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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2012
Yeah when this came on TV , I was in a dark place myself and the whole season seemed dark which was off putting at the time .In later years , this view changed and I love the strories, themes and atmosphere in season 4 . My favorite episodes are max and tempus fugit which are about an airliner crashing with mulder`s old bud Max on it and the investigation surrounding that .Awesome show , awesome price !! Best episodes -Tempus fugit , Max , tunguska , The field where I died , Musings of a cigarette smoking man , Paper hearts !! Amazing !!
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on 24 April 2014
It would have made sense for The X Files to finally take its foot off the pedal after the first 3 seasons. After over 70 episodes of increasingly intense drama and loss, surely there would have to have been a `re-build' or a change of direction (particularly common in today's shows)? But no. Rather than falling in on itself; the show simply put the juggernaut into `cruise control', and let its characters do the talking. Behind all the twists and turns, it seems, there are still people.

Where the first 3 seasons were propelled by aliens, conspiracies and rivalries; season 4 deals with cause and effect, and delves into uncharted territory. A new development for Scully dominates proceedings, and the way it affects her and especially Mulder provides a new place for the beating heart of the show to call home: a place where the characters ARE the story.

As for the episodes, there is a huge range of ideas and set-pieces that remind me much more of season 1 than seasons 2 and 3, insofar as it is far more varied with a fluctuating tempo. `Home' was actually banned in America from TV broadcast, and is decidedly the blue print from which every `outback-slasher' horror film since 1996 has been derived from. `The Field Where I Died' is a whole new theory strand for the show, while `Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man' is one of my all-time favourite episodes. `Tunguska/Terma' and `Tempus Fugit/Max' fan the flames of the palpable mythology fire. For me though it's the beautiful `Never Again' and `Memento Mori' that fly the flag for this season. We see so much of the characters - far beyond the FBI agent veneer that lies at the centre of the show's more procedural template, and the developments between Mulder and Scully are enough to pull on anybody's heartstrings.

I cannot review this season though without mentioning `Small Potatoes'. If `Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose' was season 3's meridian moment; then `Small Potatoes' reacts in kind with a quite brilliant episode. One that sees Duchovny - and indeed former X Files writer Darin Morgan - at the peak of their abilities in a very leftfield episode.

If season 3 was the shows full-throttle peak; then season 4 is the other side of the same coin. The halcyon, emotional, inner-being of the show's paranormal, increasingly dramatic narrative.

As far as the features go, there are perhaps not as many as the previous seasons, but they are actually my favourite ones to date. There are some fascinating pieces about the makings of the show - particularly `Tempus Fugit', and some critical deleted scenes that, if included in the final cuts, could have altered the ethos of the show's direction - particularly between the two leading agents.

After re-watching this season, not only is it better than I remember; but unquestionably the show's most thoughtful, mature and solemn offering so-far. For the first time there is not a single episode that is below par, and the range of episodes is I think the best in what ultimately turned out to be the show's entire duration. After 3 years of disturbing the waters, the ripples have finally caught up with Agent Fox Mulder and Agent Dana Scully. This is The X Files with a (broken) heart, and on reflection, is the show's most accomplished series.

Absolutely unmissable.
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on 31 July 2008
after three genuinly fantastic seasons its here where the show reaches its peak,and is genuinly fantastic all the way through with hardly any missable episodes.
eppy reviews-

The Field Where I died-4/5
Musings Of a Ciggarette Smoking man-4/5
Paper Hearts*-5/5-one of the greatest ever made.
El Mundo Gira-4/5
Leonard Betts*-5/5-another fave of mine
Never Again*-5/5
Memento Mori*-5/5
Tempus Fugit(1)-5/5
Small Potatoes*-5/5-the greatest episode of the show ever!!
Zero Sum-4/5
Gethsemane(1)*-5/5-shocking cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more.

as you can see,this season of the show contains the majority of the greatest episodes...season 5 & 6 continue this standard...but for me this is my favourite season of the show.


