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on 19 May 2005
Generally a very strong, mature season, a close second to Season three. The mythology storyline mostly takes a welcome break from the confusing colonisation / cloning story and takes a backseat to the stand-alone episodes. Fortunately these are mostly excellent with some great thrillers, monsters and a "back to basics" UFO story in "Tempus Fugit" / "Max". Production values and effects are excellent, and all episodes are well-crafted without being too slick. Arguably the highlight of the season is the revelation of Scully's cancer and Gillian Anderson's touching performances bring a lot of emotional depth to this storyline. Some lighter episodes are more than welcome in what is generally quite a serious and solemn season, but none are as good as Darin Morgan's genius work on season three.
Best episodes:
Memento Mori
Small Potatoes
El Mundo Gira
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on 9 February 2002
Sorry, but Bad Blood isn't in this boxset (that was a season 5 ep). Season 4 however is probably the best season of XF in my opinion. There is a wonderful mix of brilliant stand-alone eos, and all the mythology eps are totally brilliant. It's a shame really that in season 5 the mythology had been reduced to annoying 'talking-head' shows (not to mention the introduction of such blase characters as Agents Spender & Fowley, and Cassandra Spender).
Season 4 is TXF at its best. These 24 episodes are without a doubt amoung the best the show has ever produced. And the best amoung these 24? Tempus Fugeit, Max, Tunguska, Terma, Gethsemane, Home, The Field Where I Died, Elegy and (damn, can't remember the name) - the one with a spooky photographer. Buy this now. The best all-round season!!!
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on 31 October 2006
This is my favourite year of The X-Files. The average episodes are great, and the best are simply outstanding. There is serious drama, particularly for Scully's character. Episodes like Home and Sanguinarium are particularly creepy, whilst others develop the Smoking Man's character, or the possibilities surrounding Samantha Mulder's disappearance.

This season won several Emmy awards, and deservedly so. Although it remained a great show, I don't believe it was ever again quite so consistently good as this season.


Memento Mori, Paper Hearts, Never Again, Demons, Home, Tunguska/Terma, Tempus Fugit/Max

Episodes I remember not liking, but enjoyed this time round:

Never Again, Kaddish

Weak points:

