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on 28 June 2005
It's been hailed as the greatest Resident Evil game ever, and even as the greatest survival horror game ever...can these claims possibly be justified? Well, after playing it, I would have to say...yes. All right, maybe it's not better than the first Resident Evil in terms of conceptual perfection...that game will forever hold a special place among horror fans. But in terms of how the sequels and general clones of that series have turned out, I would say this one tops them all.
As the back of the box puts it, forget survival horror, and forget zombies. By the time Resident Evil 4 was on the cards, it's creators must have seen the fun that people playing "Devil May Cry" were having and decided that the RE gamers would enjoy some similar all out action, because RE 4 is a perfect blend of that game and the original Resident Evil elements. So what's different? Well, remember in the first game how scared you were when that first zombie lurched down a corridor towards you, and then in Resident Evil 2, how scared you were when that group of 6 or 7 burst into the gun shop to make a meal out of you...? Well you'll soon be in a whole new world of danger in this game.
Right from the start, you know you are in for something special. Playing as good old Leon Kennedy from RE2, you are dumped outside a small rural community and quickly introduced to it's freaky inhabitants...not zombies but seemingly possessed, homicidal villagers. After encountering two or three on a woodland path, you'll already be thinking "these zombies are a bit too clever for my liking", but just wait, because a mere 20 minutes or so into playing time, the game plays it's first major trump card as you reach the outskirts of a ramshackle village. There's no choice but to enter and getting spotted is unavoidable. What follows is truly breathtaking gameplay, as, from all corners of the environment, crazed figures start emerging, armed with pitchforks, axes and flaming torches, and all heading towards you! Run into a small house, and you get the option of pushing furniture over the doors. Run upstairs and look for escape, only to find that they are lifting ladders up to the windows and climbing in! You can push the ladders down but they only pick them up again...and then, as you start to dash from one window to another to keep them at bay, you hear a crash from downstairs as the blockades break, and before you know it they are inside the house and coming up the stairs. Panicking yet? Wait until you see the one with the sack over his head weilding a huge buzzing chainsaw that can kill you in one hit. It's nothing short of brilliance to pitch you against such an onslaught and see if you can handle it. There are no tricks or rules for beating this scenario, it's purely up to you, so use your wits. Run away, climb up the church tower and pick them off, set fire to them all with grenades, you can try anything you like and the game will probably let you do it. It took me two or three tries to make it through this set-piece alive, and then, I realised I had been having so much fun that I reloaded the game and did it all again a few times more, until Leon was a slick machine causing maximum damage at lowest cost to his own health and ammo. Totally awesome, and yet a sequence like this, that would form a climactic centerpiece of many other games, is merely the opening battle.
So what next? Well, things just carry on in this vein of excellence and the action hardly ever lets up. Getting past the village leads to other rural settings like a farm, a lake, a quarry and a cemetery, amongst other things, and each new environment seems to be teeming with life - all of it trying to end yours! After what seems like hours, you will eventually find yourself in front of an impressive castle, and once inside, the second major playing field of the game begins, where you find yourself roaming vast chambers and battling scores of cowled monk-like enemies who are no less adept at fighting you than the villagers outside. Notice I said the second location - not the last - because after the castle comes still more, as Resident Evil 4 is an absolutely gigantic game. I can't go on to detail all the locations of the game,. as this review would take forever, plus it would also spoil the plot for newcomers too much, but be aware that your adversaries don't get any easier, and certainly no less numerous. You'll soon be facing snipers with crossbows, flaming catapults, and thugs sporting heavy duty gatling guns and cattle prods (yeoowch!), plus the game has subverted the idea of a well-paced head shot gaining you a swift victory - watch in later stages as decapitated villagers stand up again and bear down on you again with tentacles and flailing razor blades sprouting from their bloody neck stump...!
