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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
The Station Agent [DVD] [2004]
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on 26 November 2004
At last: a movie starring a dwarf who isn't a sidekick, isn't a leprechaun and doesn't spew 'wisecracks' such as, "Can you lend me a dime, I'm a little short. Hur hur hur!" Most certainly not. The Station Agent revolves around Finbar McBride, a quiet train enthusiast who moves into a little place in small-town America. A touching friendship develops with two people who don't stare at him or take photos and smile as if he's never been patronised before: Joe and Olivia. And that's pretty much it. But the beauty of The Station Agent lies in its delicacy: an entire friendship is conveyed in detail without any in-your-face Hollywoodisms to make sure you're having a good time. The characters on display here are- refreshingly- ones you will actually care about. There are few enormous dramatic events that string this together, just deep relationships between three oddball, likeable characters and a very slow plot. With some of the finest acting you'll see all year, we've finally found a film that needs only human emotions to make it memorable. This is a low-budget indie flick done incredibly well: don't miss out.
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on 17 July 2008
Have to be honest and admit that the first time i watched this film i got to the end and thought ... is that it ? I'd read great reviews when it came out and was really looking forward to seeing it then was pretty let down . I tucked it away for a while (18 months or so) then came across it 2 days ago , decided to give it one last try before donating it to the local charity shop and......wow . How did i miss it first time round ? This film is really beautiful and sad and insightful and..just totally bloody fantastic . I love it to death now and even watched it 2 nights in a row , the second time with the director/actors commentary , something i NEVER do . But thats how much i love it . Superb little gem of a film which i will treasure for a while yet .
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on 30 May 2008
If you like films about real people who form real relationships.. this films for you.
The fact that the main character is a dwarf really doesn't mean anything.. he's an outcast, a loner.. the size of him is neither here nor there.
The sweetness of this film can't be measured, but it's in no way "sweet" in a pink girly way.. This film, if given a chance will touch anyone, the performances are exceptional as are the script and direction.. this really is film making at it's best.
I wouldn't usually write a review but if my words help the dvd get sold just once more, then my aim's achieved, it deserves to be seen be all!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 10 November 2013
Fin (Peter Dinklage) is a middle-aged train buff and a dwarf who has been ridiculed his whole life and has no friends. He moves into an abandoned train station, ready to spend the rest of his life alone, but slowly forms friendships with a grieving woman (Patricia Clarkson), an outgoing hot dog man (Bobby Cannavale), and a young librarian (Michelle Williams).

What a wonderful movie this is! The story is heartwarming and the strong cast are excellent in well-developed roles. Fin's evolution from morose loner to affable pal is realistic and touching and I enjoyed every bit of his journey (except for the unnecessary profanity, for which I deleted one star).

Highly recommended for those who enjoy character-driven, quirky indie films, for train fans, and for anyone who has ever felt completely alone and hopeless.
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on 8 March 2016
For those of you out there who love Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister (like me), you might also enjoy this film. It's an observational piece where to a great extent all of a sudden nothing happens, but is a study of a man overcoming his grief at the bereavement of a friend, in the company of some quirky characters he meets in the town he moves to.
If it's it's car chases, action and love scenes you like in a film, then be prepared for disappointment. If something more finely paced is more your bag, with a bit of an indie/art house/low budget feel to it, then hopefully you'll like this one. And no, I'm not a cinematic snob. My favourite film is "The Usual Suspects", and "Casino Royale" is up there as well, along with "Flash Gordon".
I came across this film late at night on the telly, was completely charmed with it despite not being able to get to the end, (it really was too late for a school night) so made sure to buy it as a present for my wife for Christmas who, happily, liked it too.
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on 5 August 2005
I purchased this film from Blockbuster on their 5 for 35 offer on ex rental.
It is probably worth the whole amount by itself! I first watched the movie around 2.30am one night when I couldn't sleep. It is one of the best "human condition" films that I've seen in ages, the characters are great and there is little wrong with the movie. If you enojoyed films such as dead poets, fried green tomatoes, etc then you will love this. Slow, funny, and immersive. Watch it .....
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on 28 April 2007
I thought this was a brilliant film. The acting is superb, and its exploration of personality and, ultimately, friendship is intelligent and never maudlin. Interesting, well developed characters that you can believe in, interesting camera work - thoroughly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 5 April 2006
This is a wonderful, wonderful movie! It is soooo different and so laid back and has beautiful characters, each with their own problems and issues.
I really liked this movie and strongly recommend a viewing. If you like character movies (which i really do) then this definately one of the best there is!
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2013
It really doesn't get much more unusual than this 2003 film, written and directed by Thomas McCarthy. Finbar works in a shop selling model trains. When the owner dies, he leaves Finbar an old, closed-down railway station, in rural New Jersey. That suits him well, as he is a dwarf, and tired of being a figure of fun in life. He seizes the opportunity to leave for isolation and tranquility, in a small community. Of course, it doesn't quite work out that way, and he ends up, despite his small stature, becoming the central figure in the lives of the people he meets there.
This film is not simply about a man being a dwarf, it is more about an excellent actor, who happens to be very small. The full size characters are more flawed than he is, despite his dwarfism, and unhappy life, and have their own issues and problems, that he helps them all to deal with. It has a gentle pace, and says a lot about friendship, and perceptions of happiness.
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on 23 November 2011
A simple storyline, great quirky characters who are all so different with nothing in common, but become great friends. This is a wonderful,uplifting feelgood film that is so much better than some of the trash masquerading as entertainment these days. It only lasts an hour and a half,but it leaves you wanting much more. That for me is the sign of a great film,and only £4.83.
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