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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 25 November 2004
Well most of it has been said as above, a compulsive best played on Legendary alone, and Heroic with a friend. Don't play on Normal as it really is for newbies. Legendary upwards tests the most accomplished FPS players, forget Riddick it's not in the same league as this!!
An early Xmas present and I doubt in all honesty that there will ever be a better game released on the Xbox in it's current guise. Halo 3 on Xbox 2? ohh I think that is a certainity.
Extra DVD is certainly informative and well worth the extra money for all Halo fans, just don't play it until you have played through the game as it does have a spoiler effect to a degree.
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on 2 April 2005
So the sequel to the original Halo. Well what a sequel it is. This is by far the best first person shooter on the XBOX to date and I doubt it will be bettered until XBOX 2 is released although the release of Doom 3 may give it a run for its money.
The graphics, gameplay and storyline are just superb and what you know and love from the original Halo is still here only its double the fun this time around!
Multi-Player is also back with XBOX Live compatibility and this just awesome.
Please go out and buy this! You will not regret it!
Master Chief is well and truly back!
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on 31 May 2014
I bought this after 343 released the remastered version of the original Halo. I now own the entire Halo series (including the much lamented Halo Wars) at least until the Xbox One is released. Unfortunately that makes this the only Xbox Original (as opposed to 360) game in the collection and thus graphically pretty horrible, but I digress. As far as the seller's product is concerned this one is pretty excellent. The discs are fine and the booklets are perfect. Thumbs up.
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on 18 November 2004
Yes i know you problably think this is just another x-box fan boasting about halo2 well i am, i am a proud owner of the limited edition box set and i want to express to the world how good it is so if you have any doubts on this game DONT!. OK its not as good as the first but it is still very good and i will never forget this game. The 4 way split screen mode is amazing with 4 players battling it out for the winning title, so have no doubts BUY IT!!
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on 18 October 2004
I recently had the privilege of playing through roughly half way through the first player game, and can't wait for the 11 th to get my own copy of this wondeful game. Where does one start to describe this fantastic game ... differences to the old game are numerous, and will take me all day. Let's just say graphically your surroundings have more detail, and looks a bit more crisper than the first game. I won't spoil it but if you have been following the hype that is Halo 2, you should know that you can wield two weapons in each hand, the warthog now also has the rocket launcher as a weapon and a nice touch is the ability to walk up to one of your own soldiers and take his weapon in exchange of your own. Need a sniper rifle in a hurry, walk up to the guy with one and simply hit the x button and you exchange weapons. Once you got rid of your target, simply hand it back and off you go. The enemy has these wierd hover look out towers that you float up into on a beam of light ...Cool ! There are numerous things that are different to the old game that combined, makes this game easely the best game on any console in any category. Yes, this is still a straight forward go through area, kill everything in sight, and move on the to the next area and repeat. But ... adding so many added abilities, available options to complete a task just increases a hundred fold. You just feel that the people who made this game, did it with bucket loads of love and it shows in every arena that you play in.
One of the first thing that hits you is the massively impressive set pieces. As before, huge open areas are the norm, and here you'll find beautifully rendered buildings and rooms. Rooms and buildings on Halo, as in the first game, are almost identical in this game, it's just the scale seems to have been upped a bit. Rooms also happen sometimes turn out to be giant lifts as your battle ground only a second ago, suddenly starts to move downwards just as another battle starts up. Gameplay wise things have a very similiar feel to the first game, and any Halo player will feel at home here. The warthog and the alien vehicles that you can use have been slightly updated. I found the warthog seems to have lost some weight as it feels a lighter version of the old game's version. It seems to have more oomph and has a more sprightly performance compared to the last version. Anything wrong with the game ... ??? The only thing that stood out to me was grass that grows against walls that suddenly appears as your warthog gets closer to it. It's almost as if it grows right in front of you. Also, at times enemies seem to get stuck in walls or will run against a wall as if it's demented. Does it affect gameplay, not in the least, and it is a very teensy weensy annoyance that doesn't register when playing this game.
Finally, if I have to name two or three things that stand out for me that makes this game different to the old one, it would be this. The story is a lot more involved compared to the last game, you feel the story is more on par with a epic movie like star wars, and you get to see a lot more of the alien involvement in the game. The game leaves you exhausted, even ater a few minutes of play. Now, loads more enemies appear on screen, the old health bar is replaced with a single health bar that when empty, means your dead. So no more simply running about shooting and killing everything. You have to use cover to survive, which makes the game a lot more realistic. The whole game is one long battle and you better have your wits about you as you will know that you have been in a fight. And finally ... I was really surprised about the fact that you don't get to play as master chief throughout the game ... you also .... No, you'll see when the time comes. Whatever you do, just buy it cause nothing will come close to this game for years to come. Well done Bungie, I salute your master piece in all it's glory.
