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Since I am a Fan of Serial Killer movies, I once owned this movie and so glad to have the DVD back in my collection again. This is the Best True Life Serial Killer Biopic ever, which won Golden Globes and Charlize Theron won an Oscar ( uncannily on 29 February 2004 on the Serial Killer's Birthday ) for her performance as Aileen Carol Wuornos also known as "Angel of Death" in the Tabloids. The Story is based on the life of Aileen, and out of all the Serial Killer childhoods, her Youth is the most heartbreaking, Until She met Selby Hall, the fictionalised version of her Lover and Partner, Tyler Moore, is when Aileen's life turned around, and at the same time came to a turning point on her deadly Destiny. So why is this Serial Killer movie so Different? A breath of fresh air, the make Up and Prosthetics and mannerisms that Charlize Theron did is Spot on like Aileen's Butch persona, including her philosophical way of thinking and feisty spirit, but made her an all round Human Being. Also it is a Love Story with a Difference, that is why it is a stand out from other Serial Killer movies. A Love Story of a Serial Killer is a bold and brillant step of our times when society and communities have different people, different minds from all walks of life, when one tragic soul finds love then the past catches up with them and they spiral out of control, Serial Killers are indeed addicts to their own impulses.
The Film does have brutal moments that make you cringe bestowed on Aileen by a Misogynist, and pang of Guilt that Aileen felt on one Victim who tried to talk to her and being sympathetic. It's all there. sweet romance, Serial Murder, and One Woman's Life that is a tragic nightmare from the beginning to the very end. This movie will always stand the tests of time
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 December 2015
“People kill each other every day and for what? For politics, for religion, and their heroes!” [Aileen]
This 2003 dark crime drama tells the story of serial killer Aileen Wuornos [Charlize Theron], a hard nosed prostitute who was executed in Florida in 2002 for killing six men in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The film picks up the story after Aileen moved from Michigan to Florida, and meets misfit and troubled loner Selby Wall [Christina Ricci] [changed for legal reasons but heavily based on her real life girlfriend, Tyria] in a gay bar. The two become friends and eventually lovers but it soon starts to go wrong.
The film takes many liberties with the details and it condenses the time scale involved and the central lesbian relationship giving the impression of a few weeks, not over a number of years but Theron is truly remarkable in the role of the aging hooker, shedding her natural beauty and adopting a masculine persona she is unrecognizable as herself.
The single disc opens to a main menu featuring play, scene selection and audio [2.0 or 5.1, subtitles on/off, and a commentary. This isn’t a glossy tale of a tart with a heart but gets to the dirty underbelly of a life gone wrong where we witness her sudden massive and violent mood swings and gradually learn of her brutal and humiliating treatment by men throughout her childhood from being raped at 8 by her alcoholic grandfather and again at 14—resulting in an unwanted baby being put up for adoption, and her descent into the dark world of prostitution and what led her to murder. Despite everything, it’s hard to come away from this without some sympathy for Wuornos, however despicable her actions,
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on 29 July 2016
I purchased "Monster" I watched an episode of "Deadly Women" on Netflix and on the episode they were talking about the crimes that Aileen Wuornos committed. I was hooked so I had to buy the DVD and loved it. It's a sad story. I felt really sorry for Aileen cause she didn't even have a good start in life. She was homeless for two years and became I hiking hooker. Shooting seven men in cold blood. At first she said she was raped but then on a later date she said it was a lie. I personally think that she was abused and shot those men in self defence. She was executed on 9th October 2002. I personally think she should have gotten a life sentence instead of being sent to the execution chamber. Other female serial killers that done much worse crimes compared to Aileen. Rose West killed her daughter & Myra Hindley captured the young children for her boyfriend Ian Brady who raped and killed there victims. They should have been executed for what they done. Aileen was a victim and that's what made her a serial killer.
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on 20 April 2014
Aileen Wuornos captured the attention of the American public and beyond at the time of her trial. A number of documentaries have been made looking into her life and crimes including one on Channel 4.

The reality was that she was someone who by her life circumstances descended into mental illness and in my opinion should not have received the death penalty because at the time of her crimes her judgement was so impaired and her thought processes were irrational. This film does justice to that view and in my opinion provides a compelling fictional portrayal that is true in many instances to the real life story of Wuornos. This film treads a thin line between portraying Wuornos sympathetically and showing her crimes for the horrific acts they were. We are left very much as we are in real life with a conflicted view of Wuornos and the sense that nothing is simple or black and white where human nature is concerned.

