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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

on 23 July 2013
thanks i got on time, and have on my ipod, and played a few time on my ipod, and its great
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I can remember being given this album, when I too was about 12/13 and I fell in love with nearly all the songs. But unfortunately now, due to advancements we can no longer play vinyl discs on our modern day players, yes folks that is what I said vinyl, an album to be more precise (not a single). The tracks that I can still sing (so to speak) along with are of course the title, Stand and Deliver, Ant Rap, That Voodoo and (my personal favourite) Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios. I dunno what it is about that particular track, perhaps the lyrics (what lyrics I hear you say!! There weren't any) perhaps Adam's/the Ants rendition of the 'song'... I don't know, but still a good album IF you want to go back in time and reminise about the 80's and still think what a great country we once were!!?
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on 5 April 2005
I would agree totally with the other reviews here, what an experience to hear these without the 'snap crackle 'n' pop' of my auld LPs!
BUT STILL: Am I the only one who noticed the compleat absence of "BEAT MY GUEST" from any of these remasters?
I am wondering if this was because that song was only on the US release as a b-side of STAND AND DELIVER...or was it?
But don't let that stop you, get 'em now!
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on 22 March 2013
What a great album. Stand and Deliver (no.1 in UK), Prince Charming (no.1 in UK) and Ant Rap (no.3 in UK) sums up how popular Adam Ant was and how refreshing and unique he sounded too. From the start it kicks off with the boisterous Scorpios track then the weird Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Simios. Five Guns West is just brilliant, the sound of That Voodoo, then the great Mile High Club, ending with Mowhok ( vocals, drumming just magic) to S.E.X which is so relaxing and woozy!

There are also 6 extra demo tracks added on after (if you have bought the remastered version) Just a good solid all-rounder album, go on have a taste of the 80's! This is the digi-pak version review which opens out to reveal the booklet and CD inside. The normal plastic cover version is available too, exactly same tracks on both unless you pick up the old CBS one which is just the standard 10.
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VINE VOICEon 29 November 2009
I was 8 years old when badgered my Mum to buy the Kings album for my birthday, I just loved the Antmusic track. Much like one of the other reviewers it was the Ants' eclectic sound that drew me in.

Then Prince Charming came out and once again pester-power to the rescue, badgering my Mum to buy it for Christmas 1982. I must have bored everyone to death by playing it non-stop on my Dad's stereo constantly for the whole of the Christmas holiday, so much so they had to buy me my own cheap record deck to get rid of me!

There is something still very fresh about the eclectic mix of sounds they employed, I would almost say they became progressive post-punk, thanks to both Goddard ( Adam Ant ) and Pirroni's stunning ability to write together.

From the opening track Scorpios with it's Tito Puente latin feel, through to the C&W inspired 5 Guns West sing along about pirates?! Then there are the darker more sombre moments with tracks like Mowhok and S.E.X., which made very little sense to young 10 year old (!), but somehow I just loved the dark sombre feel.

There are some low points, Ant Rap was simply a studio lark about I think, but some record exec obviously thought they could cash-in on the very popular, at the time, watered-down rap in the charts at the time.

Of course there were the singles, Prince Charming and Stand and Deliver. S&D I loved, had a really good rock sound, but Prince Charming was just too odd, very little verse structure, then simply repeating the chorus, not so good, but made A&A the household name they are.

It's the really bizarre tracks, like That Voodoo, Mowhok, Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los Apes, with it's surreal lyrics to match the subject matter, that really make this a true 80's pop-rock classic, that deserves far more credit than it gets.

I had grown up listening to my parents love of 60s guitar music, which was always bouncy and happy, all of a sudden I found that music could induce despair and feelings of sadness. I had never before heard music that was able to flip-flop between feelings of utter happiness to feelings of misery so quickly. All of which explains why, now in my late 30s, I am massive death metal fan, trying to convince my kids to listen to "real" music instead of mass produced chart junk!

Adam and the Ants were not just another pop-rock band from the 80s, they were true classic pop-rock/post-punk band and the work Goddard and Pirroni did, shouldn't be underestimated. Very sad to see the pathetic UK press picking on Goddard and his personal problems, he deserves more respect.

