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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 2004
I first saw the Chili's in Glasgow, day after the Slane Castle gig. I bought the Slane Castle DVD and still get shivers down my spine when I watch it. This year, I was at the Manchester City Stadium show (18th June) and couldn't bring myself to listen to the radio broadcast on the 20th... Why? Cos it was happening in real-time and I wasn't there. This cd will be for this years show, what the Slane DVD still does for me now. The Chili's are at their best Live, and the magic and chemistry among them is almost touching. If you're only going to buy 1 record this year, make it this one. The instrumentals are beautiful, the songs are timeless, and it's got the worlds 2 greatest guitarists, John and Flea. This won't leave my cd player for months. (ps: buy John's solo stuff, including Smiles....)
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on 3 July 2004
If you were there at Hyde Park on any of the 3 nights they played there, you don't need to read any further. Just go buy the album.
Simply put, the album in all its glory is the complete masterpiece of their finest works. Truth be told, the studio works of their songs does not do them any justice what so ever. In this album we can finally listen to the amazing bass playing ability of Flea.
When you listen to it carefully you may even agree that he eclipsed the other 3 musicians outright. That is not to say that chad, anthony or john were bad. No, in fact far from it. John was clearly putting all of his might in every song, and chad never missed a beat. Anthony has moved away from his monotonous self years ago, and is now an acomplished vocalist in everyway. However, that having been said, Flea is clearly the best bass guitarist the world will ever see for a long time to come.
"Around the World", "By the Way", "Otherside", "My Lovely Man", "Californication" and "Under the Bridge" were all fantastic. But what makes this album so impressive is the jamming in between. "Californication" will never sound the same way again without its obligatory minute and a half intro.
"Too much" you say? "Not enough" say I. The harmony between these four musicians are currently unparalleled. Needless to say, it will take a huge effort for any band to out do their performance at Hyde Park.
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on 23 January 2006
I know little of guitars but i know my music in genral and the intro through to the first minute of around the world is Mozart like, in its brilliance. The way the guitar solo builds up to cant stop, then the guitar solo to around the world sent tingles through me and still does. Play cant stop from the fourth minute through to around the world first 30 seconds to get a release of adrenaline trust me.
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on 3 January 2007
The Red Hot Chili Peppers have now been going 27 years and they still sound fresh and new.

I copied this album of a freind of mine who went to the gig about 2 years ago and it is my most played album on Media Player, it is that good.

I saw the Chili Peppers at Portman Road, Ipswich, on the first night of their Stadium Arcadium tour and they were fantastic. Any venue, any time, and they are fantastic, which is why this is a fantastic album.

It starts with a catchy, funky intro from John, Flea and Chad. This follows into "Can't Stop" (just listen to the crowd cheering after the first couple of notes are played on John's guitar). Next are two classic tracks, "Scar Tissue" and "By The Way". Both are played to the highest standard. Flea's rythmic bass, Anthony's high-class vocals, combined with Chad's fast paced drumming and John's quality guitar riffs creates a sound that any funk fan would love to hear.

Next is "Fortune Faded" from Greatest Hits, and then a cover of Donna Summer's song "I Feel Love", sung by John (how he can sing so high-pitch and still sound good is astonishing). The next few tracks are a few of the not-so-famous ones: "Get on Top", "Easily", "Otherside", and "Universally Speaking". The last three tracks on Disk 1, a rendition of Looking Glass's "Brandy", a new song "Rolling Sly Stone" and then the classic "Don't Forget Me". The haunting bass riff and guitar solos in this song are truly memorable.

The next disc starts with a long bass solo, leading into Throw Away Your Television, the solo in which sounds great live. The outro is a song called "Don't You Ever Leave", as they are the only words sung. Next up is another new song, "Leverage of Space", which is quite average, with quite boring lyrics. The pop-style "Purple Stain" leads into "The Zephyr Song". It is one of my least favourite Chili songs, but at the end is a lovely jam between John and Flea. It lasts about two minutes (two minutes of musical harmony) and then the notes of "Californication" ripple through you. Next is two more "Californication" classics, "Right on Time" and "Parallel Universe", both which you can head-bang to. After a pretty pointless two minutes of Anthony playing the drums (quite poorly), one of the best songs ever "Under the Bridge" is played (an amazing moment in any Chili's fan's book). Then there is 45 Grave's "Black Cross" which isn't really suited to the Chilis, and then another quite pointless three minutes of Flea playing his trumpet.

