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on 7 June 2017
One of my all time favourite cartoon series from the eighties!! Arrived on time and nicely presented in a smart 3 disc box set. Overall very pleased with it.
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on 29 August 2010
Like many others i have very fond memories of this cartoon.Back in the 80's there was Ulysses,Dungeons & Dragons,Mysterious cities of gold,Galaxy Rangers,Jayce & the wheeled warriors...there was alot of cool cartoon back then.But sadly i never brought this when it was released on dvd a few years ago,so i was dissapointed to find that it was so difficult to get hold of this (particularly the boxset) & horrified as to how much some people were selling it for!! Are these people mad?
Luckily i was able to get it on ebay from australia,whew!
I've almost finished watching all the episodes & i can safely say its just as good..no wait..its better than i remember!
I wont go into detail about the series,i'm sure you can read about it elsewhere,but i will say that its excellent! The dialog can be funny (hence my review title) and the characters are very likeable,even Yumi,even though she can be annoyingly selfish at times.
If you can get Ulysses (not from amazon by the looks of it,its shockingly expensive) then do yourself a favour and buy it. Oh and before i forget,the theme musics very cool and very catchy..but then i think most of the cartoons from the 80's were!
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on 4 November 2010
While i have a great love for many animated shows from the 80s I would consider Ulysses to be my favourite.

It's actually a very dark show that is based on greek myth. Not something we will ever see again in kids tv. It concerns Ulysses and his fight against the gods of olympus to get to hades and save everyone on board from the curse set by the gods. Imagine a show nowadays with gods in the baddie seat. It wouldn't happen.

There are some lighthearted moments mostly provided by the roboservant Nono. Some seem to remember this character as being annoying and he slightly is. Not nearly on a Snarf level. He also serves a purpose as the episodes are so full of danger and darkness that it needs something to crack a funny now and again.

Special notice should be made of the music and character design. The ships and characters are just fantastically designed. The Odyssey would look stunning in a film version without any changes.

My one complaint about the show is it is short. This also means that it runs like a proper story and has an ending so its hard to criticise.

This version has a video picture quality to it. Some were hoping for a crystal clear version, but i think the 'bad' quality of the picture helps make the show more dark and murky than it would've been in hd quality. For comic fans just think about how the original swamp thing comics look compaired to reprints. Theres more atmosphere in the originals and its exactly the same for this print of Ulysses.

Anyone who likes smart cartoons will enjoy this series. Shame amazon don't stock it anymore. Its worth buying but not getting fleeced to watch it.
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on 27 April 2006
Ulysses 31 was a ground breaking cartoon until now cartoon had been set on Earth or onother planets and then there was cartoons where animals took the place of humans but now one ever thought about outer space. Then Ulysses 31 appeared it took the viewers on a trip through the stars each week.

It may based on old greek legends and it may come from the 80's but it still works now not may cartoons keep they're appeal but the 80's shows seem to have some magic that keeps them fresh and new.

Ulysses 31 takes you on trip back to Earth but via the Kingdom of Hades (god of the underworld) Ulysses never gives up on the hope that the gods will keep thier word even though in every episode they tried to destory him.

Ulysses 31 mixed 80's animated adventures with Space.

