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on 18 March 2010
I originally bought this cd/dvd when it was 1st released.
The remastered cd sounds brilliant but for me what earns this package 5 stars is the 5.1 dolby digital/dts remix of the cd.
If u own a 5.1 surround system and want a good demo disc ney brilliant demo disc buying this is a no brainer.
The only slight downside to the dvd is the rather daft white face whos eyes follow the musuc round the picture can be an annoying gimmick so turn of ur lcd/plasma sit down turn the volume up and enjoy.
believe me this set is worth every penny.
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on 12 November 2004
Oh dear, what a disappointment. Being a Jarre fan in the Oxygene to Concerts in China era I was really looking forward to hearing these classics in 5.1. What I did not expect was the overblown intros and rock drum beat bashing over the top. Some of the older pieces are barely recognisable.
If it weren't for the inlay credits I would swear that JM Jarre had never been near the production. It has a similar feel to the Classic Rock series of the 80s and although it had its fans I was never one of them.
If you were new to Jarre or only heard his later music this may well be enjoyable.
If however, like me, you were looking forward to hearing some classics faithfully re-mastered, and getting into the newer material, then you may well feel very let down.
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on 2 October 2004
I wouldn't bother with this compilation of revamped tracks. If you don't have the originals then go for it. If you have then avoid it.
The DVD is no selling point unless you want to stare at a pair of eyeballs looking from side to side for the whole length of the DVD.
All in all this is money for old rope !!!!!!
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on 20 October 2004
I can honestly say I was gutted. This album was probably the greatest opportunity to demonstrate 3D sound there is with some of the greatest and most appropriate music you can get for 3D presentation, but the 5.1 DVD content is very dissapointing.
There seems to be a total misunderstanding of the concepts of foreground and background audio information and basically it sounds like the fader joystick has been twiddled it around by a child to make the sounds jump from one speaker to the other with no understaning of what should be focal (front) content and what should be background (rear) content.
There is FAR to much directional foreground information going through the rear speakers which results in the music sounding like it is coming from one of four distinct point origins instead of existing somewhere in 3D space like it does in his far superiour 2 channel work.
To summarise if you play the original vinyls on a good quality turntable (or even a quality CD player) with a decent set of properly placed and phased speakers the music will be like rain sprinkling down all around the room with each individual droplet splashing in a different place. Listening to the 5.1 DVD is like having 4 people, one in each corner of the room hosing you in the ear.
Its not all bad, but most of it just made me cringe. There are scenes where dispersive information like rain is coming through the front speakers and yet the main music focal information is in the rear ....any home cinema buff will tell you that the rear channels are meant to be ambient ONLY and the front channels should play the focal content so this is completely the wrong way around.
Like I said I was absolutely gutted, I think Jean Michel Jarre is an immensly talented guy but in this instance at least it seems 3D is just not his thing.
As for the music content my belief is has he taken classic tracks like Equinox, Oxygene and Magnetic fields and totally ruined them by trying to make them sound modern. But that is perhaps a very personal opinion as I was never a fan of his more modern tracks.
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on 18 October 2004
Being a fan for more years than I wish to remember and with the recent below-par output (Sessions 2000, Geometry of Love), Aero comes as somewhat of a further disappointment.
Anthology - this is a collection of Jarre's 'greatest tracks', with some questionable inclusions and some huge tracks overlooked (e.g. Equinoxe 5, Magnetic Fields 2, Chronologie 4, etc.) Maybe Jarre felt the tracks featured give some consistency to the flow of the album, which is probably true for the first two-thirds of it, until it loses it's way somewhat during the last third. The scenes that link tracks are a highlight; however these were produced by Joachim Garraud (Jarre's right hand man for Metamorphoses).
Exaggerated - greatly, recomposed note for note? The tracks have been re-worked (with Jarre's hand forced) and a number of Jarre's classics that have been included do not sound up-to-scratch (I let you decide which ones). As for the new tracks, they are nothing to write home about it, and yet again we have "Jarre the Environmentalist", with yet another track from the much under-rated (and superb) Metamorphoses, have you noticed it yet?
Redone - some of the tracks selected do not sound up-to scratch, with a poor choice of sounds (presets, and bad presets at that), and he seems to be obsessed to have effects for the 5.1 mix and it does distract from the listening experience. Listen to the original albums for how the tracks should sound, or even live concert recordings (pre-2000).
Over-rated - despite great sales, the album is very much over-rated. For Jarre to state this is the first 5.1 album, well he must not heard of The Altogether by Orbital. There are some good elements to Aero, but considering this is meant as both a compilation and a new experience, it disappoints considerably and could have been so much better in so many ways.
As for the DVD, there is no DVD-A track (despite assurances there would be) and the video content can be best described as minimalist. Fine for a cocktail party with cheese on sticks, but not something you can intently watch for over one hour.
Hence I can only give the album 3 stars, it is the best thing to see light of day since Metamorphoses, but it does not even come to close to Jarre's last studio album in terms of compositions, diversity and production level. I hope to be surprised in the positive sense when a new 'real' studio album is released in the future.
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on 23 September 2004
I was a bit sceptical about buying this album at first due to the review given on Amazon. I threw caution to the wind and paid my money and I am glad I did. Being a huge Jarre fan (composing my own music electronicaly so he is a huge influence also) I was greeted with classics such as SOUVENIR OF CHINA and LAST RENDEZVOUS. If you have heard any of these tracks on the CD before, when you hear them on Aero you will know that Jarre has, should I say Re-composed them using new equipment, that's not to say the pieces aren't the same, they are very much the same, just new gear. I'm sure there is a Triton in there! It realy is a pleasure to listen to and the DVD with the eyes video gets your freinds asking.
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on 21 September 2004
it sounds pretty cool but it only offers dts or dolby digital there is no hi res option on this dvd .....wait for a proper dvd audio disc ....the rating is there you have been warned!
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on 25 October 2004
This album is amazing. It re-looks at some of Jarres' classic tracks such as Oxygene, Equinoxe but not at the parts you'd expect...is this such a bad thing? The remastered tracks sound amazing in 5.1 surround sound and this album is a must for any Jarre fan
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on 21 November 2004
Stale and tired tracks repackaged poorly. The 5.1 mixes detract from the listening experience. I have always thought of JMJ as a pioneer along with the likes of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream but, in the case of Aero, he has lost the plot. Remixes for the sake of it. Overall I think this sucks. Still worth buying though, if only as an example of how not to do it.
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on 15 October 2004
The album is really great. The sound of the CD-disc is very good and the Dolby Digital 5.1 effects on the DVD-disc are fantastic.
I like the new versions of the older songs. And the new songs, Aero, Aerology and Aerozone are very nice to hear.
When you visited the concert in Denmark on September 7th, 2003, then you know some songs, because serveral songs during the concert are almost the same versions as on this album.
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