El Mundo Gira - goatsuckers, indeed.
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on 7 February 2002
This great season of the X-Files really does start as it means to go on. In the opening episode, "Herronvolk", we are thrown straight into some great action as Mulder and Scully are thrown into battle with the alien bounty hunter. The thrills never stop as plenty of episodes concentrate on the conspiracy.
Events take a surprising turn when the long suffering Scully is diagnosed with cancer in the magnificent episode "Momento Mori". This marks a further turning point in her relationship with Mulder as their bond to each other grows stronger. The chemistry between these two characters has always been one of the highlights of the show and it is explored even more throughout this season.
Another great highlight is the episode "Musings of a Cigrette Smoking Man", where we get to see the evil Smoking Man as we have never seen him before. There's also a great episode devoted to Skinner in "Zero Sum".
While the conspiracy episodes are great, there are pretty good stand alone episodes too, such as "Paper Hearts", "Leonard Betts", "Home" and the hilarious "Small Potatoes".
The fourth season of the X-Files contains the last of the classic episodes as the quality begins to slip in later seasons. Make sure you don't miss it!
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on 5 February 2002
Many fans believe that it is in season 4 that The X-Files really hit its peak. It's easy to see why, with this marathon of episodes leading up to a shocking conclusion!
It was in this year that the writers were doubly busy while producing another series 'Millennium'. It's amazing therefore that season 4 even made it at all.
This boxet contains some of the most ground-breaking stories to date, such as the almost-banned 'Home' and the most-watched-ever episode 'Leonard Betts'.
Midway through the season there's a 2-part offering that sets up key storylines that go on into the movie and beyond. For this reason, season 4 is an essential purchase for any X-Phile!
There's a higher than usual amount of serial-killer episodes, but this serves only as a good thing and marks a good change of pace after a mutant-esque season 3.
If you're a Scully-fan there's an ongoing crisis for the character this year, that's sure to have you reaching for the hankies. The origins of this story arc go way back into season 2 and shape the entire direction of the series from now on.
What I found to be really great about season 4 is that it's a good one for character development. We learn a lot more about Mulder's past in one early episode, and we even get a look at the previous evil-deeds of the Cancer-Man.
That's got to be worth buying the set for alone!
If there's one downfall t this season, it would have to be a slight repetition in some of the stories. This is understandable though, as there is only so much paranormal ground that can be covered. If you're a die-hard fan of early hits like 'Tooms' with his liver-eating habits, and 'Excelcius Dei' with ghosts wandering round a hospital - you'll enjoy the similarities between these, and some of the episodes on offer in this DVD set.
The extra features are great as usual, with the deleted scenes giving us entirely different scenarios to certain episodes, and the documentary 'The Truth about Season 4' giving us a unique insight into the development of the season. There's also close looks at the key scenes, and if you speak other languages there's a good chance that you'll find one of them here.
Scully speaking german??
Mark that one down as another benefit of buying this great package, and continue watching the rollercoaster ride that is The X-Files!!
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on 10 April 2003
In the 4th season the X-files are indeed at its best. The previous years had produced some excellent and unforgettable episodes, but overall I'd say that with these amazing stories they surpassed any expectations. Thrilling episodes such as Unruhe, Home, Paper Hearts and Demons are all included in this box set, but also the sad stories about Scully's cancer.
The writing was always, at least in the early years, the solid base for the series, but you must never forget the talented actors. Gillian Anderson did an excellent performance in Never Again and in Memento Mori, which gave her an Emmy. David Duchovny dazzled in the humorous Small Potatoes. Also during the 4th season you can sense the developing relationship between Mulder and Scully.
A true fan can never get enough when you're talking about extras. There are of course a few commentary tracks (e.g. by Vince Gilligan about Small Potatoes) and deleted scenes such as the famous kiss in Memento Mori, but there may not be any other cure than buying all the seasons to yourself. The 4th season is really good and I believe that all the fans should have this in their collection, but be careful: before you know it, you might be buying another one!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 June 2016
This is the fourth season of 'The X-Files' on Blu-ray, and this set presents all 24 episodes in full HD, with fantastic video and audio quality. As the show was originally recorded on film, the Blu-ray transfer is excellent (whereas the earlier VHS and DVD releases had to be reduced in quality). As with the other Blu-ray season boxsets, this is the best version of the show.

This season originally aired in 1996-97, and it continues to build-up the story involving both Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as they work together for the FBI (as special agents) investigating paranormal and supernatural cases - known as X-Files. As with each of the seasons, this one consists of several 'monster of the week' type episodes, as well as building the ground work for the ongoing story-arc concerned with alien invasion and government conspiracy - in particular, it deals with a mysterious organisation known as the Syndicate. This fourth season met with critical acclaim, and was hugely popular - and is amongst the best of what the 'X-Files' had to offer.

The episodes included are: "Herrenvolk"; "Home"; "Teliko"; "Unruhe"; "The Field Where I Died"; "Sanguinarium"; "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man"; "Tunguska"; "Terma"; "Paper Hearts"; "El Mundo Gira"; "Leonard Betts"; "Never Again"; "Memento Mori"; "Kaddish"; "Unrequited"; "Tempus Fugit"; "Max"; "Synchrony"; "Small Potatoes"; "Zero Sum"; "Elegy"; "Demons"; and "Gethsemane".
review image review image
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on 7 March 2003
Season four of the X-Files is one of those real classic seasons (the other classics, in my opinion, being seasons six and nine) where there is a fantastic combination of writing and acting, and rarely dissapoints.
This is clear right from the beginning, with the superb (albiet, confusing) 'Herronvolk', which brings back the alien bounty hunter and starts the season with a bang, exposing a whole new level of the mythos. From the distance of season nine, this may seem slightly old and clapped out, but any viewer watching the series in order will relish it.
This unusually high standard is kept up in the rest of the seasons mythology as well (which may explain why it was so poor next season; they ran out of ideas), with 'Tunguska' and 'Terma' offering plenty in excitement and action, despite not making very much sense. 'Memento Mori' is also entertaining, the now legendary period of the show where Scully realises she has cancer. The Mulder and Scully scenes are touchingly emotional in this show (despite that the best ones were cut out of the show, the Bill Scully J.R scene in particular is great.)
However, good as these episoides are, the real payoff comes in the form of episoides 'Tempus Fugit' and 'Max'. This two-parter is just so intense, it's great! I won't spoil it for those of you who have yet to see it, but, trust me, it's amazing!