As for graphics, things couldn't be better. Leon looks realistic enough, and the locations are gorgeous, but it's the enemies that really steal the show. The villagers look like real people! Male and female, they all point, snarl and shout at you in Spanish (I think!) as they approach with weapons at the ready. They're no slouches, either, and will also dodge aside if they see you aiming a gun at them for too long. Luckily the weaponry at your disposal is pretty tasty; you'll have the standard handgun, shotgun and magnum of course, but say hello to the the sniper rifle, sub-machine gun and of course the trusty knife, which has finally been awarded a place as a worthy weapon, as you can now lunge and do some pretty severe damage any time if the enemy is close enough. And it is permanently equipped, so you just use a different button for a knife attack, whatever your current weapon. Not to mention that all the weapons can be upgraded and improved by spending money (that you pick up from dead enemies or find by smashing crates) with "merchants" who crop up every so often, usually just before or after an important scene. This is a new aspect for the game, and one that is definitely borrowed from "Devil May Cry". You can even increase your maximum health with rare Yellow Herbs that complement the game's famous staple of Red and Green Herbs for health recovery.
I honestly have to say that I could not believe just how big this game was. Even before the end of disc one, RE4 has crammed in more gameplay than a complete play through of any of it's predecessors would give you. There's hardly anything that it falls short on. Bosses? Plenty of them, and often more than one per chapter. Variety? You'll find lots of diversions here, such as playing sections unarmed as Ashley, who is Leon's companion for some of the time (think Sherrie from RE2), riding vehicles such as mine carts and trucks while enemies throw themselves at you, and escaping near-death scrapes by following "emergency" button prompts on screen (think "Shenmue"). Plus loads I haven't mentioned...oh, just wait for the crane that you control briefly, which picks up enemies and drops down them a chute like you were trying to win a cuddly toy - a real hoot!
I've only got a few tiny niggles, which are firstly that Leon still cannot move while aiming! Sure, the old fixed controls have finally been scrapped for the great new "follow behind" viewpoint, but I played the PS2 game "Cold Fear" before this one - which supposedly mimics this game's fighting controls - and in that one Tom Hansen could aim his gun and still walk...whereas Leon Kennedy becomes rooted to the spot every time he readies his weapon...imagine the fun of being able to step back or strafe while keeping your gun sight trained on an enemy's head. Why not, Capcom? However, kudos to them for scrapping the elements of the previous games that fans did not like, such as item chests that share the same contents wherever you find one, and the typewriter ribbbons needed to enable saves (they are now unlimited - hurrah!).
But one last thing - the final battle has such a huge dose of deja-vu that I though for a minute I was right back at my PS1 all over again...you'll see what I mean.
This review is going on too long, so I'll stop. Last thoughts are - yes it's worth buying, and yes it's the best Resident Evil and/or survival horror game since the PS2 was invented. As a Gamecube owner I'm lucky to be playing it long before it comes out for the PS2 - if you can't wait for that, simply buy a Gamecube. I'm surprised if any true RE fans haven't got one already, as they would also be missing out on the excellent original remake and RE Zero as well...but the console is worth owning for this game alone. A true 10 out of 10.
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2005
In the World of gaming some games will be remebered as all-time classics. Tomb Raider, Perfect Dark, Halo etc. Resident Evil 4 is one of those games. Basically it's unmissable. Resident Evil was a franchise which was ultimatly becoming dull, repetitive and boring. But the team at Capcom decided to freshen thing up a bit with brilliant results. No longer set in Racoon City you are Leon Kennedy a rookie cop out to save the U.S President's daughter Ashley. Leon is a likeable character and you will enjoy playing as him some people would compare him to say Dante from the Devil May Cry series. There are a lot of different characters in the story ranging from wierd. A small man with a pirate hat?! To a man with a agenda. Sadler the evil leader of the Los Illuminianos. Basically when you get to the Island all is not as it seems men and women run to you hurtling axes and knifes your way. These are part of the Los Illuminanos. The people of the island were expermented on and had parisites injected into them. Eventually the parasite takes over and controls the body. Lovely, eh? The boss fights are memorable like Metal Gear Solid's. The boss battle's are great and satisfying to beat without ever being soul-crushingly hard. The over the shoulder view of Leon is something new and inventive for a third person action adventure and it works really well. I've always hated previous third person action adventure games because of the garbage views and this makes up for it in some style.