If you were around at the time but never really got further than the singles and you like a little bit of bizarre rock music, do yourself a favour and buy this album, you won't regret it.
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on 18 December 2011
An amazing change from the first blast on the trumpet. Scorpios is a good track with a real jazzy feel, but the second track is first rate. The lyric 'and the bleach killer kills' has always struck me as fabulous. The it's into the hypnotic title track. Thirty years after its release, this track still sounds fresh and original. 'Five Guns West' has a beautiful, simple chorus, but the highlight of the track is the fade out at the end. Adam howls into the distance and the listener is left with a spine tingling sensation Adam's way of a constant refrain repeating over and over at the end of 'That Voodoo' mirrors Bowie from a year before on Fashion and Ashes to Ashes, but it's a real agonising plea and sounds superb even now. Stand and Deliver is absolute class. The 'da diddley qua qua' refrain is amazingly camp and absurd, but works brilliantly. Only 'Mile High Club' doesn't do it for me - but that is a matter of opinion. The segue from 'Mowhok' to 'Sex' is beautiful with a fine use of acoustic guitar. I first bought this album in December 1981. Thirty years later I still listen to it several times a year. Therefore, it has to be considered a classic. I agree with other reviewers who label Adam Ant as a genius. The creativity here is phenomenal.
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on 26 September 2011
I discovered Adam Ant in 1980 at the tender age of 11. Even at that age I thought his music was so far ahead of it's time and away from the mainstream (Bucks Fizz, Shawaddywaddy etc) and instantly fell in love with his originality. My mum always thought - nay hoped - that I would grow out of it as I even plaited the back of my hair and tied ribbons in it and stole her make-up! I'm now 42 and am still in love and have followed his career, good and bad, with interest, tho I've dropped the ribbons now. His music still seem s so fresh and new to me and I could, and do, listen to it with a smile on my face. Cheers Adam xxx
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on 4 April 2011
Whoever wrote the blurb about the CD at the beginning obviously has no understanding of Adam Ant whatsoever. I quote "although "Ant Rap" is a serious low point" You had to be there to understand and when this track came out as a single, we were all enthralled because it was so different from the new romantic stuff that everyone else seemed to follow. I can never forget the first thrill I felt when I heard Adam Ant for the first time. Antmusic came on and I just remember thinking "Oh my god, who is this?" I went on to become a life long fan and whether its the first album - Dirk wears white sox - whiich was so raw and different again or Prince Charming you could always rely on Adam to go his own way and not follow the crowd. Like everyone points out there are many songs that could have been serious soundtracks for films including Bond and Adam really didn't get the recognition he deserved at the time. I laugh when I hear people of the latest generation talking about eighties music and I am glad that it is going through a revivial as I don't feel that it has been truly explored, whereas punk has been done to death in the form of the Sex pistols and the resulting documentaries.
Wouldn't it be great to have a documentary about Adam.
If anyone hasn't heard this album I would really recommend it but I would recommend starting at the beginning of the journey i.e. Dirk and listen from there. It really is an experience not to be missed. The man is a genius. He is just about to embark on a tour so if you google Adam Ant you may even get to see the legend - and he looks great!!! I can't wait.:)
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on 7 July 2004
This is the best-looking package of the first three remastered Adam & the Ants albums (and that's saying something!) - beautifully re-designed and making the original gatefold sleeve into a contemporary 2004 digipack. Mark Alleyne deserves extra credit here for his work on the sleeve...
This album has always been a part of my collection since it was released in November 1981, and still sounds great - check out "Scorpios" (one of the best drum breaks in any song, ever!), "Picasso" and "That Voodoo!" - now remastered and without the hiss that dogged the previous CD release.
Great to have the extra tracks and demos, but a few of the fantastic B-Sides added to the package would have been even better ("Beat My Guest" / "Christian Dior" / "Friends" - although these are available on the "B-Side Babies" CD from 1994).
Looking forward to completing the collection when Friend or Foe (1982), Strip (1984), and Vive Le Rock (1985) are given the same treatment over the next few months. Thanks Marco - you've given us a real treat with these releases!
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on 11 January 2012
Its such an adventurous album, and i think the only reason its unfairly overlooked by antfans is the dragging second half to the album. But take out mile high club, mowhawk and dare i say it, stand and deliver (like thriller memorable for its video more), stick in the single version of antrap, and the b-sides to the singles (beat my guest, friends and christian d'or) and you got a bona fide classic. Wish they would have stuck them songs on this re-releae but maybe one day!
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