The stand alone episoides are, likewise, phenomenal this season, with horror, comedy and plain weirdness in abundance.
The horror episoides are particually good this season, featuring some of the goriest, scariest scenes ever. Head of this mcarbe bunch is, undoubtedly, 'Home', a script about incest, infanticide and murder. this episoide is infamous for being banned from the Fox T.V network in America, and with good reason. This episoide is sick, from start to end. If you are squeamish or easily frightened, i urge you to stay away from this episoide (the teaser, for example, involves a newborn baby being buried alive), however, if you can stomach this, then you'll be rewarded; this is still one of my favourite episoides ever.
'Sanaguarian' is another real horror fest. While not in the same leauge as 'Home', it's still effective. It's another satanic possession episoide (if you've seen 'Die Hand Die Vertletz' or 'Daemonicus' you'll sort of know what to expect), featuring buckets of blood (well, bathtubs actually) and gratiatious violence. It's entertaining and scary, but nothing special, worth watching but not one you'll really savour.
The final horror show i have to mention is 'Leonard Betts', another classic. It features the shows stupidest monster ever, but still manages to scare. I loved this episoide.
Horror aside, this season also contains some really phenomenal episoides that i would certainly put in my 'top 20 episoides' list. Examples of this are 'Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man', 'Kaddish' and 'Small Potatoes'.
'Musings Of...' is another Morgan and Wong script (who brought us 'Tooms', 'Blood' and 'Home', among others) and designed as a C.S.M background story. Some people may consider this episoide a little slow, but I think it's amazing, a real triumph of writing and directing.
'Kaddish' is just great. The story is all about the prejudices faced by the Jews in todays society, what some people must go through on a day-to-day basis. Amazingly heratwarming, this is fantastic, faturing one of the scariest teaser sequences in the series and an amazing main story. I cannot stress how much I enjoyed this episoide.
Finally, 'Small Potatoes' is the comedy episoide of the season, written by Vince Gilligan (in my opinion, the best writer on the show, who brought us 'Bad Blood' and 'X-Cops',among others). this episoide is hilarious and touching in equal parts, featuring David Duchovny's absolute best performance of the season.
All in all, this season is a definite classic, if you have the money, i strongly suggest you buy this masterpiece.
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on 18 October 2002
There's no doubt that Season 4 of this fantstic series broke the mold, or at least attempted to, in many areas. Many scenes were deleted from the final cut because they were either too controversial or too shocking for public consumption.
Season 4 of this show stands out amongst the rest as being the time when Scully had to go through the dreadful process of beating her cancer, which can but only bring the two protagonists closer together.
And therein lies the success of this show - the brilliant on-screen chemistry of Mulder and Scully. Not only are the storylines fantastic in this season (Home, Unruhe, Leonard Betts...) but the characters give the series that edge which pushes it beyond just a Sunday-night show into a cult TV phenomenon.
Season 4 was aired when the show was at it's highest, and the episodes reflect this. Must-see stuff, if only so you can say you were a part of it.
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on 12 October 2016
A great series of the The X-Files. I felt it was worth buying just for the episode Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man alone. I just can't get enough of William B Davis's spellbinding performances and find his character eerily hypnotic. And of course, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are pretty good too!

Personally, I will never tire of watching this. The X-Files is one of those shows that has such great return and replay value, each episode filled with originality, imagination, cleverness and style.
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