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Not the best Halo adventure or anywhere near my favourite, but you do get to play as an Elite, and some of the visuals are very impressive as the game engine is faster and smoother than Halo: Combat Evolved. The game also has a benchmark multiplayer mode and split-screen co-op, although the online servers are now defunct.
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on 15 December 2004
Where to start??
This is the best game in the history of gaming without a shadow of a doubt!! I was a diehard PS2 fan, until Halo converted me! Now with HALO 2 the PS2 is useless, anyone who does not own an XBOX buy one for this game!! Oh and get XBOX Live!
Now to the game! The campaign mode is.....a Holywood Blockbuster!! The story is phenomenal and moves at a pace to complement the gaming experience. Multiplayer on Live is the peak of online gaming and is reason enough to buy this game, what can I say without spoiling the story??
Oh yes, BUY THIS GAME!!!
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on 8 January 2013
if you have halo 2 already this is pretty much the same, it has a different manual case though and a hard case. It also includes a bonus dvd which t be honest isn't the most interesting video in the work but if you like halo you should get it.
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on 4 September 2004
As i stepped into the room the atmosphere was immense. Everyone was breathing heavily and no one dared speak. As i stood against the wall i could see the rows of Xbox's lined up on one big table. I was sure that my heart missed a few beats during those moments of waiting. A man walked into the room and greeted us all and shook my hand. He gave us a 2 minute speech about was about to happen. I was going tense and figity, displaying my emotions with clenched fists and the dripping pores under my arms. He said good luck and after what seemed an age gave us the approving gesture to sit down. I dashed towards the console at the far end of the room and sat down quicker than the birthday boy playing musical chairs. Headphones: check, Controller: check, Halo 2 in Xbox: Check...
Walking out of the room after the first 15 minutes was explosive. Everyone was full of excitement and i couldn't stop grinning. My neighbour who i sat next to asked me then "What did you think?". I don't think i was prepared to answer anything else but that question then.
Firstly, to give some of you cautious folk who never preorder anything as ced item may turn out to be a flop, mentioning no names, more reason to do so every once in a while; Halo 2, as by everybodies opinion who got the honour to thorougly play the game was there and then decided that it was undenibly the most structured, clever and damn right fun game ever to grace the earth. So now i have made that bold but TRUE factual statement, every xbox owner has no excuse, but to preorder Halo 2 NOW NOW NOW!!! Other wise it go out of stock and you will be, bluntly, gutted.
On the contary, "What is Halo 2 like and how is it different from the original?". Well, basically, it looked like Bungie have been working damn hard these last few months. There are many new weapons to play with including covenant snipers, new improved rifles and more realistic grenade explosions. The normal mapping graphics engine allows a vast amount of pixels to display the incredible detail on the Spartans and Elites. Maps are fully descructible which allows a more thoughtful approach to the way modes are played. Vehicles are great with boosting features on the improved ghosts and the boarding scheme works slickly and is a joy to watch. Zanzibar was amazing but the new Halo ring levels are something else. Providing differnt terrains to explore and new covenant species to encounter. The prophets are able to heal their cannon fodder in battle and can prove to be tricky opponents.
AI has been improved too much as it makes games like Rainbow 3 and Conflict Vietnamn look like they were designed for toddlers. Covenant duck in battle and seek help. They can also do more tactical approaches in battle like flanking and cavalry (elites in vehicles) followed by hordes of grunts and lower elites with phrophets lurking at the back boosting the races moral. Truth be told there is nothing more that i can say about Halo 2 but WOW!!!
Roundup: 1 player mode- a reality beyond dreams come true
MultiPlr mode- even more with better AI enemies
Graphics- Once you go back to you present Xbox games
you will wont to throw them all away.
Gameplay- Is there an answer to this? OK... Brill.
Score- with out a doubt 99% because nothing is 100%
perfect. There is always room for more.
By the way if you were wondering how i got the honour to play Halo 2 before before everyone else is because i was invited after winning a private competition on Xbox live organised by Bungie. Damn dont you just wish you were online at that moment in time? Anyway you wouldnt have won anyway because i would have beaten you down like a weed in the garden...
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on 23 October 2012
Halo 2 is a really great game, if you can bear with the old graphics it has some great hours in it.
And also a great replayability.

The Metal case is also pretty nice and it comes with a DVD that contains alot of stuff about Bungie (Developers of Halo 2)

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