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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
The Shield : Series 2 [DVD] [2004]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 26 April 2017
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on 18 June 2004
When the second season of The Shield finally came to five I thought that it could never be as shocking, exciting, thought provoking and intriguing as the groundbreaking first season. But it was. The second season is a rollercoaster of emotions in which you feel for each of the characters as they fight against crime (the respectable and clean cut Dutch and Claudette), corruption (the supposedly corruption free and politically minded Captain of the station David Aceveda) and try to survive in the troubled neighbourhood of a Los Angeles area.
One of the best things about The Shield is its gritty and graphic realism. Many cop shows claim to be this, but The Shield is the only one I have seen that can really live up to the statement. The creator Shawn Ryan manages to do this through the infamous strike team led by Detective Vic Mackey. Him and his team of detectives push the boundaries of legal police work and are often on the edge of becoming the very people they seek to put behind bars.
If you enjoyed the inventive and original plots of season one then you will not be disappointed by season two. The episodes can be watched over and over again and they never become mundane or boring. If you have never seen The Shield before then you really should watch the first season. After that I know you'll want to buy this straight away.
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on 26 December 2004
The Shield is one of them rare gems that has gone virtually un-noticed among the populus but the stories of the Farmington division of the LAPD, and in particular those of the Strike Team: Vic, Shane, Ronnie and Lem are compulsive viewing for anyone who has ever wanted to watch what it would probably be like to ride with the police of LA. The Strike Team is where the corruption lies but these are basically good cops who decide to bend (and sometimes break) the law in order to see that justice prevails. On the side these 4 cops also endeavour to finance their 'retirement fund' by collecting rent from drug-dealers for working on their turf, pocketing in-pounded drugs from raids and stealing the Armenian mobs drug money. Season 1 was mind blowing but season 2 just picks up the frenetic batton and sprints for season 3 which I do hope is as compulsive as the previous two. Nothing I have ever seen matches this in the way of entertainment and reality. The soundtrack is amazing also; using all styles of music ranging from hip hop to rock. Buy this and the only regret you'll have is when the last episode ends and you'll have to wait until the next one becomes available.
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VINE VOICEon 27 August 2006
After watching the immensely powerful first series of the Shield I was interested to see if series 2 could continue at the same pace. If anything, it actually intensifies everything that was good about series 1.

The main plot of series 2 is that Vic and his team learn about a huge money laundering operation run by the Armenian mob that passes through Los Angeles several times a year. The next money train is due in a few weeks so the Strike Team decide to rob it. Vic's boys are walking closer to the edge than ever before and the audacious robbery will make dangerous enemies of the Armenians, the FBI and Vics own colleagues. If that isn't enough to worry about there is a civilian auditor making herself at home in the barn, determined to uncover corrupt police officers. Captain Aceveda is still gunning for the Strike team over the fatal shooting of a cop and Vic's autistic kids need money for therapy. As always, each episode deals with several gruesome crimes besides the main sub-plot and we see gangland shootings, drugs, rapes and kidnappings ably investigated by Dutch and Claudette (the excellent CCH Pounder).
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on 6 August 2004
I have not been following this on channel 5 simply because i prefer to watch stuff like this in my own time (all at once) it'd be agony waiting a week to see the next episode if i were following it on television. I literally watched it in two 5+ hour sittings. The shield season 2 is easily better than the first. it's got the cliffhanger feeling to it which '24' brings as well as the comedy,drama of The sopranos(The best television show on television in my opinion). just buy it!!!!
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on 24 March 2017
hated it.
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VINE VOICEon 13 June 2007
Although 'The Shield's first season was a benchmark in TV history, the second season improves on it with a much more confidence. Last time, we saw Vic and the Strike Team getting into all sorts of scrapes but this time they've got a plan... to rob the Armenian mob!

After inadvertantly placing his family in danger in season one, Vic is now living alone and has hired a PI to track down his wife and kids. With his marriage ending and his autistic kids needing treatment, Vic is in dire need of money and it's going to take more than skimming off the top to do it. Here, in episode one, the writer's have already started to build the motivation for what will eventually take place but more on that later.

