quite recently & I can't understand why there is so much malice in one of the reviews. It is not a bad CD at all & the comments about Wendy James smoking & looking her age are just childish!!

This CD does have some good songs on it & I think she actually perfroms quite well. I have recenly rebrought the Transvision Vamp CD's & her solo effort "Now ain't the time for your tears" written by Elvis Costello & quite liked that as well. If indeed Wendy James did all the Music, vocals & wrote all the songs for this project then fair play to her & I look forward to the next one.

Mark United Kingdom.........
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on 17 March 2007
At first i was excited to hear Wendy James (ex Transvision Vamp) had `managed` to release an album under a new name (the press a33holes really did hate her), so i bought it and recieved it today (listening to it now) and if i can describe the album in one word i would say it to be "monotone" in more than one word i would say there is a lack of vocals and lacking enthusiasm of creativity. There is no excitement or tvv about it, just seems like the start of racine has already ended.

I am a follower of TVV since the came out and been to a few concerts but wouldnt go to see racine at all unless i was wanting to sit down and chill out, but i suppose thats what music can be good for and this does fall into that category (has to be in some category).

If you are a fan of TVV then i would expect you to be disappointed with this album.

I would still buy it just to hear how much her music has changed!!!
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on 26 December 2005
If you liked wendy's voice in her old trans' days then you will like this. the music/tunes for this are nothing like her former stuff and all the better for it. this was one of my fave cd's of 2004/5 and deserved more publicity in the uk, not just sniping reviews from hacks still out to get wendy for her over confident sins back in the 80's/90's. If you want an album of cool minimilist funky punky silly experimental sexy fun that gets better with ever play, then forget what you thought you knew about ms. james and buy this album, you won't be disappointed.
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on 24 September 2011
I was and probably still am a massive Transvision Vamp fan. The music and Wendy James vocals were superb, so when i heard of Wendys long awaited new group album, yes i brought the solo album "Now Aint The Time For Your Tears", I had to have a copy. However this was not what i expected. It pains me to say it was lack lustre and had no dynamics to it. The lyrics fall short of anything previous and Wendys vocals could not raise the standard. I listened to the album twice and could not extract any enjoyment from it. If any one wants my album it is yours for the cost of postage. Sorry Wendy...... No really I am sorry!!!
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on 18 December 2014
Wendy James of Transvision Vamp fame. Never worked out why she didn't make it really huge. She had it all didn't she?
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on 8 April 2006
Then this isn't the one for you. A Bontempi keyboard demo song is more tuneful. Sadly, after Wendy's 90's solo album (includes the great London's Brilliant) she seems to have lost it. That wonderful edge that TVamp had, and that Wendy managed to keep into her one 90's album, has been lost.
If you like tinny, electrobeat with a repeated depthless theme, then this is for you, but if you want the glory that was Wendy in her Vamp days, then steer well clear to avoid ruining those wonderful memories.
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on 20 August 2014
This record has a real charm to it, quite poppy, with some subtle dance beats, laid back (there are no famous/infamous Wendy James Screams), there are some vestiges of punk (you can’t quite take the rebel out of the girl), but on the whole this is a far less annoyed Wendy.
The songs themselves are quite simple (this was Wendy James first self composed album, & she plays all the music instruments), but the record hold together pretty well.
If I were to offer a criticism, it would be that the record is a little one paced, but I think that more to do with James fledgling writing career (which as you can aspect is influenced by Nick Sayer), but this still a accomplished debut & a important addition to the TVV back catalogue.
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