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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 November 2013
The original will always be the most classic film of the franchise of course followed closely by hellbound, but bloodline has much to offer, its a great story set in the future on board a space station where the creator of the box vows to destroy pinhead and his demons forever with the ultimate trap, thus this really can be looked at as the final hellraiser ever! The whole cast is great especially Doug Bradley of course as the infamous pinhead, he gets plenty of screen time which is what you want most, and great dialogue too, you see a few cool cynobites most of them new ones but pinhead is kept centre villain, there is some good bloody gore deaths etc. and the effects and visuals are of a pretty decent budget, this is a strong entry to the series, it may not follow code like the first few films but its got all the right elements to make it an enjoyable horror, this was the last good hellraiser in the series unfortunately, a must have horror movie to own.
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on 14 July 2010
I remember waiting a long time for this. Then it was finally a straight to vhs release. Okay, might not be so bad, I thought. Sat down with some friends to watch it-oh my.
I personally could see the intended grandness, the huge story which they tried to create, a valiant attempt and more braver than the third or at least very different, and very different to most other modern horrors. And it also tried to do something bold with it's own anti-hero Pinhead, unlike the ongoing Freddy and Jason sequels just repeating the splatter.
This is an interesting if failed but good and different shlocky horror film.
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on 18 July 2009
This is one of the most complex and densely-plotted horror films I've seen for a long time. Set in three different time zones, it involves the puzzle box's creation centuries ago and Pinhead's hunt for the descendant of the toymaker who brought the box into being. Gripping from beginning to end, it contains plenty of impressive visual imagery, and Pinhead himself is at his ruthless, cold-hearted best. Essential viewing.
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on 9 July 2014
Some unmissable scenes such as- Pinheads new chattering dog ,Siamese Twins and the debut of Angelique. Unfortunately however that's where the good news ends, the film is basically a mish mash of various scenes.
If you are a Hellraiser fan pick this up cheap and throw it along side the others for reference purposes, if not then look no further than the first three films.
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on 17 July 2015
Hellraiser 4 gets Two Stars for Effort and what with Doug Bradley back as Nail bonce and Pete Atkins back for A Third time on writing duties you expect something either as good as Part 2 or atleast as good as Hell On Earth, what We get though is a Muddled Mess which took Two directors to bring to the Screen and eventually it released under the Directors credit ALAN SMITHEE which most film fans will know means that One or both directors were so disgusted by the end result that they wanted theirs names Off the project. There does appear to be a good story hiding in here which goes backward and forward in time to show more of the history of the Box Creation along with some above average new Cenobite Effects. It doesn't Gel but has its moments. One of the worst in the series.
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on 30 March 2011
This is a good instalment in the Hellraiser series, though Pinhead is the only character present from any of the other films.
Explains the background to the mysterious puzzle box, how it was originally created and how many years later in the future a descendant of its creator attempts to reverse the harm that it does.
Could have been better, its really too short for a film trying to pack so much into 81 minutes. However Pinhead gets more screen time than in any of the other films and is particularly evil in this film, even kidknapping small children!
One of the films highlights is Angelique, a demon princess summoned when the first puzzle box was opened. Played by the stunning Valentina Vargas she is by far the sexiest most beautiful character in any of the hellraiser films.
Its set in 3 different timeframes; 18th century France where the first puzzle box was made by an unwitting craftsman; 20th century France/USA where Angelique & Pinhead try to force a descendant of the puzzle box maker (L'Merchant) to create a bigger and permanent gateway to hell; 22nd century set on a space station where another descendant of L'Merchant is working on a plan to close the gateway to hell forever, here Pinhead wages a final battle, killing all but two people on the station with his new cenobites (including his cenobite dog!) before he himself meets his fate.
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on 21 March 2005
Hellraiser Bloodline would indeed be a disappointment for die hard Hellraiser fans, if the only reason they watched was for the violent gore that we have come to expect from Pinhead and the gang. However, its not actually that bad. The acting is woeful, but what do we expect in horror films like this? Its an interesting story, and an interesting change of direction for the characters. Dont buy for the gore, but if you are a hellraiser fan, its worth having in the collection.
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on 26 August 2013
'He who summons the magic commands the magic.'

The fourth installment isn't as good as the first and second parts, (I haven't yet seen part three!), but its still really enjoyable. Naturally Pinhead is lurking and he has an evil, (teeth a chattering) dog by his side. - What's happened to the Senabites from the first and second films? They were well and truly scary and well acted! As ever the acting from Pinhead is fantastic and the acting from the main character, (in this case John), not so convincing.

The film initially takes places in space and then flashes back to the 18th Century where the box, (that makes the film!) was first developed. It runs down a family line and there are some wild, (and disturbing) sex scenes with a siren called Angelic. A quote is coined : 'You like it rough dont you?!' - Does this rival the 'Come To Daddy,' quote, (film one) and 'Come To Mummy,' (film two)? - No it doesn't but it is the quote of the film!

Angelic goes after John Merchant in his dreams, (for what can only be described as anything but a nightmare!)
Angelic to John : 'John Merchant you know me from dreams we have a destiny together - great work to do.'

As ever the themes run through this horror franchise. Angelic seduces a larger than average, bald guy and takes him down the basement where he endures the chains! A new touch is nails on the finger tips of Pinhead and two dumb security guards are gruesomely killed and come back as a very odd looking senabite with both their heads combined! They murder a poor person by somehow combining their head around him!

The theme of pain : Pinhead :
'Pain how dare you use that word! - What you think of as pain is a shadow. - Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you gentleman. - I am pain.'
Naturally all horror films have pain as the overrunning theme but this series and that of Saw explicately state it, ('I want you to a play a game!')
Therefore Pinhead states what suffering is greatest for a parent.
Pinhead to John's wife :
'Oh you suffer beautifully but im here for business not pleasure!'

Finally another quote is :
John : 'For God's Sake!
Pinhead : 'Do I look like someone that cares what God thinks?!'

I won't spoil the ending.
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on 19 March 2005
I mean if a reviewer isn't a fan of horror, why are they watching it?
Anyway, this is a very good instalment in the Hellraiser legacy and, whilst it's not as good as the first and second films, it's still better than the third and certainly much better than the dire fifth and sixth parts.
The story is pretty good (even if a little silly now and again) but the effects and the horror are as good as ever, and the ending is particularly memorable and boy it must have hurt.
All in all I think that Hellraiser fans will enjoy this and fans of horror in general will like it quite a bit, but they should all stay away from the next two instalments!
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on 31 December 2014
the space setting added nothing to this at all, but it was interesting enough without ever turning into other than good. Pinhead is more prominent here than ever and speaks his head off and its all very calm and sinister and cool, hell he even threatens kids here, a sign of evil indeed in case you forgot. It is a short film, a hour and 21 i believe and i think a bit more time could have been added to this but all in all for what we get i was happy enough.
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