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on 15 November 2004
One of the greatest fanfares ever written introduces this album, followed by some unique incidental music that can only ever haver come from one pen.... somewhere between the classic recordings of Ron Goodwin and the compositions of Toru Takemitsu. It's a richly nostalgic experience at a decent price. The fact that the series had a peculiar atmosphere helps, too; that 70's high tech gothic horror atmosphere Doctor Who also had, and the music reflects this. It's a great kitch pleasure to have that wonderful music from one episode where a tableful of skeletons comes alive and causes a sort of religious conversion in two characters. The track starts of like Mozart and ends like something from 'Hair'!
The only downside (if you choose to see it that way) is that most cues form the gloomy climaxes before comercial breaks- the result is that you can almost see the picture dimming as you listen. But the almost philosophical lead-ins are often beautiful. Funny that the end titles are upbeat though: the poor inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha are still trapped up there!
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on 17 November 2009
Space:1999 - the series - may be one of the most controversial SF shows ever. People either love it, or they hate it... there seems to be little middle ground. As a kid I was thrilled with the series, although even then I could see the weaknesses in science, story, and characterization. But from a purely visual and aural standpoint, the first series rarely disappointed.

This was especially true when it came to the music. As many fans know, Barry Gray scored only 4 episodes - the rest being rounded out by reusing his cues for those episodes, plus liberal doses of library music. This disc gives a good overview of the magnificent music written specifically for the series, as well as a sampling of some of those library cues. As a previous reviewer said, the ultimate soundtrack to the series was released several years ago by the Fanderson organization ( which one had to join as a member to be able to order ) and is sadly out of print. Copies can be found on the internet, often selling for prohibitive prices. Unless you are a diehard collector, willing to shell out a good sized portion of your paycheck, this single disc is the way to go.

Sound quality is superb, and in some cases surpasses the previously mentioned two disc set, as several of the tracks have been remastered to remove wow, flutter, and distortion that could be heard on the Fanderson set. The main title was remixed to make it truer to the on-screen version, and the tracks from the episode "Black Sun" are in stereo on CD here for the first time ever. The previous release featured the episode's complete score, but only as a monophonic version, as many of the multitrack masters for that particular episode have been lost. For that alone, this disc is worth owning, even if you have the Fanderson set.

Besides just sentimental affection for the show, it is Gray's music that is the true reason to own this soundtrack - regardless of your feelings about the series. Full bodied, sweeping, emotional and grand... not at all your typical seventies television soundtrack. Years before John Williams revived the popularity of orchestral scores for science fiction projects, Barry Gray was filling small screen speakers with epic music that would have sounded perfectly at home in a motion picture theatre.
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on 11 August 2008
One of my favourite soundtracks by Barry Grey ......a modern 70s classical masterpiece .....no less.
As aforementioned in other reviews it is in places dark and foreboding ..... this all adds to the mood and excitement of it
and unless by default you have depressive disposition .......This in all is an outstanding collection of musical pieces
which I'm sure(like myself)you will find enjoyable as a complete collection.........
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on 4 February 2014
Space:1999, as science fiction series go, may be debatable, yet the music from the series's first season is quite an entertaining listen! Firstly, the good news is that one of the tracks -- the music from the episode "The Testament of Arkadia", including the peacefully-uplifting, nicely hymnal "Pictures of Autumn" -- is, thankfully, included here. As well, the suite from "War Games" -- composed and recorded two or three years before the release of "Star Wars" -- is nail-biting-inducing thrill-button music in its own right. "Atonement" -- the sitar-evocative electric-guitar tune from "The Troubled Spirit" -- is hauntingly beautiful ... brutal, yet serene at the same time. There are more gems from "1999" on this film, but I recommend you purchase a copy -- and bless your ears with gems from the "honourary year 1999!"
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on 27 September 2006
I have just brought this today and have alreay listened to it twice. I love it. The opening theme is one of the best opening themes in television history (so much better then Star Trek, Doctor Who and even more so, it is better then Gray's own theme to Thunderbirds).

The episodes that Gray wrote full scores for are some of my favourite episodes, so when listening to the music, it is very eay to visualise what would be happening were I watching the actual show (especially Breakway and Matter of Life and Death).

One of the best pieces of music on this CD was not actually written by Gray, but adapted by him for the episode "The Testament of Arkadia" It is probably the most beautiful pieces music I have ever listened to and the vocal harmonies towards the end just blew me away.

One reviewer said that this CD isn't that great because it represents a claustrophobic feel towards the series on the moon being blasted out of orbit and being sent off into space. I feel that adds to the genius of Barry Gray and the orchestral feel that is presented on this soundtrack allows you to take in that feeling of being on Alpha.

I think everyone should buy this CD but if you are a fan of Barry Gray and of Space 1999, then you should definetly buy it.
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on 10 February 2009
I much liked this music but I wish the CD were better remastered. Some sound distortion remains on some tracks ( mostly the amazing TROUBLED SPIRIT) and it is a pity. However the unique atmosphere of the series is well restored. For exemple, we can heard some good indian percussion (tabla) on track 3 and moreover the track 22, The TESTAMENT OF ARKADIA, is a wonderful adagio. Last reserve : Albinoni's adagio which can be heard in Dragon's domain is not included on this CD.
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on 15 December 2012
Back in time when i was young and addicted of sci-fi, like present times. A voyage of mistery an imaination like no other
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on 3 January 2005
This was Barry Gray's last TV series score. The main theme is one of his best, and the incidental music is lush in quality and what's included here sounds even better than the fan club only issue of a few years ago - obviously the mastering has improved on the last time round. One of the best Gerry Anderson TV scores. I hope more Silva Screen releases of Barry Gray's work will follow!
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on 14 May 2016
brilliant can not beat it goood old 1970's
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on 10 September 2015
brings back childhood memories
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