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The Hunger For More
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 3 January 2017
past reflestion
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on 3 June 2015
Got to say I was disappointed Lloyd! Very mediocre background music type album. No real bangers on here and just very toned down g g g g g unit! It sounded as if he couldn't decide what direction this album was heading and every track was very samey... Cmon Banks, you can do better than this!
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on 25 December 2014
VERY GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 10 January 2015
Everything was ok
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on 29 August 2013
Like brand new! not a scratch or finger mark on the CD. Limted edition so it came in a cardboard Cd case and was like brand new!! will be buying from you again :) very happy.
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on 28 June 2013
as good as i remembered from years ago, bought it as my friend had it. worth the little bit of money i paid.
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on 19 July 2016
Great CD!
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on 4 July 2004
Lloyd Banks is (as we all know) a member of G--Unit, and after their successful album, "Beg For Mercy", news aroused that each member was working on a debut solo album of their own. For Young Buck, it's "Straight Outta Cashville", Tony Yayo is working on his, but for Lloyd Banks, who released his album earlier than the others, it's "The Hunger For More".
I have purchased the 1 Disc album,(YES, there IS a 2 disc, but it will cost you extra), but that album has two bonus tracks on it already. Not much difference from the 2 Disc, with the exception of 2 new videos on the bonus CD, and the album wrapped up in the same paper used for money.
The songs on this album are good. The anticipated "On Fire" is on here, but after hearing the rest, you wonder why he didn't share them with the rest of the world. They're just so brilliant!
1. Ain't No Click-A good song to start the album that has deep beats, with Yayo yelling in the background.4/5
2.Playboy-Has an arena-type crowd, quite fast but weak beats. Has a bass/rhythm that seems to go on forever.3/5
3.Warrior-Good beats, with a catchy rhythm and brilliant lyrics.4/5
4.On Fire-THE BEST! So much energy and slyest orchestral beat that will make you jump and bounce. The lyrics are easy and cool, but hard to resist!5/5
5.I Get High-Normal beat with percussion and quite funny lyrics about smoking and rolling. Good techno thing in the background every few bars.3/5
6.I'm So Fly-Good beginning to start off, with great "echo" effect of the beats. Nice piccolo and synthesizer heard behind the fast-paced and scorching lyrics. 4/5
7.Work Magic-Overreacted beats with so much use of drums, it's as if the whole song is a chorus.3/5
8.If You So Gangsta-Cool piano with sound effects fitted in rightly on time, to go well with the expressive lyrics.4/5
9.Warrior Part 2-Strong intro, with effective lyrics from the big stars. Good use of the empty gun/metal "clicking" sound, mixed well with the beats and the string instrument. The Lyrics are more to do with "A True Warrior", than Warrior, (Part 1). Nothing in common with the first "Warrior" song, which is good since you won't be ripped off.5/5
10.Karma-Nice happy song for the girls, (in a way). It has a sunny feeling in it, and if you liked "Ride Wit You" from Joe feat-Unit, then with slower tempo, you'll love this!4/5
11.When The Chips Are Down-A depressing, (good) song, about going down. Cool slow melody, with the voices and Lloyd Banks being heard. The best bit is the chorus though.4/5
12.Till The End-Good beginning with melancholy sound effects, but the fast lyrics are okay. The high-pitched melody is possibly the best thing in this song.3/5
13.Die One Day-Ignore the cheesy 80's rock bit in the first few seconds, and you get something that is quite lighter than "When The Chips Are Down", but with more percussion, and skillful rhyming. Has "Chip and Dale" voice in one part like "Through the Wire" by Kanye West.4/5
14.South Side Story-Good lyrics about his history, and others. Real hip-hop dealing about (fairly) real life situations. Again, the whole song, even the verses are overreacted, as if it's the chorus throughout the song.4/5
15.Just Another Day-You wonder if that and "Die One Day" has anything to do with "007's Die Another Day"! Anyways, good and soft beats with light melody barely heard in the background, muffed up by the fast but average lyrics. Nothing special. Precisely, Just another day..3/5
16.Take A Good Look-Deep and strong piano, with hazy but fast lyrics. Gets you to bop your head, although, tiny bit the same, it's nowhere near as big as "on Fire". 3/5
As you can, see, none of the songs are below average, and a few receive the special 5/5 mark, unless, you are a REALLY BIG G-Unit fan, for years. Worth buying it, if you like 50 Cent.
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on 17 June 2006
lloyd banks had been tearing up the mixtape scene for a couple of years before this album came out, he came with his raspy flow and trademark punclines, his mixtapes were very good overall, and he was awarded mixtape artist of the year 2003, however, his album is a massive letdown, the production is good, nothing outstanding, but listenable, however, where it falls short is versatility and subject matter, all lloyd banks raps about how much of a gangster he is, which he is probably not, because the leader of his rap group is a snitch, how many women he has, and how big his chain is, it would be ok, if anyone actually cared, what happened to rapping about something meaningful or deep, lloyd banks does not seem to have that ability, also, he does nothing but punchlines, he is not veratile, he cannot do storytelling or political, or thoughtful tracks, as i said before, also, and he cant really rhyme, most of his rhymes dont make sense, and he relies heavily on his accent for words to rhyme, even though if you say them properly they hardly rhyme at all, he has a very monotone flow on this album, and raps with the skill of a 10 year old, even though their are some good punclines, if you buy some big l, Copywrite, j.r. writer mixtapes, or papoose mixtapes, you will see that all those rappers(especially big L) make lloyd banks's punchlines seem very elementary and weak, buy his mixtapes instead, stay away from this
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on 26 June 2004
After signing for Shady/Aftermath and going onto 50 Cent's G-Unit label Lloyd Banks has probably been one of rap's best kept secrets.
I first heard Lloyd on Obie Trice's debut album 'Cheers' on the track 'We All Die One Day'.
He was amazing on that track, and then later showed us what he can actually do on G-Unit's debut album 'Beg For Mercy'.
On 'Hunger For More' Banks is showing us all he can do, with guest appearences from Young Buck, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Snoop Dogg, Eminem & The Game, Banks clearly is showing signs of a legend in the making.
'Ain't No Click' is a fast-paced track that tells people that no one has a better group than G-Unit.
'Warrior' is another track with a good beat which talks about Banks' fighting spirit.
I think that either 'I'm So Fly' or 'Warrior Part 2' are the best tracks on the album.
They both have nice hooks and lyrics.
Lloyd Banks has finally been able to unveil what he has to offer to the rap game and it is a very good effort.
His fellow G-Unit member Young Buck is to release 'Straight Outta Ca$hville' in July and if it has been produced as well as 'Hunger For More' then a lot of other artists will be aware of what G-Unit has to offer.
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