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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 17 September 2006
First of all, let me say that these first and second season episodes of Ren & Stimpy are the finest TV animated cartoons ever made.

Sadly, when the American DVD was made, the mastering team used versions of the episodes that had had material removed to free up time on commercial-heavy American TV. However, the DVD restored other cuts that had been made for children's TV.

This British DVD has been taken from the same source as the US version, but now adds cuts of its own. The British Board of Film Classification have decided to remove the end of one of the cartoons to make it suitable for children and idiots. This DVD is not aimed at children. If it was, it would have been released under the Nickelodeon brand. Also, the episode that children's TV executives "banned" (that is, decided to confine to the vaults for over a decade) - "Man's Best Friend" - which was on the American DVD, is missing here, probably because of its violent content.

This makes the tagline at the top of this being a "Collector's Edition" utterly laughable. Save yourself the bother and buy the American Region 1 version - it's still incomplete, but at least it's incomplete because of an accident instead of nanny-state government censorship.
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on 29 October 2008
sure, ren and stimpy is hilarious. and yes i did enjoy the dvd A LOT!

but, knowing that i dont have the banned episode 'mans best friend', the 'hanging song' on the episode 'out west' and various comenteries on a few episodes actualy enrages me everytime i watch this dvd. what futher enrages me is that there is a frame taken from the episode 'mans best friend' on the back of the 3rd disc box.

i dont think im over reacting when i use the word 'enrages' but i bought this dvd hoping to see the, so called, 'uncut' versions of ren and stimpy.
and i was totaly let down.

buy the usa verion, really do, because the uk version is a complete and utter waste of money especialy as you dont get what you are told.
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on 13 January 2007
***First of all, for all of those who have never watched Ren and Stimpy:

I would have to say, it is similar to a violent Spongebob Squarepants. The humour is based around Ren hitting Stimpy, mad screams and crazy laughs. No humour is based on celebrities, or toilet humour. Yes, there are farts, but the most disgusting things they do are eating dirt, rubbish and hairy balls of god knows what.

On the whole, I'd place it more disgusting than Futurama, but tamer than South Park. This is not for kids, but not for adults either. If you think you are weird, this is probably for you.

***Now, if you have seen Ren and Stimpy...

The region 1 boxset that everyone has said is uncut and much better than the region 2 one, its not worth the hassle of finding something to play it on (unless you cannot live without the cut parts that you probably haven't even seen before).

The noticable bits that were cut were:

-an extra line of what Ren's going to do to Sven and Stimpy

-on the western episode, there is a hanging song(which you can understand was cut, but it was a pretty naff song. Canadian Kilted Yaksman and Happy happy joy joy were 10 times better).

-then obviously the banned episode:Man's best friend


Man's best friend is only half an episode(10 mins). Its a pretty boring episode about the liquor man getting Ren and Stimpy as pets. The reasons for banning it (I believe) are: lots of implied smoking(they use doggy treats as cigars), and Ren attacks the owner for a good 3 minutes (that really is as violent as any other episode).

In conclusion, its not worth obtaining the boxset for this episode. Did you find Stimpy's fart boring? Its worse than that.)

Now, the best episodes:

-Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksman

-The great outdoors(beaver fever)

-Space madness(Icecream bar)

-Stimpy's invention(Happy happy joy joy song)

-Untamed world

and of course, the log adverts that should only be in these 2 seasons.
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on 2 November 2006
Why is it that the best cartoon ever is always censored?

In case you're all wondering, the cuts only apply to the UK release. The episode that has the missing ending is OUT WEST. The episode now fades to the end credits after the line "HORSE THEIVES! HANG 'EM!", meaning that the brilliant hanging song will never be seen on any home video release in the UK.

That's not the worst of it though. The cover is a joke because although the artwork is great the episode MAN'S BEST FRIEND is missing, yet it is listed on the box. Also, the second dvd case in the set (the box contains 3 slim DVD cases) says 'Uncut' instead of 'Unleashed'. Finally, the blurb on the back of the box is the same as the region 1 release, stating that all episodes are uncut when they are not. The region 1 DVD was released 2 years before this one, so Paramount's decision not to change the blurb at all makes them very lazy people indeed.

The last problem I have with this DVD is the menu system. The highlighter is almost the same colour as the text, making it very difficult to see what you are selecting.

Nethertheless, I still enjoy watching this DVD despite the low points of this release. The picture and sound quality is fantastic, and the episodes are as funny as I remember them. The cuts made for TV aren't too bad, but it is easy to tell where cuts have been made.

So Mr Horse, do you like this DVD? Yes sir, but it could have been better.
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on 4 July 2005
This DVD-box is a must for fans, or anyone who remember to have seen the Ren and Stimpy Show, or people who like crazy cartoon drawings, maaaad expressions and voices, hardcore cartoon-toy-commersial parodies, or UNMATCHED parodies on cartoon clichés.
R&S Show is really advanced, modern humor, even 10 years after it was first shown, and is ready to be re-discovered by people who ever saw and liked a TV episode.
Contains around 30 episodes, chronologically listed. Excellent image quality (the reviewer above has a bad DVD player) and sound.
Starring: Ren, Stimpy, Mr. Horse, the Pope (voice by Frank Zappa!), Sven Höek, Crocostimpy, THE BIG SLEEP!!, Muddy Mudskipper, and many more !
*This show is not for children. It contains adult language and situations.*
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on 26 April 2008
As well as the missing episode discussed in other reviews- the notorious Man's Best Friend, listed on the reverse of the box but not included on the third disc- the Region 2 version does not feature any of the seven commentaries by John Kricfalusi and company or the art gallery that's on the Region 1 version.

Joshua Smith's review of the Region 1 release includes a comprehensive list of all the originally broadcast material cut from the episodes. The story of The Ren & Stimpy Show's development is so convoluted that what does or does not constitute the "original" versions of any given episode is open to interpretation. John K himself, when challenged over the apparently incomplete nature of this "uncut" set confessed that these are the only versions available for remastering. Creative rights for the characters have reverted to Kricfalusi, therefore even if some Nickelodeon executive is sitting on a secret stash of uncut master tapes, MTV Networks probably can't release them.

For these reasons, the Region 1 Collector's Edition Box Set: John K Presents The Ren & Stimpy Show UNCUT, The First and Second Seasons represent the very best dvds any Ren & Stimpy fan can hope for, even if they're not perfect.
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on 28 September 2005
The more you watch this,the better it gets. Recommended to all cartoon lovers and psycopaths. Although it doesn't really have much swearing or adult content compared to other things, but it's easy to see why Nickelodion were uneasy about it.
Note- Set your DVD player to NTSC for maximun quality. It becomes pixilated and rather dim coloured when set to PAL.
There's so much to love here, there are limited special features, but the shear quality and humour of the cartoon compensates for this.
A must buy for lunatics and psycopaths alike.
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on 5 December 2005
This set contains the best seasons of ren and stimpy in all their stinky glory! Watch one of the greatest cartoons of all time for both kids and adults, with fantastic extras too. One thing worth mentioning however is the adult warning. This is bit extreme as there is NO adult language at all and although there is some 'scary' scenes, this is only the case if you're under 8. In other words, buy this dvd cos it rules.
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It is a fantastic show and i wouldve given it 5 stars except that the 'mans best friend' episode isnt on mine either, even tho its listed on the box, which i think is really disappointing.
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on 18 October 2016
Truly awful. None of the episodes on this dvd bore any resemblance to the ones I saw on tv. I guess it must have been a different series that I watched and which were gruesomely amusing. There are other cartoons and interludes included on this dvd in some bizarre random order but they are awful too. Charity Shop here I come.
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