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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2005
A friend highly recommended Interpol to me, based upon the first album, and I found myself doing a very unusal thing. I bought the album without hearing any of the songs, and not having a clue what to expect. I put it on, and after hearing it the first time I felt very let down. Determined not to waste a tenner and consign the CD to an eternity in the CD-rack, I decided to play it again to see if it would grow on me. I played it again. And again. And again. Then something strange started to happen. Admist the disappointing tracks, a stand-out song started to emerge. And then another. And another. Before long I was loving the whole album! It really is outstanding, it just needs a little getting in to. The music is, on the whole, a little dark, heavy- yet not, and quite different. It really is no exaggeration to say that there is no filler, as soon as you here the first song "Next Exit", you know you are about to be taken on an epic journey.
Not only do you get pleasure from listening to one excellent song after the other, you also feel that you've earned it after working so hard to get into the album. Highly recommended- just give it some time to grow.
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on 8 December 2005
If you're having any doubts about buying this album...DON'T. I can honestly say of the many albums i own or have listened to none have grabbed me quite as this one has, its a dark, melodic masterpiece from a band who seem to be severley underated. Having listened to the album many times now i keep coming back to the question, why isn't this band massive as if Franz Ferdinand, Strokes and others can have such success and recieve numerous accolades, then this band deserve every bit as much praise if not more, as their albums unlike many of their contempories are more than just one, two or three songs intermingled amongst mediocrity. Maybe though, the fact that the radio isn't playing their songs every ten minutes and your mate, your mum and the guy next door don't own a copy just adds to the enjoyment of having a copy what is a truly great album.
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on 16 May 2007
I heard of Interpol when the single 'Evil' was released and i couldn't wait to get this album. Since then i have purchased their debut album and have been immensley satsified by both.

This album is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys the sounds of a band making good music and also experimenting with their sound.

Here are my verdicts on the tracks:

Next Exit: This is a brilliant opening track. It starts of slowly with a guitar and synth but builds into an epic chorus which will have you tapping your feet along to.

Evil: This song is stunning and is brilliant live. With the pounding bass intro and the soaring chorus this song is the first highlight of the album.

Narc: This song sees the band slow down after Evil but they don't let the quality go. This is a brilliant song and builds into a brilliant chorus with fantastic lyrics.

Take You On A Cruise: This is an epic track and is almost the best on the album. I can't say much more to be honest. Simply stunning.

Slow Hands: Another single and it really picks up the pace for the album. The chorus and middle eight of this song deliver much joy and you will listen to it again and again.

Not Even Jail: A pulsating intro to this song soars into a fantastic verse and breathtaking chorus. For me, this is the highlight of the album and needs to be heard, for the chorus alone. Amazing!

Public Pervert: Another good filler track but it tends to drag on. A good song nonetheless!

C'Mere: Another brilliant single from the band. This is a great song and is great live.

Length Of Love: Similar structure to Slow Hands but a song that stands on it's own two feet. Needs to be heard. The lyrics are stunning.

A Time To Be So Small: A fantastic outro by Inerpol. Epic.

Overall, i love this album! It is very different (apart from Editors!) and shows a brilliant band in the prime of their careers.