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on 6 December 2000
This box set contains every episode from The X-Files season 4. Some of the season highlights include 'Never Again' and Scully's season long battle with cancer, starting with the episode 'Momento Mori'. This season contains some vital mythology for the show. Season 4 is one of my favourite seasons before the show takes a more light hearted turn in season 6.
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on 21 June 2013
Good set too here's what is good;

Paper Hearts
Is possible one I liked watched it many times, I like it where it goes back to Mulder's old days as a kid and a guy looks like the Gman in Half Life.

Leonard Betts
A another good one about a guy loseing his head and still is able to walk, he is like a worm who can bring back his head.

all the others was ok not the Kaddish it was slightly boring to watch.
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on 29 January 2013
Whether yes or not, the story catches you. There is alway shumor beside the drama. The faith of Moulder and scepticism of Scully makes them open and honest in their work, and their faithfulness to each other is beautiful.
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on 20 April 2004
Season 4 is kind of a season of two-halves, the mythology is fantasticthroughout while the stand-alones, when their good they are at a higherquality the most other seasons but there also seems to be a higher amountof poor episodes, El Mundo Gira and Synchrony should definetly beavoided.
The year kicks of exactly to the point where Season 3 ended with thebrilliant if not confusing Herrenvolk, although Zero Sum later on in theseason clears alot of things up. Tunguska/Terma delves deeper into themysteries surrounding the black oil and shows us that a cold war of sortsis underway to create a vaccine for the alien virus. In Memento Mori wesee Scully facing her terrible illness, Mulders search for a cure andSkinner making a deal with the devil. Tempus Fugit and Max serve no realpurpous to the on-going mythology rather they seem to simply be a showcaseof how "big" The X Files had become. Finally in Gethsemene Scully's healthdeterirates and Mulder hears a shocking revalation that leads to one ofthe most sensational cliffhangers ever.
Some of the finest stand-alones this season that are worth a mentioninclude, "Home", the stroy of an incestuos family whom Mulder and Scullyinvestigate when a severly deformed baby is found to have been buriedalive, this episode is worth the money alone. "Unruhe" is a terrifing andamazingly intellegent episode, "Paper Hearts" sees Mulder tormented by aserial killer he caught years before who claims that his sister was one ofhis many unkown victims, "Unrequited", when a top ranking general ismuredered inside his locked limosine Mulder and Scully are called in tofind a killer who seems to be able to vanish into thin air and "SmallPatatoes", an hilarious case involving a janitor with the ability todiguise himself as anyone, even Mulder!
This is a truly x-cellent year, from the ongoing mythology includingScullys cancer acr, the most contrversial episode in TV histroy - Home andclassic comedy in one of the funniest episodes ever- Small Patatoes. Thisbox-set has a surprisingly large amount of extras including a 30 minutedocumentary, TV-Spots, deleted sences, interviews, behind the sencesfottage and episode commentaries that make this well worth a buy.
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on 18 January 2011
Season 4 just catches up season 3. A great series, probably the best so far, delving deeper into the mysteries of the main storyline, bringing your old favourites more into the mix, cancer man, skinner, even Max Fenig.

A must for all fans.

When ordering from amazon, check which DVD set you want. I prefer the M Lock cases, because they look nicer on the shelf, and will last and protect the discs better in the long run.

Amazon... I have never had a problem with, and I would recommend ordering from here rather than other sites. I always order from Amazon directly, I can guarantee the sets are new and sealed, and delivery is always prompt.

Massive thumbs up!!
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on 18 November 2001
Season 4 is basically a mixture of what made Seasons 2 and 3 great. There are episodes like "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" and "Small Potatoes" which give great character insights. Then there are lots of mysterious 'traditional' cases, the best example of which has to be "Home" - one of the finest X-Files ever.
Unfortunately, the Season's downfall rests on the fact that it does nothing new. Yes, the cases are (overall) excellent, but it lacks the freshness of the first three seasons. Nevertheless, this is dark, gruesome, entertaining stuff.
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on 2 August 2014
now as the x files gets into full swing mulder and sculley are all over the usa solving crimes and trying to solve what and why,a great tv series,fully recommend
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