The game looks stunning and is one of the best looking games around from the somke from your gun to the scenery. The Story is good and upon completion you will unlock two new game modes. A game with Ava and a Mercenaries game wher you have to shoot as much goons as you can for points in a time limit setting. Both modes are fun and offer replay value. You will encouter many enemies on your quest including a man withn a sandbag over his head weiding a chainsaw like the madman he is. This can result in a gruesome instant death. You also come across village-folk. Guys with rail guns, and many more. The weapons are no dissapointment either with handguns, shotguns, rocket launchers and my personal favourite the broken butterfly. You can also go to a trader and upgrade your weapons or buy new ones a nice feature. However it is painfully difficult to find ammo for the cool weapons so you'll have to use your ammo sparsly. The story mode will take 15-20 hours to complete and has varying difficulty settings as I mentioned earlier the game has good replay value. The structure is good with the game being challenging without ever being unfair after hard bits you can normally find a typewriter to save at they pop up fairly frequently.
+ Smooth textures and it looks stunning
+ Music to keep you on your edge. Also the music goes all nice when your close to a savepoint
- Hammy Capcom voice acting
+ The over the shoulder view is great and one of the best things in games in years
- The camera view may not be for everyone
+ Gripping story
- 15+ hours which may be too short for some

All in all Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games you'll find this generation. You'll enjoy every second of your 15+ hours with it. Even if you don't have a Gamecube this is worth buying one for. This is the MVP of the Gamecube and it's damn good. 10/10. Thankyou for reading.
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2006
This is easily the best Resident Evil game, the best game of last year, the best game on the Nintendo Gamecube and the best game I have played on a 128bit console. Players new to the series will enjoy it just as much as long time fans. The graphics and control are better on the cube version even if the PS2 release has a few hidden extras that this lacks.

The best aspect of this game is long term value. You will want to play it through several times as you unlock each of the extra weapons, and the bonus game is the best arcade blaster in years and will keep yopu playing for months. buy it!
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on 25 February 2006
Critically acclaimed, Resident Evil 4 throws you back in the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 2, and into a village in Europe where a hostage is being held and your oders are to rescue her.
If only it was that simple!
The threats you encounter are radically different to previous installments (No zombies!), but are just as deadly, perhaps even more so. Thankfully you can aim at critical parts of the human body with the revised camera system (Fully 3D, not set angles as it is behind the back) as well as a new inventory system (More proportional). These changes are part of why this game is so much better than the other games.
Now onto the main points:
GRAPHICS - Excellent, without a doubt. Every detail can be felt.
GAMEPLAY - Better than ever before, thanks to the revised changes the game's intensity is super-cool as you fight psychos of many different kinds. Although the pace of action is very similar to a previous build of the game which turned into Devil May Cry. The weapons are given a new sense of variety, with grenades and sniper rifles in the mix as well as the classics!Also, you can execute certain moves against your foes if you stun them, and the knife combat is better realised than ever (It can actually save your life).
LIFESPAN - The main game is very long, Code Veronica sort of length to be precise, but it may not feel that way since the pace is quickened and you are too busy enjoying yourself to notice your progress. If that is not enough there is an extra difficulty level which pushes you to the limit, and extra modes. The extra modes are called 'Assignment Ada', where you play as the Resi 2 assassin, and 'Mercenaries' which pits you against neverending hordes of foes and you build up points, this is so in depth as you can play as a maximum of 5 characters, each with different weapons, theme music, and strategy (As well as some awesome moves!).
VERDICT - As I said before, one of the best games ever. Intense, fun , long. The formula for gaming's very own Frankenstien's monster. 5/5.
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on 17 March 2006
This game is amazing in its ambition. The graphics alone are the best seen on Gamecube. Although it may not be the longest game in the world, every moment is packed with quality, from the first encounter with an enemy to the final boss.
The plot is relatively simple, at least to begin with. The president's daughter has been kidnapped, and was last seen in a rural spanish village. You do not have to get far into the game before the plot twists dramatically, almost every cut scene thickening the plot.
The controls take some getting used to, but after twenty minutes or so of playing time, one should have them more or less mastered.
this game is unique in many ways, the most innovative of which being the way that although you choose a difficulty level at the beginning, this alters during the game depending on how well one is doing. the game is also unique in the quality of the graphics, it is honestly hard to see how they could be improved.
There are no zombies in this game; instead your new enemies are the villagers, turned psycotic by a parasite inside them. they have much higher A.I. and carry fiercesome weapons, chainsaws being a good example. The bosses never fail to be huge and very deadly. be prepared for high levels of gore, as one boss' attack rips your character in two.
In conclusion, this is just about the best game I have ever played, and any one who loves playing video games should at least give it a go, but this game is definately not suitable for younger gamers or the squeamish.
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on 2 June 2005
I'll admit, I have had no other Resi game before this. Hopefully this means I'll give a slightly different viewpoint on the game:
I got this game later than most people, a couple months after release, and I'm VERY glad I bought it. That could be the end of my review...but it's not.
I won't pretend to know a whole lot about the Resi storyline, but in 4 basically Leon, who you play, is sent to rescue the president's daughter, Ashley. Easy enough. Except Ashley, sweet girl that she is, managed to get kidnapped by a nasty group of insane villager people somewhere in Spain. Well done there Ashley!
You're launched into a world that looks VERY realistic. Probably the most realistic on the Cube (around level with MP1/2 and the Rogue Squadron games). The sound is just great, and makes the environment seem very real. I just wish I had a proper surround sound kit set up. The voices are also done exceptionally, and soon you'll realise Leon is the man.
While the gameplay may seem difficult at first, soon you'll get used to running, taking aim and blasting a goon's face off. And, you'll enjoy it, after they've been stabbing you and chucking axes in your direction. Action buttons may seem tacky (press A to run!) but actually work very well in a sort of half cutscene kind of way.
Ok, so this is meant to be scary. Well, call me mutated from playing loads of games, but I didn't think was the scary-fest I expected. Instead, I found a clever, gritty shoot 'em up. While the gameplay is pretty linear, you won't care. Everything is so spot on, Capcom deserve a medal. The game is around 20 hours long, giving you a lot of life. Bosses spice things up every now and then, as well as a horde of villagers running at you screaming," Ablakayah!" Spanish...
It doesnt scare me silly, but makes me feel tense. Great game, and an excellent addition to the GameCube shelf. With games like this, Eternal Darkness and Metroid Prime 1 and 2 to name a few, who says the GameCube is kiddy?
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on 23 March 2007
Resident Evil 4 throws away everything that was inferior about the previous Resident Evil titles and builds new, better ideas from scratch. No more pre-rendered backgrounds, no more loading times covered by opening doors, and no more unclear targeting of enemies, just when you need a clear, accurate shot.