Buy it now!
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on 8 February 2005
I first heard Interpol in HMV a few months ago. I did what I can't remember doing since I was a teenager (I'm now, erm, past my Thirties) and asked the assistant what was playing. He told me it was Interpol and the song was from a compilation for a TV show called 'The OC'. I wasn't prepared to buy a CD with mostly 'Sk8r' rock, but he led me to the 'I' section of the shop, where I found they had two albums out.
For the first time in years I bought not one but two albums by a band I'd only heard about 2 minutes of. And what a great decision! Like others I hear Joy Division (I was a teen in 1980): I also hear a band called The Chameleons in there, but I don't suppose anyone remembers them :o)
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on 6 August 2014
Did'nt realise they had been around so long? Listed the songs they played at Glasto '14, and found most of them belonged to this album. Although 10 years old, 'Not Even Jail' and 'A Time to be so Small' sound so good today. If you like those two, the rest of the album follows close on their heels. Bit daft to try and review an old album, but this appeals to me, so I leave it at that, as most of you will be aware of their latest stuff anyway.
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on 26 February 2006
Having only read other peoples reviews and not heard any Interpol songs, I gambled buying based on the comparisons with Joy Division, The Furs, The Strokes, etc. Although now having listened to both Antics and Turn of the Bright Lights over 10 times each, they are only vaguely similar to the above artists but that doesn't mean they're not as good - Interpol are my favourite band out now with some stiff competition out there (Strokes, Editors, etc) and although I initially preferred their first album, Antics has grown to be even better. GONE ON BUY IT!
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on 14 October 2005
this is truly an exceptional follow-up to the great debut "turn on the bright lights". I think this album is far better because it's far more consistent.Some of the songs weren't so great on the last one whereas almost every song or every song on here is great.
It fits together so well and if you are listening to it for the first you'll wonder why me and so many others rate this so highly.It's a real grower - simple as that.Although the tracks seem nothing at first,with every listen it improves and there seems to be something new to every track that didn't stand out before.
The guitar playing is exceptional,the songs build up,twist and turn,go places you wouldn't expect and after a while you'll find yourself believing this is actually a catchy album,albeit after 10 or more listens.
"Narc" even has a dancy kind of groove in the background,as does the exceptional "slow hands".The sound is very dark and these have been copmpared to Joy Division and rightly so.
This album is a classic that you have to buy to understand how good it is, my only warning being that while you might love it if you understand it, you wont love it if you like easy-to-listen-to music and simple pop and not much else.
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on 11 October 2004
I must admit to being quite nervous when putting this on the player for the first time. Would it, could it possibly live up to "Turn on..." ?? Well the answer is yes yes and YES !!
As the previous reviewer stated, this IS a classic, with not a hint of filler in sight. (i must admit i have found myself skipping the slow, building opener "Next Exit", not because it's a poor track, but just because i'm impatient to get to the hard stuff).
All tracks are standouts, however current favourites, (for those wishing to download a sampler before shelling out), are "Evil", "Narc", "Not even Jail", "C'mere", "Length of love".
This really is the album of the year for me, (can't see the Kings of Leon new one beating this !). Well done to the guy's for coming up with the goods. This is the first time in ages that a "Notoriously difficult second album", has equaled if not eclipsed it's predecesor.
Looking forward to hearing these songs live in Manchester on 18/12 !!
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on 3 February 2006
I heard Slow Hands on BBC Radio 6 several times and thought I'd 'risk' Antics. I say risk as I knew nothing at all of Interpol.

I enjoy listening to a whole host of musical styles, so I am relatively open minded when delving into the unknown. For me this was a grower, but it didn't take long to realise that Antics is something truly special, and I simply couldn't stop listening to it.

I then went on to buy their first album, which is also very good, but in my view, not as good as this masterpiece. Everything works so well; musical phrasing, musicianship, lyrics - there isn't a single moment of disappointment for me.

If you don't like guitar based music, it's probably not for you. If you do, no matter what style, you will love this.
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on 18 December 2011
Ive had this classic album in my collection for 7 years now and still listen to it and enjoy it to this day. During 40 odd years of listening to various types of music my previous favourite acts include "The Who" 60s,70s,The Stranglers 70s,Peter Gabriel,David Bowie 70s & 80s, The Jam, Talk Talk 80s, REM 80s,90, I think therefore im well qualified to give a judgement on any modern day act. How good are Interpol? In a decade of near total musical mediocrity most of Interpols peers have come and gone but as they say "true quality is timeless" and 10 years after their superb debut album they are Headlining major festivals worldwide. And still hundreds of thousands of music loving people are unaware of their brilliance and would be doing their ears a massive favour by buying Interpols entire back catalogue. As other reviewers of their albums have stated you have to keep playing their work to truly appreciate and enjoy its musicianship and in "Antics" you have their most complete works todate and my personal favourite album of all time.
Given the list above of my past favourite acts and the awful dross of most music in this last decade it is unbelievable to me that any modern day act could have made two of the finest albums of all time within it!
It is a dark album with great depth and many twists and turns and indeed as Q magazine said in 2004 "Antics is ridicuously good"!
To sum up, if Oasis style "pubrock" is your thing or screechy modern day divas OR X factor wannabes you will never "get" or understand Interpol, But if you like your rock music "interesting" and a little dark you too will love "Antics".
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