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The Van Ness litter tray is a good litter tray at a very reasonable price. It is easy to use and clean and I'm very happy with it. It's a good size, the cats like it and I think it's a pretty good litter tray over all. Nothing flashy, but it does its job well.

I like the fact that the bottom tray is very deep, which means I can fill it with plenty of litter (important if your cats a scrabbler or digger).

Also, because its so deep, the high sides mean there's no mishaps with urine hitting the hood and trickling down and out of the box (I understand this is a problem for some cat owners). Any stray urine hits the sides of the bottom tray and runs straight into the litter.

The filters are bit annoying sometimes, as every now and then my cats decide to claw at them and they're tricky to get back in place, but that's a minor niggle: Van Ness Replacement Filter F6

Also the front flap/door comes off a little too easily perhaps. The cats have never knocked it off - but I constantly do when I'm cleaning the unit out. However, again, it's a minor frustration that takes about 2 seconds to put right as it just clicks back into place..

A handle on top means the litter tray is easy to manoeuvre about and I find the unit very easy to wash and keep clean. There are 4 slips which keep the hood firmly in place - and I also use these to clip the litter liners in place too.

Just in case: It stands to reason, if you're looking at litter trays, you might also be looking for cat litter - if so I can thoroughly recommend this stuff: Cat Litter Cats Best Okoplus Clumping 15kg is an organic/natural biodegradable clumping litter that can be flushed down the toilet, and is safe for you, your cats and the environment.
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on 20 July 2012
I owned the Large version of this litter box when an open box proved to be no good, but still my two cats' pee continued to dribble through the join between the two halves of the box. As you'll guess they stand up when they pee. Pee all over the floor and on my hands every night when I cleaned the box!

I saw this "Extra Giant" version, read the reviews and thought, "How marvelous, end of problem." The box arrived well within time and I set it up. I was a bit taken aback because I could not see by eye any difference between this "extra giant" and the large size I already had. Getting out the tape measure it did prove to be around a half inch bigger in height and length.

Cats jumped in no problem and certainly one week later the incidence of dribbles is reduced. It's not stopped though. I find it difficult to imagine how the pee gets through because the lower box slots into a channel in the upper part and the catches on the box pull the two halves together. In theory pee should just run down the inside of the box and there should be no leakage. I can only think that jets of urine are forcing their way though when they hose directly on the join. Our cats are craftier than we realise.

Our cats are very small creatures, standing 10.5 inches at the base of the tail. The lower tray is only 8.5 inches high at the rim so clearly any female cat above a few months old will be able to hit the join if they stand up while peeing. Perhaps the answer will be to apply a bead of silicon around the rim to try for a watertight join and I might try this. Maybe Vann Ness will one day produce a box with a rubber or silicon sealing ring around the rim.

The boxes are a bit flimsy as others say but we had the old one for over two years and it never suffered any harm even when moved full of litter so don't anticipate any problems there.

So it's a bit better than previous boxes but the problem is still there so I can only award three stars because it doesn't do what it needs to do.

(Having now lived with the box for some months I'm happy to say it leaks a lot less than the previous one we had, so I'm happy to upgrade the rating from three to four stars).
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on 26 May 2017
This one we have in our ensuite, the high sides are great for keeping litter and everything contained. It's in the ensuite as the blue is not so easy on the eye in a living space.
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on 18 February 2012
I bought this because, frankly, one of my two cats is too fat to fit through the door of the litter tray that they had been using for almost four years.

I spent quite some time, online and in the real world, looking for a replacement with as wide a door as possible and this was the one I ended up choosing.

A major reason for me getting this one is that the door is wider at the bottom than the top. Why other litter trays have a door that's wider at the top, I just don't know - clearly trays such as those aren't designed by people familiar with a cat's shape!

Positive points (other than the wide door):

It's vast! I was worried that my larger cat wouldn't be able to move around inside and would have to reverse out of it but he has no problems and comes out head first.

The carrying handle seems robust. Quite often, litter trays don't seem to be built to be carried around with litter (and whatnot) inside. This handle seems stronger than most.

Negative points:

The plastic of the tray/hood feels very thin and is more flexible than the old tray. While I don't think it's going to break that easily, it's not as solid as the litter tray it has replaced.

The plastic clips holding the lid in place feel like they will break if I'm not careful. The lid has to be fitted 'just so' before the clips will lock and I fear that they may break if I don't get it right.

In conclusion:

I am very pleased with this litter tray. For all my worries about it's (relative) fragility, with careful use it should last a good, long time. Best of all is the value: At much less than £20 (including overnight delivery to my workplace) it was half the price of some other trays I saw (which weren't as big). There may be stronger, more robust litter trays out there but they'll cost you much more money and won't be so big.
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on 5 January 2012
Having five indoor cats, one of which is a Maine Coon and large...I needed a larger cat-litter box mainly for him as he was having trouble fitting in the medium sized one of this model. This was a great price and large and adequate for him :) Very pleased with this and delivery was swift!
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on 4 December 2011
This has stopped my cats from missing the spot. Easy to use. Seems robust enough. Only thing for the manufacturer would be to make the clips not equidistant on both ends. The current set up allows the owner to clip it back to front which looks fine but the cats can get locked in on fail to get in altogether. It would be good to not be able to fit it on wrong way round. Otherwise it is great
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on 13 November 2011
We bought this for our two kittens as they had started to kick all the litter out of their open tray.

The item came with a filter with it when we purchased it and was ready to go out of the box.

Kittens took a couple of shoves to get the hang of the door, as they haven't been through a cat-flap yet, but soon took to the new litter tray. Easy to clean and the filter and door do a good job of keeping the smells subdued.

We looked at lots of other ones, but this represented the best value for money we could find. Recommended.
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on 17 July 2011
bought to replace 15 year old Van Ness litter tray, well made perfect size for all cats, my cat loves it got blue and white version should last another 15 years.
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on 13 September 2011
Excellent product...plastic flimsier than more expensive products but perfectly adequate. Gizmo, a 20wk kitten took to it immediately, no probs with the flap and now no probs with scattered litter. Fast delivery. Would recommend.
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on 5 February 2013
I bought this because our two cats like to do the breast stroke in litter boxes and I got sick of standing on cat litter! It keeps it all in where it should be and also copes quite well if they spray the walls of the box. 9 times out of 10 it will hold the urine in the box and not drip through like the last box I used, but if your cat has this dirty habit of spraying the sides you will find urine will get trapped where the lid joins with the base- mine hums well before the litter needs to be changed. That's not a product fault though. This is the second different litter box of this design I've used and it's the best I've used.
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