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on 27 January 2016
Before I start I had intended to use this on my marine saltwater aquarium, it's a fairly standard fare but is fairly deep cube tank. The glass is 10mm thick. I'm pretty sure most of the cons would not be an issue for a small hobby freshwater aquarium but it's useless for anything more serious. My review is based on my experiences and Marina make no mention of any limitation of this product on larger sized tanks and/or how thick glass this product can work with.

This has to be one of the worst Algae Magnets available. What the picture doesn't show you is that the you have to attach a small cotton string to both magnets as this magnet is really heavy.

The cons:
- On my cube tank the string was not long enough so I could not get the magnet to the bottom 3rd of the glass
- The magnet is not that strong on my 10mm thick glass so for me kept popping off
- The string just gets tangled
- The string gets easily caught and tangled on aquarium equipment like power heads and filters.
- The string looks awful just hanging down when not in use.
- The string ends up wet on both sides leaving marks on the glass you've just cleaned.

Now as you can see most of the cons revolve around the string, the string is required because the magnet is very heavy and when it comes detached from the other side the thing falls like a lead weight to the bottom crashing into your corals or fish and could do serious damage. But even when using the string when it falls it just becomes a pendulum swinging around in the tank bashing into fish and corals so achieves very little.

The pros:
- It's microfiber so probably won't scratch the glass unless sand is caught in the pad.
- Cleaning performance is ok but won't remove anything but the lighted algae.

All in all I'm very disappointed with the product and feel it's limitations should have been pointed about in the product listing. Now it's been used I'm pretty sure I can't send it back.
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on 14 July 2014
A really useful and effective cleaner. It won't clean off stubborn, long term algae very well but is worth running over the glass every few days when you start to see green appear, that wipes off instantly. My danios love chasing it along the glass! Comes with string too so that the magnet inside tank can't fall off and hit anything below. *TIP* - be careful placing in your tank, hold the magnet inside against glass as they really are strong and will smash together otherwise and could crack glass or kill a passing fish squashing it between the glass and magnet
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on 20 December 2013
Purchased to replace an elderly magnet of the same type/name. My original must be 5 years old and was solely used in my Marine aquarium, but had finally fallen apart on the internal pad. Looked in all our usual dealers and on-line for the same magnet which has a good strength to cope with 10mm thick glass and can clean the interior glass, and found this, and thought "great". But, my original had a green scotchbrite type surface on the inner pad which had a great cleaning action and got into any minute cracks and totally cleaned the inside of the glass. This has a blue inner pad which is very smooth, almost as smooth as the outer pad. Being significantly less abrasive, it could not cope with getting into the internal surface scratches and also kept parting from the outer pad and falling into the aquarium if it experianced anything other than the very thinest layer of Algae.
I do not recommend this.
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on 23 January 2018
This algae cleaner is absolutely amazing. Our new fish tank has LED lights and a fair bit of algae had consequently been accumulating on the glass. I'd not had particularly good previous experiences of magnetic cleaners, so was sceptical about this one but was persuaded by the positive reviews. Those reviews are thoroughly well-deserved - the cleaner got rid of all traces of the accumulated algae on our tank in about 30 seconds. It's brilliant!
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on 6 November 2013
A good quality aquarium glass cleaner. I use this occasionally when the glass needs to be kept clean & it works very well without any chance of scratching. I expect that if the glass was heavily soiled, because of the lack of abrasive materials, it may not work so well.

The two pieces are held together by the magnet power & there is a length of thread included to tie them together over the top of the tank, so that if the pieces become detached, the inside piece won't fall onto the substrate. I prefer not to use the thread & am extra careful not to move the magnet too quickly.

A further use is as an egg laying device for certain types of fish so that you can easily remove the eggs from the tank if you don't want to breed.

As a guideline, I use the magnet in a 260 litre tank.
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on 31 May 2013
This one is big enough for my 67 litre tank. Once you attract each half through the glass, twist so that the longer face moves in the direction you want, dragging gently along the glass and thentwist to move again so that the area has been cleaned.
The magnet is quite strong and will feel heavy to move but it seems to do the job. After each panel, depending on how dirty it is, I suggest cleaning the "brush" and continuing. I like the piece of cord that stops you having to insert your arm in the water if you lose the water-based cleaning half, and this can be replaced easily.
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on 20 November 2015
This product is brilliant!! It works really well and its size (small one) is perfect for a smaller tank, I bought it to use in my 10L Fluval Spec. Beautiful sparkling glass now.
The included thread is a good length also.
As expected from Hagen who make in my opinion make some of the best aquariums and after care products.
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on 22 March 2016
DONT BOTHER... used twice and is now a very expensive magnate for other jobs! It doesnt do a great job removing algae... seems to just make a cloud in my tank that the fish avoid and a lot of fiddling about as it doesnt float! It has string on tank side in case you drop it which gets in the way a lot!
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on 8 May 2017
Works well as an algae scrubber, probably one of the best in terms of cleaning but the wet (inside) part of the cleaner doesn't float. Marina's solution to this is a piece of thread tied to both pieces... Poor design only offset how well it works. I'll get my moneys worth but I wouldn't buy it again.
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on 24 January 2017
ive used these for years and wouldnt buy anything else, good quality and you can tie a bit of string to the internal magnet to save you the dreaded arm dunk if ever it gets dislodged!
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