A society that cares would have institutions were vulnerable people can go to escape from the blows that life rains down on those without self esteem and with mental health or personality issues.

Picking up the story of Aileen as she is at one of her lowest points, hitching across the country and turning tricks in order to survive, the film gives Charlize Theron the role of a lifetime as the dangerous yet surprisingly sympathetic main character. Cast against type (rather like Tom Cruise in Born On The Fourth Of July), Theron is virtually unrecognizable under heavy makeup, extra weight and prosthetic teeth as she virtually inhabits the role of Wournos, turning in a performance that must rank as one of the finest in modern cinema.

Wournos abandons her lifestyle after she meets Selby Wall, a teenage lesbian runaway played with a wide eyed innocence by Christina Ricci, and although Wournos insists she is not gay, the two quickly fall in love. Determined to do things right for Selby, Aileen attempts to get a regular job, but after a string of humiliating failures, she returns to her former job, where she kills her first victim in self defence after her beats, rapes and is about to kill her. From there, it is an easy step for Aileen to continue killing her "Johns", taking their money and their cars as she attempts to give Selby the lifestyle that she so desperately craves.

This is in no way, shape or form a happy uplifting film. Aileen is as much a victim as any of the men she kills, but the film does not attempt to excuse her actions, rather to rationalise and explain them. The film takes certain liberties with the facts in order to raise the dramatic tension (for instance the time line of the murders is compressed, certain facts that Aileen states about her childhood are not contextualised, and the teenage Selby Wall character was in reality the 24 year old Tyria Moore),

The Ricci character is some way away from the real life partner of Wuornos in age and appearance, and although her performance is good, I think an actress closer in appearance and character to the actual Tyria Moore, would have enriched the movie. The slight lack of believability of the Ricci character weakens the impact I think.

Monster is not any easy film to watch. The violence, when it does come is both graphic and sad, the two main characters are destined for nothing but heartache, and Aileen herself, whilst giving evil a human face, is a sad, flawed victim of the society that raised her. This is a film that refuses to be black and white about its portrayal of right and wrong and is as riveting as its harrowing
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on 24 July 2013
Charlize Theron quite rightly was given Oscar, Golden Globe and other nominations/awards for her lead role in this film. Many of the most compelling scenes are where she is doubled up with Christina Ricci in highly charged intimate moments, but there are some wild rough-house action scenes too, and in my view it is that blend of moods and locations that really elevates this film to so much more than it might have been.

Charlize Theron plays the part of Aileen Wuornos, America's first female serial killer. The 2-disc version of the DVD includes various interviews and making-of documentaries and featurettes, plus trailers, deleted scenes and so on. Thankfully, the cast and crew who made this film put in a huge amount of time and effort to get into the detail behind the tabloid headlines and to really try and understand Aileen's background and character. They've also taken great care not to either downplay or to glorify the violence. There are some very grim situations, but also some moments of humour and hope, plus a huge amount of superb acting in parts that the actresses were not known for portraying - during daily make-up they apparently had to "de-beautify" Charlize in order to give her face the weathered appearance of Aileen, plus vocal coaching for the changes in intensity needed. Recommended.
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on 1 August 2017
Just be careful on who you judge the monster. Well played by both actresses. Really one to make you think, the romance is initially sweet and innocent but the film really knows how to keep you off balance. Mixing in sweet scenes with scenes that make you sick to your stomach at times... I would recommend everyone watch this, at least once.
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on 22 April 2016
love this film its fab. it is based on true events of a lesbian hooker that kills men. love this film great actors and very very good how it was created and filmed. would recommend this to anybody and everybody. Ive watched an awful lot about the lady it is based on and this film is as close as it gets. brilliant.
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on 8 January 2010
"We have evil in us, all of us do, and my evil just happened to come out because of the circumstances," said serial killer Aileen Wuornos in an interview conducted shortly before her execution in 2002. The movie's core are the fascinating, devastating life and times of Wuornos herself, alternately lucid and delusional as she obsesses about the police, whom she believes allowed her murders to happen to increase the potential for profit from movies and books about the case. Anyone who's seen Aileen: Life And Death Of A Serial Killer, based on Wuornos's story, will find the real woman even more compelling and frightening with Charlize Theron's award-winning portrayal.
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on 20 April 2013
Charlize Theron is a very beautiful model and actress.
How they managed to get her to look like she did throughout this film is testament to the brilliance of make-up.
Googling the actual killer and the likeness is stunning.
The film is superbly acted throughout. The murders graphic, and I felt sorry for her as she had one hell of a life.
Thoroughly recommended!
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on 18 February 2018
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