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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 8 May 2017
Spot the odd one out: ‘Terminator 2, Predator, Total Recall, The 6th Day.’ Yes, it’s 2000’s ‘The 6th Day.’ The others are all regarded as action classics of their day which most people are aware of, regardless of whether they’ve seen them, or particularly like Arnold Schwarzenegger or not. However, even fans may have forgotten ‘The 6th Day’ entirely. I didn’t see it at the cinema (and I’m a die-hard Arnie fan!). I saw it a good few years later on video and was actually pleasantly surprised. Although, I can see why it was always destined to fly under the radar.

For a start it was released in the year 2000. This was hardly ‘peak time’ during Arnie’s time in centre stage. I would imagine that if it was released in the late eighties/early nineties then it would have gathered much more attention at the Box Office. So an ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ film in 2000 wouldn’t attract many new fans, but what about his existing audience (like me!)? Well, we grew older by then and were probably less inclined to go to the cinema as much. And, those who did go to see it often levelled the same criticism at it, i.e. it’s a bit too similar to his previous classic, ‘Total Recall.’ Now, I can see where they’re coming from here. The ‘set up’ is similar. In ‘Total Recall’ you have an ‘everyman’ slowing finding out that his life isn’t what he thought it was and then getting chased by shady forces through a sci-fi setting and – er – that brief and vague synopsis could be used to describe ‘The 6th Day’ too. Yeah, there are more than a few similarities with the set-up, but I also think that there’s enough here that’s different to make it not just a ‘poor man’s Total Recall.’

Now, I briefly mentioned that it’s set in a ‘futuristic setting.’ Okay, admittedly not far in the future, but enough that you need a reasonable budget to make it look believable. Perhaps the budget all went on Arnie’s paycheque? There are these space-age helicopters which transform into jet planes and every time they come on the screen they look about as convincing as a cut-scene from a Playstation 2 game. In fact, the whole film feels like it’s been ‘made-for-TV’ as the sets are, well, so ‘set-like’ that you’d think you were watching a low budget soap opera, not a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster.

So, it’s a film released at the wrong time for its major star, it looks cheap and kind of rips of a (arguably better) piece of work. It didn’t really get the hate that some films do, but it got a hell of a lot of indifference. And this is a shame, because it’s rather fun. It’s tone is actually quite light and never feels bogged down in ‘darkness’ like so many modern action films which strive to be gritty and realistic (‘Bourne’ Franchise and Daniel Craig’s ‘Bond’ – I’m looking at you!). There are plenty of one-liners and you have to suspend your disbelief a great deal to enjoy it. Yes, Arnie despatches hordes of bad guys without breaking a sweat. Realistic? Hell, no! But this is Arnie! He does this all the time – we all know that. Deal with it. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it a damn sight more if you do!

‘The 6th Day’ really is a film out of its time. While action films were getting more and more serious, it sits firmly in that over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek era that Arnie owned back in his day. I keep using the work ‘fun’ to describe it, because that’s all it is. Good, action-packed, popcorn fun. Who can’t laugh at Arnie killing off the baddies, only to have them cloned back in the next scene (at great personal expense and annoyance to the evil villain in charge!) ready to be killed yet again.

Don’t expect a classic example of film-making. Don’t even expect much originality. Just expect Arnie doing what he does best – killing bad guys and then saying a dodgy one-liner.

Oh, and if you’re a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ – ‘Merle’ is in it, too. He’s always good to watch being bad, but the true stand-out role is a plastic child’s doll-toy which steals every scene (she was awesome – odd that we haven’t seen her career take off since!).
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good arnie film
solid silly action movie/sci fi fun and watchable
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on 29 November 2005
After the rather disapointing End of Days Arnie returned with this impressive Sci-fi thriller. Set in the near future the film revolves around the contraversial subject of cloning. The 6th day refers to the biblical referance of God creating man on the 6th day. In the future the 6th day law forbids the cloning of humans. Arnie finds he has been illegally cloned and starts on a turbo charged mission to regain his identity and expose the organisation responsible.
The film is fast paced, while raising interesting questions about the morals of cloning. Arnies acting is as wooden as ever, but he has such screen presence this can as ever be forgiven. The special effects are good and make for a believable future.
There are a few plot twists along the way building up to a chilling climax.
The DVD features the usual extras, featurettes, making of and trailers.
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on 16 June 2017
Good action movie, interesting concepts
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on 18 May 2017
A really good action movie
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on 15 May 2017
It excelllent
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on 22 July 2014
a pilot thinking he is having a blood test and retina test finds hes been cloned and goes in search of the people who have done it for revenge,a good film to watch,recommend it
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on 25 May 2017
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VINE VOICEon 25 June 2006
Director Roger Spottiswoode greatly mixes science-fiction fantasy with terrific action sequences and a strong plot involving the dire circumstances of human cloning in this spectacular futuristic action thriller in which Arnold "Arnie" Schwarzenegger really shows of his potential as he finds out that he's been cloned and goes on a fully-charged mission to get his identity back. He may be getting old at playing kick-ass leads like this but he's heavily supported by a worthy cast and he shows that he's still got it after all these years. Cue in death-defying stunts, brutal fist-fights and clever witticism as this is one of the best futuristic thrillers I've seen in a while.
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This is a good action-style drama which tells of one man's efforts to prove he is who he is.......or is he ?
Seriously, a scientist has perfected a method of cloning humans.
The story tells of 'Adam' who arrives home to see his double with his wife, he now has to find a way of convincing his partner that he and not his double is her husband.
The people who are responsible for a series of cloning's need to kill the real 'Adam'.......and you just know...you don't get shot of 'Arnie' that easily.
It is pretty good transfer to the 'blu-ray' format, and is worth a watch.
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