In Resident Evil 4 you play Leon, saving "the president's daughter" Ashley from a bizarre European location that, judging by the village you start in, may as well be 17th century Spain. However, the opening village is just the beginning - you move through a castle, an island, and the disturbing research labs that are in every single Resident Evil title.

The enemies are smarter, wielding melee weapons such as pitchforks and scythes, and later on there are enemies with miniguns and dynamite as you progress through a military base. The best change for this instalment of the series though is the focus on set pieces. Early on, there is a great section where Leon is under siege in a house in the village and barricades the doors against enemies trying to get in, including one particularly disturbing one with a chainsaw. Later on the set pieces continue, with sections involving cannons, lava pits, gates and cannisters of liquid nitrogen.

The game is packed with extra features too, a "Mercenaries" mode is unlocked upon completion of the game, which sets a time limit and requires the player (as a range of characters, not just Leon any more) to kill as many enemies as possible. It's an addictive and arcade-style mode which gives a reason to keep playing after having seen the main game.

This Gamecube version was the first to come out and has shorter loading times than the PS2 one as well as, in my opinion, a better-suited control system.

I genuinely think Resident Evil 4 is the best game of its generation overall, because it had better graphics than anything before it, offered a huge amount to do without dragging the main story too much and it refined the Resident Evil gameplay into something much more playable and precise than before.

Well worth playing.
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on 21 February 2007
Well, I was a tinsy bit sceptical at all the 5-star reviews, and (frankly) I struggled a wee bit with 'Resident Evil' (it breaks up the game play by being too laggy going through all those damn doors) however I took the plunge with RE4.

