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on 9 May 2017
For many years I have used Ernie Ball Super Slinky (which are great), but as my playing has improved I decided to step up to 10s to start building a bit more finger strength and improving my bending technique. These (Skinny Top Heavy Bottom) are great, easy to play, don't stretch too much after first stringing so are good on my Floyd rose guitar. Heavy bottom gives a really nice thick tone for metal licks whilst the 10s on top are still flexible enough for playing high up on the frets and bend easily.

I like Ernie Ball strings as they are not as 'tinny' (bright?) sounding as D'addario (which I have also tried), I like their slightly less treble'y tone, each to his own with stings and plenty of people will disagree with me, but finding your own guitar tone is a personal thing, so play what you like the sound of, not what some review says you should like!! For a fiver these are reasonably priced and so if you don't like them then you haven't wasted a fortune.

I got some Beefy Slinky strings at the same time, but I find them much harder work (especially on the fixed bridge guitar I put them on) still playable and a nice tone, but you know after a few minutes practice that that you are using heavier strings. These strings on the other hand I can comfortably play for an hour or so without aching fingers!!

I noticed a comment about string snapping, I have always used Ernie Ball (for around 27 years) and apart from when I was first starting out I have rarely snapped a string through playing, I found it was due to that old chestnut of not recognising tone and turning the tuning pegs the wrong way, or turning the wrong tuning peg and even then it was only usually the high 'E' so I used to pick up a spare, at my local music shop (who sold them individually from a wooden tray in the days before the internet). That said I don't have a heavy picking arm, I find the volume knob on the amp is better for 'going loud' than beating seven bells out of the strings, so I can't vouch for these strings for those who pick really heavy, perhaps try the new RPS line if you are having real problems, or change your picking technique!!
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on 20 February 2017
Very slick strings that provide great tone and bend well while remaining in tune. Have used SUPER SLINKYs for over 10 years now on a bunch of guitars (Strat, Tele, Peavy -Type, and Shecter Blackjack) and they give the right level of brightness and 'twang' that I like for my sound. They're very smooth strings that never shred or rip up your fingers, unlike some of the ticker gauges - and you can slide up and down the neck on these with no problems.

They're also very reliable strings that hold their pitch well when playing & bending, and I can only ever remember having a handful of snaps (usually at the bridge). Also very easy to handle when re-stringing. Only every playing in E and Drop D tunings, and these are great for both.

Went for the Cobalt Super Slinkys one time, but the minor tone difference wasn't worth paying twice the price for, so have reverted back to these.
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on 1 October 2017
I've been playing with EB slinky string since I started gigging in 1981. I have been through phases of using Super Slinkys and Hybrid Slinkys, but I always come back to Regular Slinkys. They produce a good strong tone, but still allow for string bending. I play almost exclusively in standard tuning. Drop D enthusiasts may prefer the added bass beef of the Hybrids.

I have also used many other brands, but for whatever reason, EBs are still my go to, string of choice. I use the, on my Strat, my Tele and my Les Paul, all with good results.

I am also pleased that they do not break on me.

Always use fresh strings when you set up the guitar and change them regularly. Old strings will always sound dead and muddy, whichever make you choose.
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on 29 May 2017
I like the tone and feel of the Beefy slinkies. Coming over from bass as a new guitarist these play well and sound good to my bassists ear.
However... Not too sure about the quality. The first set I put on lasted a little over a month, then the A string (.42 gauge) broke at the bridge. Then the second pair the D string (.30 gauge) broke after a week (!!!!!), also at the bridge. The initial set I had (no idea what gauges or manufacturer) lasted two months before I changed them. Not sure yet if this is because of a bridge issue, the way I play, or the strings. They also seem to rust very quickly, though I will admit to sweating a lot which doesn't help.

So, not sure about the quality, or even if they're the rights strings for me yet, but I do like them.
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on 4 August 2017
The strings I received were too short. I know it sounds crazy but they were. Must have been a defective batch or something because I've strung my guitar with Regular Slinkys many times in the past. Very odd! When I've bought these from guitar shops and they've been the correct length they sound great but this particular purchase is getting a one star review because they did not work.
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on 27 June 2015
I've been a committed Super Slinky user .009-.042's, out of habit really, for years.
On a whim, I decided to give these a go. Ten minutes of practice and your fingers hardly notice the difference, but blimey! Your ears do.
You may need to tweak your truss rod a tiny amount, depending on how your guitar is currently set up. I also had to adjust the intonation a minuscule amount (only on the bottom E and G strings, and I mean minuscule, I could've left it). But, my guitar, an SG, now sounds and plays like it's wearing the strings that were made for it.
I could wax on about how tonally great they are, and how if you want a drop D or C there's no better choice, but strings are all about you…
For a fiver, grab a set, give them a go. I was knocked out.
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on 27 March 2017
Hybrid Slinkys are my perfect string. Let me share why:
I play guitar in a three-piece rock band... and I thrash my guitars pretty hard on stage and in rehearsal.
I need some strong strings to cope with the intensity, a fair amount of 'chug' on the bass end, and some movement and flexibility on the high end, as there's just one guitar in the group.
These are perfect and have been my go-to strings for 2 decades!
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on 27 August 2015
I have an Epiphone G400 [SG style], which I haven't re-strung in the four years since purchasing. The original strings were size 10 and pretty tough.

I brought these because I wanted to bend strings easily and use a lighter left hand. From this point of view, they are a success. Easy to install (even for a first-timer) and very smooth (almost too smooth) to the touch. My playing improved pretty much instantly.

On the down-side, they appear to come out of tune quite easily, although this could be related to my beginners re-stringing technique. They also have a very buzzy sound on the guitar (when un-amped) compared to my previous strings - but I can imagine that lighter, more bendy strings would move more than the tough ba'stads I had on previously
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on 3 February 2018
These strings are the best I have ever bought in 30 years of acoustic guitar playing. For light gauge I still get the great base notes with a strong sound from the high strings. I had heavier ones gauge strings previously and these give me all the tone I need from strings that are easier and more comfortable to play. For info, the guitar there are on is not expensive. Mid range, £400 ish but these strings make it sound so much better. Love them.
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on 18 July 2016
These are excellent strings, always my choice for a guitar tuned to Concert Pitch. Always try to use the same gauge strings when changing them, it's always good to experiment with different gauges for different tunings, but bear in mind the tension on the neck will differ with different gauges and means a truss rod adjustment will be required each time you change gauges. That said, I'm a Metal player and, for Concert Pitch tunings, these are perfect. I use them with Fast Fret, and these strings will retain their bright sound and feel smooth and fast for a good few months, depending on how often you play, of course. Definitely recommended.
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