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The Apple 23" Cinema display is a classic monitor with excellent colour reproduction, stylish looks, and good colour consistency at different angles of view. DVI-D equipped with a full sized socket, it will work easily with all earlier DVI Macs, and is supplied with the adapter to mini-DVI.

This model is no longer made, but can be had second hand via Amazon. It has the full sized DVI connector, though it's supplied with the DVI to mini-DVI adaptor as well. It also has two break out USB and two break out Firewire 400 connectors sockets, for which you have to sacrifice one Firewire and one USB if you want to make use of them. It doesn't have the built in MagSafe adaptor that later models do.

Calibration is very easy using Apple's built in calibration tool, and if colour is important to you at all, you ought to calibrate this monitor as soon as you get it. If you are looking for print quality calibration, you can use an external calibration device.

If you're using this with a MacBook Pro, and you've never used an external monitor before, then you will be surprised about how ridiculously easy it is. You just plug it in, the laptop finds both screens -- or you can close the laptop and only use this screen. If running both screens at once, you can position the monitors virtually so that they match up exactly with where you have physically placed them, which means when you move the mouse from one to the other, it acts as if you were moving smoothly through space. You may find it difficult to calibrate the laptop and Cinema displays to exactly the same colour, and for that you probably do want an external calibration tool.

I really like this monitor. There is a slight pinkish cast when you don't view it straight on, which means the edges of the screen are very slightly pinkish, unless you move your head. From extreme angles you get a greenish tinge. However, you would never actually use the monitor at those angles, so it's rather a moot point.

This is a brilliant monitor with excellent clarity, definition and colour reproduction, and a really strong contrast, which is good if you have it up against a window or are working in a bright office environment. It is also beautiful to look at, and is ideal for watching movies and web-TV.
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on 14 May 2015
I paid a lot of money for this & I was told it works but once again I was lied to
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on 13 March 2006
This monitor probably represents the ultimate in minimalist style. As with all things Apple the pleasure starts with the box and packaging - functional and solid. The screen is surprisingly light considering the size. It stands on a single bent aluminium stand and provides only tilt adjustment, but slides smoothly on the desk surface to provide lateral change (though the viewing angle is very good). A custom cable with single plug at the screen end expands Medusa-like at the system box end into firewise, usb, power and graphics connectors .... inevitably these must all be located close together (though the cable is long enough to hide all tthe unsightly bits under the desk). There's an external power brick - about half the size of the MiniMac transformer. Plug it all in and you'll get a bright, rock steady, nicely balanced image. Colours aren't over-saturated. It's a great screen to sit in front of for hours at a time. It's better than the Eizo, Phillips and Sony monitors I also regularly use. I run mine from a MacMini and the aluminium monitor surround is great with the magnetic iSight camera mount.
Is there anything wrong with this monitor? At this price it would be good to only need to buy one, so two graphics inputs would have been nice. I'd have liked a switch to turn the monitor off separately from the computer - the power switch also seems to turn everything off. Finally, the twin usb and firewire outputs (bottom edge on back right hand side) are a bit tricky to locate without a bit of a search.
Buy one, you won't be disappointed.
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on 29 November 2013
In it's day this was a wonderful monitor: restrained design, non-intrusive controls, lovely materials, elegant stand, well-thought-out connection to the computer via a single cable, and four connection ports (USB and FireWire 400) built in. With the advent of thinner LED and OLED screens it now feels a bit bulky, and the FireWire 400 ports are less and less useful. But a lovely monitor if you just want elegance and ease-of-use.
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on 4 October 2013
Everything this needs to be, for me as an artist, creating digitally. Good colour, fine definition, very clear. Just the job!!
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on 5 September 2015
This Apple Cinema Display 23" is like new. No scratches on display or frame, new power adapter and it works perfectly. I love shape of this Display, so simply and so perfect. Easily connect to Mac or Computer.
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on 22 August 2015
Does what you expect Apple kit to do-perfectly
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on 19 December 2014
Not satisfactory
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