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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 September 2004
Second albums are tricky, and in the case of Jill Scot, there's a lot to live up to.
Who is Jill Scott was/is an impressive album, one that made an immediate and indelible impact on me as soon as I heard it.
In my opinion, Beautifully Human: Words & Sounds Vol 2, is a very different entity indeed. Where Who is... instantaneously became a firm favourite, I think that Beautifully Human will need time to seep into my subconscious.
Scott's voice is amazing, delicate when it needs to be, and powerful when emphasis is warranted, distinctive in an overcrowded and sometimes unexceptional marketplace. I never get the feeling that she uses five notes when one will do, that she over-singing a song.
Usually it's the melody that grabs my interest first, but because Scott is a wordsmith, with a marvellous way with words, I took the time to really listen to what she was singing about. And what she has to say is a wonderful mix of pertinent and personal.
I Am Not Afraid
The Fact Is (I Need You)
Cross My Mind
Bedda At Home
Talk To Me (Break It Down)
Family Reunion

Just to name a few.
If you love Jill Scott, buy this album. If you don't know Who Jill Scott is, buy this album. I think you just might grow to love it!
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on 13 February 2005
Bought this record and instantly enjoyed it. However, it was not until subsequent listens that I felt the true beauty and sweetness and of Jill Scott.
I'm now in that mode where you've got to try and ration myself from the addictive bliss of hearing tracks like "Crazy", "I Keep", "The Fact Is (I Need You)" and "Still Here".
A genuine classic.
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on 2 September 2004
When you wait for something for so long you often build it up a little too much and it can all end up in disappointment.
I was never afraid that this would happen when Jill Scott's new album was released but I just can't believe how freakin awesome it is. I don't think that I've ever enjoyed any singular musical experience so much in all my life. If I could give this my own star rating of infinity stars plus 1, I would....in fact ,yes...yes I will.
I love Jill's first album and this just continues the story, it's like she's never been away.......this is all coming from someone who's only heard Beautifully Human twice but when you're walking around, just thinking about it and feeling great and literally can't wait to hear it again, you know you're onto a good thing.
Every part of this album gives me shivers, it almost makes me well up.....a little embarrassing when you're on your own travelling to work with your walkman on! With her oh so incredible voice,sensual lyrics and music full of those sweet little hooks, she just totally blows me away.
This review is a little ropey to say the least, but I am genuinly finding it difficult to put my thoughts on this album into words.....this album has just got me right there.....cheers Jill....I like your style, don't ever stop....you rule.
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on 1 October 2004
I agree with some that it's a bit of a grower, but I've figured that that's how it is with really good new creative stuff that sounds like nothing you've heard before, recently anyway.
After listening to this album with friends, in the car, just chillin', I have come to the conclusion that as good as the first album is, this one is even bedda!! Which is sayin something 'cos the first one came out of nowhere and blew all us fans away. But you can't keep creative talent down, both Jill and the production crew have composed a lovely album.
Just let 'whatever' catch you in the right mood, as it did me, and you'll never tire of pressing the back button, with its melodic tones that are reminiscent of the Marvin Gaye - 'what's goin on' bridge.
'That fact is', what a gorgeous tune (do-do-do-do...)! What lyrics - yeah you can pay the bills honey, but men are useful for some things! I can't get enough of 'talk to me', I just wish both sections of the song were doubled in length. Great to hear her sing with the 'big band' accompaniment, would love to hear it live. "Heyyeay, you jus runnin 'cross my mind'...", it doesn't stop, this is poetic vintage from Jill Scott keepin it short n sweet. 'Crazy' is another 'stirrer' for me. It has a great flow yet it's different, not the expected arrangement of instruments, but it works so well.
I could go on but I'm just craving to jump back in the car to listen to these tunes again. I must admit, I was getting impatient for some new stuff from Jill, such was my addiction, but right now, I'm high! I'm gone!!
Can't wait to see her live.
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on 9 February 2005
Sometimes I feel embarrassed when listening to this album. Why? Don't you feel like you are listening to her private conversations? Her private thoughts? Its like Jill is speaking to me and only me when I listen to her album and I know this is not the case because its what platinum now? I love this album and I still do not have a favourite song. I think every song is so relevant, and I especially lilke Track 10 because its so honest about being 'truly sorry' about being the 'bad' person in the relationship ("When you were busy loving me, I was busy too")...I also love Track 9, at the Family Reunion, I feel like I am there, or its my family...Ah I dont even want to go on with any more cliches...
This album has been stuck in my CD player since the beginning of Jan 2005 and I am not bored yet.
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on 17 September 2006
Truly beautiful.

At the recent Sugar Water festival in Brooklyn NYC, Queen Jill put together a delicious concert with fellow neo-soulsters Queen Latifah & Erykah Badu.

My fullest of respect to the other two artists who are amazing in their own rights but Jill Scott stole the show with joints from the 'Beautifully Human' album including 'Golden' which can get even the most heaviest of sleepers up and going in the morning. I mean who needs coffee when you have Jill?

This to me is what music is all about. I can groove to, relate, cry, reminise and much more to Beautifully Human.

The whole album is superb. Many more slow sultry sexy joints on this record than on Jill's debut. Highlights include:

'Golden' - works better than a Duracell battery

'Cross my Mind' - so so real this is what sets Jill apart from counterparts

'I'm not afraid' - you can relate because Jill bears all

'Whatever' - go girl

'My Petition' - on a par with 'Watching Me' on Jill's debut album. This shows Jill is as conscious as she is real.

Everyone who takes contemporary music seriouisly and is in the mood for treating themselves should purchase this album and if you haven't already, Jill's first which will give you a taste of Jill's wrath. I daresay we are in for some serious treats in the future. I also recommend snapping up any chance to visit Queen J in person it has such an impact on you, you'd have to experience it for yourself.

Go girl!
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on 4 September 2004
If you love Jill as I do I am sure you are gonna appreciate what she has put together on this album - Beautifully Human. She has matured by a few more years, with that comes a more mellow and soul-searching album which is surely going to be a classic album in the collection for any Soul/Jazz lover. Her lyrics are real, about life, love and her experiences, her view on life is wonderful, I wish a few more people in this world thought and wrote like her. This is more acoustic and jazzy album which I know will be in your CD player for quite some time!
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on 4 September 2004
It took just the first track to get me into the feel of the album and I knew from there I would like it. From jazzy-soul hits like Golden to the more mellow tones of Cross my mind, this album has all the character you would expect from Jill Scott. It was eagerly awaited and well worth the wait.....
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on 28 September 2004
The songstress does it again with a superb album of poetic and melodic constructions. A good range of tracks from the heart warming Family Reunion and The Fact Is (I Need You) to the upbeat BB King style blues of Bedda at Home, and the rueful Can't Explain. All pieces are lyrically fantastic and in recognisable Jill Scott style. I cannot recommend this album highly enough, it is an excellent buy.
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on 22 August 2006
A more mature album than "Who is Gill Scott?" but equally as brilliant and personal. Gill shows you something of her soul with every line of every song. Her music is just so sexy isn't it?! If you love neo soul, funk, blues, jazz etc. you'll love this. I don't know anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing Gill Scott's velvety vocals, who doesn't love her.
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