There's a new criminal in town named Armadillo, a real villain who likes to torch his competition alive and abuse young girls. Meanwhile, Aceveda and Vic form an "alliance" which Claudette is less than happy with when it intrudes on her work. Danny finds her life turned upside down when she shoots an Arab man and Julian fails to support her. This season shows a lot more structure to it compared to the more episodic first season and the conclusion is brilliant.

When the Strike Team stumble upon an Armenian laundering operation, Mackey decides to 'let it go' and come up with a plan to rip it off. This is the crux of the season and will even shape the events of future seasons. The team are about to get dirtier than ever and despite Vic's justification of how the Armenian's make their money, we all know that sooner or later it will come back on them, a feeling felt in the season finale.

What's interesting about this particular season and most controversial, is the episode 'Co-Pilot'. Essentially a second pilot episode and a prequel to the series, he are introduced to the first day at the Barn. We see the characters meet for the first time and how the Strike Team got into their crooked ways. Although it breaks up the season and feels randomly placed, its a fascinating watch and just adds to the richness of the season.

Season one set the backdrop, now season two builds on it with great aplomb.
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on 22 July 2004
As I said, the best show in the long history of television. Series one started very well and went into overdrive as the series climaxed. Season two starts just as series one left off and then takes the show to another level at the end. Daring, bold storylines which few would be brave enough to write let alone film, truly great, extraordinarily convincing acting and a fantastic script week after week; it's the most consistently great show I've ever seen.
The show follows the daily lives of a group of Los Angeles police officers, bending the rules to stay on top in a crime ridden ghetto hell hole whilst covering their own backs from the police bosses, city official's and fellow officer's. Most television shows are predictable and avoid controversy, The Shield manages to shock and surprise in equal measure.
Admittedly it's not to all tastes, it contains strong violence and very, very adult themes but it isn't made to grab tabloid headlines, it holds back when necessary and most of the seedy behaviour is implied rather than graphically shown.
Each episode is better than most films. Think Reservoir Dogs with rabies thirteen times over. Truly unmissable and certain to be a classic for decades.
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on 15 June 2008
The Shield is a series of the highest-order. I could use this review to compare Season 2 to Season 1 (or those that come later), but whatever their individual strengths or weaknesses, they are all great. The acting in the Shield, especially Chiklis, is phenomenal, and the plotlines are all hard-hitting. I especially appreciate how nearly every main cast member gets their own plot arc which runs throughout the season, all tying up in the thrilling finale.

Specifically, this season deals with the crafty gang leader Armadillo who puts a hit out on Mackey and his strike team; Vic trying to keep his family from spiralling further apart; Dutch's dealing with his shortcomings as a detective; Julian's struggle against his homosexual nature; Captain Aceveda's compromising with Mackey's questionable methods in his pursuit of political success; Danny's being targeted by a civilian with a grudge; and, finally, the strike team's plot to rob the Armenian mob.

If you read the above list, which is not comprehensive, you'll realize that this season does a lot (especially given that it only runs 13 episodes long). Most television shows take much more time to achieve much less. This show does all of that with power, reality, emotion and offers three or four compelling crime-drama plotlines for all of its individual episodes, besides. Also, I should specifically mention that there is a "prequel" episode included, which takes place before the pilot episode. Pure brilliance.

The Shield is one of the best shows television has to offer. Its Second Season, however it might relate to the others, is a quality part of the series.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 28 October 2012
The Shield's second season starts where the series left off - tension is high both inside and outside of the station with Farmington still reeling from riots and Vic and his crew are still cracking skulls.

Some of the episodes are a little weaker than the first seasons, but the majority are still strong and all are enjoyable. This season also benefits from a compelling story arc, when The Strike Force stumble across the Armenian mafia's money stash and decide to rob it - making for a cliff hanger that will have you chomping at the bit to start season 3.

As if staying one step ahead of those that would put a stop to his 'extra- curricular' activities, Vic's home life also ads to his problems. With pressure at home growing, trouble on the street and past problems starting resurface, the criminals aren't the only one's feeling the heat in Farmington.

The second season isn't without its flaws (for starters Vic seems to grow a conscience, which doesn't seem to sit quite right considering what went on in season 1), but with gritty yet very enjoyable story lines plus great camera work and direction which puts you in the heart of the action, The Shield makes for compelling viewing.
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