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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Price:£6.52+ £2.03 shipping

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on 12 September 2014
So annoyed! Was sent instead of zoo tycoon 2, the expansion pack for extinct animals! Can you get more organised please! I just paid £9.92 (+£2.03) for an expansion pack! Ridiculous!
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on 31 May 2005
I was a big a fan of the first version of Zoo Tycoon, and had only high expectations for Zoo Tycoon 2. This game is a big step forward from the previous version, but it's definitely successful.
The graphics are quite good and make the game seem more realistic. There are plenty of animals, along with many scenery items and objects to place in your zoo. The interaction between the animals reflects how they'd react in real life. Also, the customers pay much more attention to the animals in their exhibits.
The best part of the game is creating animal exhibits. No exhibit ever looks the same, so there is lots of variation. There are lots of different plants and objects to place in the exhibits, and its great when the animals interact with their own exhibits to let you know how good you've made it.
There are several different modes, providing hours of gameplay. There are small glitches in the game, but they are very minor.
This is a very good game and I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who liked the first Zoo Tycoon.
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on 24 August 2005
Having played sim games since the original Populous, I discovered Zoo Tycoon 1 as a playable game, with nice touches. I found Zoo Tycoon 2 on sale for a fiver, nothing to lose. It turned out to be the best sim game I've ever played (better even than The Sims 2).
I haven't played RC3 fully yet, and that looks *as* good, but the playability of Zoo Tycoon 2 is spot on. The Keeper mode allowed you to explore your zoo, see into the eyes of the guests, and keep your animals clean. This is the best bit, the layout and setting up of cages for the animals is easy, it basically tells you what to lay, so not as finicky as Zoo Tycoon 1.
Keeping the guests happy is relatively easy too, and the way extra items come along as your zoo gains star ratings is great too. I haven't even played the sandbox unlimited cash mode yet, the challenges are enough fun!. The only bad points - it's pretty easy, and it's fairly slow. Well, the second point you'd expect because it's a sim, and the first - well, I'd complain more if it was too hard.
This game has a great 'feel good' factor, when you've created your zoo and everything's working well. The graphics are great, first person mode is fantastic. All in all one of the best games I've ever played, with appeal for all ages and sexes. This is definately one that slipped under the mainstream radar as an all time classic.
Expansion pack out soon with more challenges and creatures. Let's hope they've shot the person who suggested 'dinosaurs' eh?
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on 10 January 2008
I loved zoo tycoon one, everything from building the exibits to trying to turn a profit and win rewards.
The only real problem with the second, is that the exibits are too easy to build, and require no thought other than where and what size. Also, there are fewer guest buildings, (literally two) which are small, and really arent worth including in a zoo. The number of annimals is not much greater than that of ZT1.
One good side of the game is the guest mode where you go into your park pick up litter, clean exibits etc. Also the blatantly sponsered safari ride. All in all its a good game, but if you played the first, you will probably be dissapointed in the drastically changing style. If you are new to zoo tycoon, get this one, its easier and more upto date
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on 9 April 2006
This game is amazing and I love it. It's nothing like Zoo Tycoon 1 because in this one you can go down, be a zoo keeper and help out. I am nine and I love the game!

if you buy this then it will be worth the money. You can also buy lots more extension packs which make it even more fun.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 August 2007
This is one of the best strategy games around. For anyone who enjoyed the original, this sequel is a worthwhile investment. There are many new animals and features available, and the 'guest/zookeeper' mode is quite fun and lets you go in and sort things out yourself if needed, as well as adding another aspect to gameplay.

There are several different modes of play. 'Freeform' offers unlimited money and resources; don't start with this one, as you'll not appreciate it properly! 'Campaign' play is the best form to start off with as it involves directed scenarios with specific goals, enabling you to learn each aspect of zoo management as you go. 'Challenge' play is less directed than campaign play but still with limited resources and finances - various challenges are presented as you play.

This game is non violent and has real educational value (though in an unobtrusive way that doesn't spoil the fun). It would be fine for children to play, and would probably benefit their knowledge of wildlife and their ability to think strategically.

In comparison to the original Zoo Tycoon, the graphics are much better. Habit design is also vastly improved - gone is the frustrating and time consuming method of trying to work out exactly how many plants per square is required to keep each species happy - instead there is a 'biome brush' whereby you just select the right habitat type and wave your mouse over the area. Trees, rocks and plants can be added freely.

A real strength of the game is the animal behaviour. The game designers have clearly put in a lot of effort finding out how real amimals behave and react. Therefore it can be quite interesting just observing the animals, and it makes play more realistic (and more challenging!)

Those who love action games with shooting and adventure probably won't enjoy this game. But if you enjoy games such as Theme Park World, Theme Hospital, or the Sims, it's a good bet you'll like this one too.

Overall a very good game - just be warned that it is addictive - and that it brings out the control freak in you!
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on 27 November 2004
Picked this up yesterday and it's just one of those games you play with a big stupid grin on your face.
If you liked the first Zoo Tycoon this is a must buy. No stress, just pure fun. I have spent far too much time just wandering about looking at the zoo I made and feeding and cleaning out the animals.
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on 8 December 2007
No other zoo game can beat zoo tycoon! you might find this a bit boring on its own but its better with all the expansion packs, when youve built your zoo you can take care of all the animals and be a zookeeper and go in with all the animals! it can be a bit annoying at times when the animals complain they have a smelly exhibit and it takes ages to make them all happy, but dont
let that stop you buying it because you can get zoo keepers to do all the work!
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on 10 January 2005
I am a huge Zoo Tycoon fan, so clearly I bought ZT2 as soon as it hit the shops. I've been playing it now for a few weeks.
Initial impressions are good, it's very "pretty" compared to ZT1, the 3D views are very fluid - although you will need a good PC to get it to run fast enough. You will spend the first few hours just messing and admiring, then comes the actual game play.
ZC2 is quite different with regards to game play, in my opinion the new biome brush detracts from the challenge of creating interesting habitats for your animals. There is no longer a suitability rating. Instead of this you now have to feed your animals and keep them happy with animal toys, which is a nice touch.
There is also a new challenge of Zoo Ratings, in order to unlock all the items you must improve your Zoo rating by owning more animals, more species, having happy guests etc... This is good, but after a few games it does become annoying always starting with the same animals.
The new game also allows you to replace fences with moats and cliffs, this is a good way to save money whilst building your enclosures and also gives the zoo a more natural feel which is nice.
All in all it's a great game, however I do think game play has suffered slightly to give way to the superior graphics. If you love Zoo Tycoon, you'll like Zoo Tycoon 2.
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on 26 October 2005
When i first new about zoo tycoon 2 was out I had to get it so when my Auntie asked what I wanted for Christmas I said
At first I found the game boring a bit because there wasn't many animals (I wasn't really thinking about expansions)but after a while i really got in to it I was breeding all sorts of animals like zebras,elephants,rhinos etc but I didn't really let in the guest's at first I was just getting used to the game.I love the new habitat control's I just loved making waterfalls (I thought that was really cool)and I liked all the new differant terrains like shrub,wetland and a few others and it was better that it told you what to give or do with the animals.
so I thought it was a really great game.
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