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on 16 January 2006
I saw these guys live recently (supporting Jamie Cullam) and they blew me away. Young, supremely talented & innovative!!! Buy this CD
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on 9 May 2017
Only the tractor song really gets me and then starts to feel a bit corny after a few listens. Rest of the songs are mediocre I'm afraid to my ears. Not in the Passenger/Sheeran class.
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on 13 January 2013
Thought this would be great.What a let down.Only bought it due to JCB song.Found other songs disappointing and wishing i had not bought this dvd.
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on 8 January 2006
I'll set the scene. I'd gone into to check out their post-Christmas sale. They'd been playing the usual chart stuff, bit of Basement Jaxx, blah blah. Then this new cd started. It was a man who sounded like a jazz-funk Mike Skinner from the Streets singing "well well well well, fine story to tell". I thought to myself "that's quite cool, if a little cocky", and kept a curious ear out as I browsed. The second song was nothing like the first, but it was just as immediate. And then the third, which was even better. By this time, I'd placed the voice and realised who it was, because I'd seen the JCB song on Top of the Pops Christmas Day, and found it really touching. This was such a rare treat, an album I was hearing for the first time, and each new song that came on was as good as, or even better than, the last.
Reader, I bought it.
And let me tell you, it is absolutely life-affirming. Warm, hopeful, heartfelt, poignant, what more do you need? If you can imagine the emotive acoustic folk of Tracy Chapman mixed with the chirpy laddish vocals of the Streets (buy it and see what I mean), with a little bit of Van Morrison and Dave Matthews Band thrown in, that's roughly what this sounds like.
If you're human at all, you'll smile, your eyes will get all misty and you'll resolve to win that love (back), call that old friend, revisit that place you loved as a kid.
Beautiful. Own this, and the world's a happier place.
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on 28 December 2005
What an amazing medium! There was a link to the JCB video on Christy Moore's site ([...]) and I was hooked! :-)
I think also since dyslexia is prevalent in our family and I've a nephew named Luke who's really suffered with this difficulty, I might have been a bit more touched even by his Dad offering him compassionate leave from school. :-)
But without the music being really good it would have just been three minutes and 'interesting', then onto something else. These guys really deliver a great truly fresh sound, and seem to have a brilliant chemistry between them.
They are fun without being fluff. It's great stuff and always so much fun to find new, talented people to hear. The album is worth every penny, or in this case, every pound. Enjoy!
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on 13 December 2005
Like a lot of people i first discovered Nizlopi through the JCB video link. And i fell in love with it! Very shortly after i bought the album and it's been the best thing i did all year! It is packed with brill music and top lyrics that stay in your head. I agree with a previous reviewer that on the first listen you feel like you've missed something but put it on again and you will be hooked! So do these lads a favour and buy their album, you absolutely will not regret it.
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on 10 April 2005
I heard about this band from a friend, who had seen them live, and thought I'd like them... and on the strength of his opinion, I decided to buy this CD. OH MY, was I happy with him!
It is a completely superlative album from start to finish, from a duo you can tell believe in what they are doing and love every second. Impossible to categorise, they have carved a new niche in guitar driven/beat poet/hip hop/dance band, (await the genre in record stores soon).
This album, from the exuberant,exciteable "call it up", or "love rage on" which any dance-band outfit would aspire to produce, to the deeply expressive "jcb", which in all honesty moved me to tears, and yet had me smiling at the last...
This album has that sort of quality to draw anybody in, with the songs having the stark edgy honesty of "the streets", and yet the beautiful flowing musicality of an Eva Cassidy record. The poetic and honest vocals manage to speak very deeply, without every losing their playful streak. If only all pop records were this good.
I don't have enough great things to say about this album, only that if these guys don't go far, I'll eat my hat.
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on 15 March 2006
At first when I hear the Jcb song at around october last year I thought one hit wonders. But as I liked the video I went on their site and listened to the three tracks on there. Well literally a few moments later I foudn my self ordering it online. Why? Well this has to be one of the freshest albums in a long time.
At first I only bought it because I like call it up and girls but on a closer listen I found that all the tracks were easily catchy. The first song is quite a strange song to start with as it is a bit of a slow one. I think the idea is that the album follows a lot of different emotions. The idea at the start that the guy has had enough of love and then meets a girl and is head over heels then finds that this is his one true love. The last songs definately show this as they are laid back as if the guy is content with everything.
There are bad points to this. I do seem to skip over a couple of them as they aren't what I would consider easily listening. Tracks 6 and 10. The jcb song doesnt really have any place on the album and track 10 is a bit boring. This is why I couldnt give it the full five stars that it does deserve.
But as the title does suggest half these songs were about me. I found that this album did help me through some tough times and I am glad that it was made. If you think that your life is heading no where or that you are ready to give up on love then give it a listen or if you feel like you need something new and different to the rest of the rubbish in the charts then BUY this album.
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on 3 March 2006
This is simply one of the most pleasing albums I have listened too in a long time - it is fresh and melodious with influences all over the place, without it ever becoming a mess. It is just such uplifting, unpretentious, skillful stuff. And when you read the sleeve and see that Luke Concannon's parents have financed the album, the reason for a lack of big-label blandness becomes apparent. Good luck to the boys!
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on 16 April 2006
This is so amazing! Its just like two perfectly normal guys who have put all their thoughts onto paper and made some greeeeeeeeat music! The writing here is just magnificent, and its ashame they havent got more recognitions as one of the best folk/pop bands ever!

There is lots of variety in pace and style, but each song shows real talent and emotion. 'Girls' and 'Faith', along with 'Freedom' are truly brilliant emotive songs, and 'Call It Up' and 'Love Rage On' are upbeat and ecstatic!

I have'nt listened to anything as fresh and uplifting in a long while, buy it!!!!!!!!! No disappointment!
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