This is purely a Sci-fi - Fantasy show, Ulysses 31 is a great adventure will Ulysses have crew returned to him and will he return in time to advert a timeless curse or the the gods stop him once and for all.
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on 20 December 2005
Ahh, my childhood. We all have memories of things which at the time appeared great and now look a bit, well, a bit rubbish really. For example, I recently brought the boxed set of Battle of the Planets, determined to enjoy what at the time seemed to be the greatest thing on t.v. However, time and perhaps my jaded adult sensibilities have made me realise that the repetitive stories, poor animation and childish robot scenes just don't cut the mustard anymore...
Not so with Ulysses. Ok, so the music has been cut a little (yes, the NoNo bit was great..) and the animation is far from cutting edge (although the Odyssey and backdrops still look fantastic). Ulysses still looks a bit like Barry Gibb and the fusion of greek myth and science fiction seems a bit odd at times BUT THIS IS STILL BRILLIANT TELEVISION. I watched the entire series with my wife (who is too young to remember them on TV) and she admits that "Ulysses, no-one else can do the things you do".
This show is great! If you have kids, buy it. If you have a bit of nostalgia for this great series, buy it. And if you just want to see a kids cartoon series with great characters and stories (such as the seminal 'the eternal punishment') then buy it. At this low price you and your children deserve Ulysses!
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on 13 June 2008
I vaguely remembred watching this when I was a kid. The images of the Trident ships and the music always stuck in my head. Its really worth catching this series at a bargain price. Every episode for less than a tenner!
Its very dark, unlike many cartoons today, and you constantly wonder if Ulyses will ever get home. Even the final episode has you guessing if the gods will release Ulyses and his crew from the curse they put on them.
Unlike its contemporarys this cartoon is not trying to sell you a toy, and thats refreshing I feel. The focus is on the story, not a product!
The crossing of greek mythology and science-fiction seems odd at first, but believe me it works. The classic story has been brilliantly retold and imagined. The backdrops are eye popping, Ulyses' ship the Odysee is a work of art, as unique in its design as the USS Enterprise.
The title credits have been cut down, but its only noticible if you've seen the full length version. This can be seen in all its glory on various websites. Oh, and finally, the theme music rocks!!!!!!!!
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on 22 April 2006
After watching the whole series i can't rate this highly enough.

The character animation is a bit sketchy, especially in the action sequences, but the beautiful background paintings, great model design and psycadelic visual effects more than make up for this.

The dialogue puts most so-called adult anime to shame and the storyline is so packed full of original ideas you'll be itching to watch the next episode just to find out what the writers come up with next.

A real labour of love - buy it.
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on 15 May 2005
It's true, there are no extras, the box art isn't perfect, the opening and closing credits have been cut down - no 'Nono song' :o( and there are problems with the picture quality. Apparently the original negative wasn't stored very well and so occasional marks and scratches appear. These aren't as bad as I'd imagined though - you don't notice them unless you're looking for them - and the result is certainly better quality than the old VHS tapes we recorded in the 80's.

You could wait for a remastered version or one with extras to come out - but I doubt they'll ever be released, sadly.

Having bought this box set a few days ago I'd recommend it to - anyone. This is the best children's cartoon ever made IMO. 'Mysterious Cities of Gold' seems to be more widely remembered - the shows have a lot in common - but I'd sooner watch Ulysses any day. The music is still great, the sci-fi setting is a lot of fun, but crucially the fact that the stories are based on greek legend means the show can be serious and sometimes quite dark - something you very rarely see in kid's cartoons.

Guardian of the Cosmic Winds, Cronos - Father of time, Song of Danger and Trapped between Fire and Ice (which is the same title as we recorded for this episode in the 80's, btw) are great action episodes... And The Eternal Punishment, The Seat of Forgetfulness, Calypso and The Kingdom of Hades are great dramatic episodes. The last two are particularly good - as emotionally involving as anything you'll see on TV.

Buy this box set! You know it makes sense! :o)
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on 12 October 2004
Ulysses 31 is a futuristic retelling of the ancient Greek legend of Ulysses, the man cursed to travel unknown worlds till he finds the Kingdom of Hades, as punishment for the death of the Gods' monster Cyclops, his crew turned as lifeless as stone...
This DVD features the entire series of Ulysses 31, including all the episodes featured on all 4 of the currently released DVD volumes, so if you've bought the volumes individually you might not want to bother with this unless you're a completist who must own everything.
Classic 80s animation at its best is the only other way to describe Ulysses 31, the storylines, although based on Greek mythology and legend lend themselves excellently to the modern space age theme of the show.
Overall, if you're a fan of classic animated sci-fi, you'll be well advised to snap this up.
Well worth the money in my opinion.
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on 1 April 2008
One of the most memorable cartoon series of my childhood, Ulysses 31 is that rare specimen - an animated series that is still just as enjoyable now as when you saw it as a kid. Yes, the animation can be a little basic at times, and the 'comic' antics of token robot Nono can be annoying, but the sheer epic feel of the series, and the atmosphere it creates, thanks largley to some very moody backgrounds, intelligent and surprisingly sombre storylines and a stunning soundtrack more than compensate for that. Standout episodes are: The Eternal Punishment, The Seat of Forgetfulness, The Magic Spells of Circe and The Kingdom Of Hades. Yes, it is a kids series, but there's enough substance here to appeal to adults, and it's unusually dark and thought-provoking at times which adds to it's appeal. Excellent stuff!
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