The concert ends with possibly the Pepper's most famous track ever: "Give It Away" (the song they finish all concerts with). A five miunte-odd outro finishes the CD on a high-note. Twenty-six songs, and it is just as good everytime you play it. The second best way to capture the whole live-experience, without actually being there.

Sorry for the long review, I hope it was helpful.
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on 28 July 2004
If you really like the chili peppers - how could you not like this gig. I do have a few moans though, firstly they were no way as loud as they should have been. They played far too much off of the last two albums, and they didnt play for long enough.
Dispite this I still had a great night. One more moan - how come on the c.d it doesnt tell yuo which song was from which night.
It's not a lot to ask, but they clearly did'nt put much thought into what the fans want. any one who went is still gotta buy it though, as they did rock, and you can crank it as loud as you want.
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on 29 July 2004
Well, I suppose you can't beat the feeling of actually being there, but this double CD certainly gives you an insight of what went on.... a spectacular show was put on which was demonstrated by John and Flea's unfaltered me anyway:-) A very nice Intro to get you in the mood, makes you jump to your feet straight away, all in all..although you really, really, really, have to be there to experience the chili's give you....this CD is well worth the buy if only for the cool pictures inside...which there should be more of! :-)
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VINE VOICEon 8 August 2005
After the rather disappointing treatment of a fifteen-year career in the music industry on their Greatest Hits compilation (how could the greatest band on the planet be limited to the grave injustice of a single disc?), the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Hyde Park concerts for which tickets were coverted as gold dust comes to CD for those as unfortunate as myself who weren't there in person.
Well, it turns out that with this, we didn't need to be. The atmosphere seeps through every word of Anthony Kiedis' raw vocals, infusing the set with an infectiousness that you can't help but turn up to full volume and jump around the room to. Fuelled by this enthusiasm, the band produce versions of all their greatest hits that outclass even their studio cuts (which can all certainly lay claim to being amongst the 50 greatest albums ever), including a 12-minute version of the classic Give It Away and previously neglected album gems such as Throw Away Your Television. Add to this covers of classics such as Black Cross, Brandy and Donna Summer's 80s hit I Feel Love, and Anthony's tongue-in-cheek comments at the end of every track - covering topics ranging from blueberries to James Brown - and you have an album that outclasses any festival. There is one notable absence - that being the Stevie Wonder cover Higher Ground, which can lay claim to the best intro in music - but if you want the Chilis in all their glory, bypass Greatest Hits and pick this up instead.
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on 23 July 2004
Unlike some, I'm actually reviewing the CD, which is excellent, especially the cover songs. I always love it when my favorite bands cover interesting songs.
The range of tracks is wide, and the sound quality is amazing. So, no matter what some reviewers have said, buy this CD, because you're not buying the concert!
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on 27 July 2004
From one of the best live bands around today, this set of performances really was amazing. 'Intro' sets the tone for the album - just inspired guitar work and improvisation.
The thing about the Chili's is that they have perfected the songs to such an extent that they can really have fun with them -John's solo's are amazing throughout, and the energy is immense.
Every song is played to the same standard as you would expect from any chili's album, but the solo's and guitar and bass interludes are both powerful and beautiful.
There are also a couple of new songs and a couple of covers - the New songs similar to the theme of the 'By the Way' album, and 'Black Cross', a cover, bringing out the agressive, harder sound of the Chili's.
The best bits for me though, are the interludes - the 2 minute introduction to Californication is just awesome, and the melancholic lengthened ending to 'Don't Forget Me' is also brilliant.
I strongly recommend this album to any Chili's fans, or even general music fans - as far as live music goes, you won't hear much better.
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on 7 July 2004
Having been thier on the 20th im just going to say this. It was absolutelly amazing. Starting of with a 3 minute intro to 'Cant Stop' & and ending with Give it Away the concert was the best i have ever been to.
As this is the first live chilis album trust me in saying that u will not be dissapointed one bit.
In front of 100,000 fans the chilis rocked Hyde Park to its foundations. Anthony was "incredible", John and his guitar "amazing" Flee and his bass "out of this world" & Chad on drums "outstanding" + lets not also forget James Brown who also kidded asss.
The album is a Double Disk album which highlights 28 tracks including 3 new tracks and a couple of covers. ALl songs are taking from all 3 concerts held on the 19/20/25 of June.
I give it 5 stars just because its the Chilis and they are one of (if not) the best live acts EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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