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on 4 November 2014
This is the classic Bret Hart Wrestling with Shadows documentary 15th anniversary edition, wow has really been that long already! The documentary focuses on the events of summer 1997 when Bret was in negotiations with WCW and eventually decided to join them. The documentary covers Bret’s exit from WWF, as initially agreed and how it actually pans out climaxing with the now infamous Montreal Screwjob.

This is a great behind the scenes look at WWE at the time, what happens in the lead up to a big PPV on the day at the arena with insightful interviews with Bret and his wife Julie giving their thoughts on events. Great viewing and definitely the best pro wrestling documentary out there!

The extras also include a making of the documentary feature and an interview with Paul Jay.

Disk 2 of the 2 disk special edition is a documentary called the Life and Times of Owen Hart. This covers the period following Owen’s death and has interviews with
family members including a very scathing Martha Hart!
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on 17 December 2017
The greatest wrestling documentary not made by wwe.
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on 1 March 2007
i was a huge WWF fan in the late eighties and early ninties and bret hart was my favourite from the beginning. i stopped watching wrestling in 1995 as i grew out of it and recently decided to re-kindle my youth and firstly needed to find out what happended to my favourite. i'd heard rumours that bret was double-crossed but when i watched this i was left furious that he could be treated like that by Vince who had basically hung him out to dry and destroyed his reputation in the process. the dvd is very heartfelt and gives you a brilliant insight into brets life, growing up with a legend of a father and growing in the WWF. it also shows his home life and that he appears to have a supportive wife who later divorced him after the survivor series incident, but does show what a great dad he is and how his family mean a lot. the dvd covers the tension leading up to that fateful servivor series and how bret was not feeling happy, you can feel his emotion, and then feel his anger once the double cross has happened and i'm so pleased he punched vince, which was the least he deserved. all in all a great dvd, its just a shame it had to end on such a bitter note.
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on 21 May 2017
Amazing documentary, having the film crew follow Bret for 6 months to a year really paid off & they hit the jackpot with Montreal Screwjob exclusive. This is a really solid indepth look at the lead up to the '97 Survivor Series. Anyone who is a fan of wrestling in general will appreciate the quality of this dvd. This dvd should be around the top of the list for any wrestling fan.
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on 12 October 2013
Having already seen 'Wrestling with Shadows', i was tempted on buying this anniversary edition because of the added documentary 'The Life and Death of Owen Hart'.

Bret Hart was and still is my hero. His rivalry with brother Owen in 1994 is still, by far, the most intimate story line the W.W.E has ever done. In different ways, both Hart brothers stirred up emotions of excitement, tension and joy at their peak. Given the subject matter in both documentaries, these two events still bare a scar on my love for wrestling.

'Wrestling with Shadows' was filmed during the Summer/Autumn of 1997. With Bret being the focus, it's centered around his relationship with his Dad, his then boss the owner of W.W.E Vince Mcmahon and the growing tension in business surrounding Bret's lucrative long term contract with the W.W.E and being tempted away towards the W.C.W for a lot more money.

What makes the documentary work and succeed is how it observes the changing attitude of the American fans from Bret's viewpoint, how Vince allows the attitude to dictate to him what style of show to present. All the while, Bret feels the urge to stay loyal to what the Hitman character would be and how he would react.

On the surface, it is about men, power, money, relationships. All at the same time playing into Shakespearean themes which does the film no harm. Especially, when it comes to the events that take place at the end of the documentary. November 9th, 1997 in Montreal is a day that will stay long in my memory. That event wraps all the themes together as if it were written for the documentary. The truth was stranger than fiction.

'The Life and Death of Owen Hart' is a somewhat tag team partner in this release. Filmed several months after Owens death in 1999, the film looks through Owens life with his wife Martha, rightfully, at the centre of the documentary. Only 50 minutes long, it still covers over his life fairly well and neat.

However, every time the documentary looks over the events on that day back in May 1999 near the end, it still gets a lump in my throat imagining what happened to Owen walking along the high catwalk and being placed out hanging above the arena.

If you are a fan of wrestling and have not seen these and would like a strong look at the W.W.E in the late 90's, i cannot suggest any better D.V.D set to buy but this.

Also included is a newly filmed interview with Bret Hart and Director Paul Jay giving their reflections on 'Wrestling With Shadows' 10 years on'.

A well presented Anniversary edition D.V.D.
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on 29 March 2013
I've watched this a number of times over the last decade. It's gripping, well paced, and provides a rare insight into the preparation and planning that goes into putting a big match together.

To this day, I still cannot believe the timing of he producers. Had they not been filming that night in Montreal the whole story might never have been known. The timing of the filming also meant that it covered Bret's most interesting (in my opinion) portion of his career, the Canadian Stampede pay per view coverage in particular is a highlight for me.

Bret Hart comes across in this as a likeable guy but its very clear how seriously he takes himself throughout, probably to a fault. That aside though, this documentary is exceptional and is compelling viewing from start to finish.
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on 14 October 2004
This is a very insightful and interesting look into the truth behind professional wrestling. Taking a look at one of the best wrestlers in history, the documentary follows Bret Hart through the last year of his WWE contract, showing how the hitman character changed from the number 1 babyface (good guy) to number 1 heel (bad guy), only to be left in limbo by Vince McMahon, resulting in the parting of ways. However, as you will discover, this parting did not go through without the most controversial action ever seen in professional wrestling. This is a must buy for anyone who has always wanted to know what really happened that night in at Survivor series '97.
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on 17 July 2004
After watching survivor series 97 and the screwjob by vince mcmahon on bret hart i knew wrestling will never be the same again. the documentary follows brets life growing up in a wrestling family, and ends with Harts disputed last match with the WWF. I cannot say much in this review because there is so much controversy surrounding the situation between bret and vince. So many people have so many opinions towards who was right and who was wrong (bret or vince?). But as a true bret hart fan, i belive that vince was an idiot and he still is. Ever since brets departure vince has turned wrestling in to a soap opera scene and that made me sick! To me bret is the best "WRESTLER" the wwf/wwe have ever had. Hogan, Austin and the Rock may have more popularity than bret, but they are more of an "entertainer" than a wrestler. To me bret is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!! Please buy this DVD to find out what that fool vince did to the best "WRESTLER" they ever had!
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on 6 July 2011
The finest release about wrestling along with Beyond The Mat [DVD] [2000]. It details the screw job as you would expect and also has the backstory of the hart family which is interesting too. As for who was in the wrong, obviously this film leans towards the hitman because of the interviews it largely includes. However, there was enough in here to make it clear to me that bret's issue wasn't really about dropping the title or even dropping it in Canada, it was more about him hating the idea of dropping it to Michaels and in doing so 'passing him the torch'. There's blame on all sides to be fair and i think bret is more objective in his book Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling than he is here (due to the time that's past) but this is one of the best 2 documentaries about wrestling all the same.
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on 12 May 2009
I can honestly say that this dvd, is as close as you can get to see what truly is wrestling.I cannot believe how detailed and open it was.I was completely hooked for its entirety.

What is so compelling is that it is real life, and shows the reality to westling, Bret Hart is a legend and has been through so much tragedy in his life, that is so undeserved. I feel Bret was completely screwed over by vince.How can you treat someone who has headlined your company, and given so many years of loyal service, without ever complaining once.

This is a true film great

And shows Bret as he was, is and always will be

The Best !
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