I only got the game a few days ago, so initial reaction... RE4 is a damn fine game - worthy of a place any collection.

It's open and fluid, drawing you in quickly but smoothly - there's more shooty-shooty action than in RE, but the controls are a delight and you're soon winging the zomboys and zombettes to make them drop their weapons then slicing and dicing them with your combat knife... oh joy!

The puzzles are just frequent and 'difficult' enough to keep you wanting 'just one more' - perfect. There's just enough ammo and health about to keep you worried but (largely) alive. The graphics and atmospherics are spot-on - going back through a village at night in the pouring rain is an experience - and the game has a good draw-distance too. The saving ribbon's gone (hurrah!), the game also autosaves, and the 'wait whilst door opens' pauses are far (far far) fewer and so subjectively faster - and now don't intrude into the gameplay at all.

Minor niggles? Well the over-the-shoulder view isn't quite flexible enough (eg it's easy to walk into a man-trap that you just didn't/couldn't see, it's tough to see zombies climbing up ladders), and the view could do with having a zoom, esp wider-angle for man-traps... The graphics are a tad grainy, and there's (seemingly) no option to quieten down the mood music, whilst keeping the Fx's high. Oh, and you may spend so long playing the game your 'significant other' may develop a sharpish tongue...

But ignore all that - just buy the game - if you even vaguely liked RE or like FPS's in general, you'll love this.

There's a lot of game-playing in RE4 - I've played this for 12 hours game-time and am not on the second disc - and I still love it. Or does that just give some idea of my gaming 'prowess'...

Ho-hum, back to RE4... get clicking you happy-shooters!!!
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on 4 July 2005
I'm a PS2 owner. When I saw Star Wars Rogue Leader for the GameCube I was dying to get one but couldn't justify spending 170 pounds for the console and just the one game. A couple of weeks ago I bought a preowned one and Rogue Leader, and loved it. Last week I casually walked into the computer games store and asked what the best game was on the GameCube, and was told it was Resident Evil 4.
Being a veteran of the original on the PS One and knowing how good that was I made the purchase. I haven't been able to stop playing it. This game is THE GREATEST game I've ever played on a home console. I won't go into the storyline because you'll have read other reviews on that. All I will say is that the graphics, sound, gameplay, difficulty and playability are all close to perfect...
The action scenes are tense, the villains move so realistically when you shoot them. The backdrops are so gorgeous, and you'll want to keep playing. Unlike the other RE games this one is not so much based on puzzle solving, it's just straight up Action Survival Horror.
And it IS disturbing. Some of the chanting you hear from the villains in the castle section will creep you out. Try playing late at night alone when no - one else is in or everyone else is asleep. You will know what I mean. I can't remember being this hooked into a game before. In fact I can't write anymore, I have to go and play now!
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I have always been a big fan of Resident Evil games, way back when they forst appeared on the PS. I even purchased the series when it first appeared on the Gamecube. I have read the reviews of this game and even seen the video reviws, so I had to get it and ordered it last month. It arrived last week and there is only one word for it ... AWESOME! What a game.
So different from previous RE games, but still keeps the suspense.
Whats different?
The first thing you see is that the camera is not fixed in the corner, it follows behind your shoulder. You get closer to the action and makes a better atmosphere.
When aiming your weapon, a red laser sight appears so you can see where you are aiming, and boy is it needed at times.
You have a carry case, so you can carry more items. I am currently carrying 4 guns, first aid spays, ammo etc.
The graphics are better in leaps and bounds, very creepy at times.
The slow zombies are gone and you have more villagers. They attack you with knives, chainsaws, torches and also throw weapons at you and dynamite. The AI of the villagers is spot on. Fire a gun, they hear the shot and come after you. They climb ladders to get you, you knock the ladders down, they pick them up and start climbing again. They break down doors and windows and at times you have several attacking you from multiple directions.
The enemy leaves traps, trip wires etc.
There are merchants dotted throughout the map where you can purchase new weapons and equipment, tune up current weapons or sell collected treasures for cash.
When you save, no ink ribbons are needed. Just save the game at the typewriter.
If you have a cube, get this game. Since having it I have played it constantly. Much better enjoyment than Zelda, Mario and Pikmin.
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