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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2006
When I got this game I was amazed at the graphics and gameplay. The story starts off with Cryptosporidium 137, who is a furon being which is a type of alien. This is who you play in the game, the little grey/blue thing with a big head. Crypto 137 has been sent down to earth by Orthopox (your leader in the game) and your mission is TO DESTROY ALL HUMANS AND TAKEOVER THE WORLD!!!!!!

But this game is not like Dr. Who in any way. But because you are an alien being you think that America is the only state in the world, and you destroy all humans and their government. You can also turn into a human by inpersonating them. The humans are completely fooled. You can also cortex scan, which is when you scan the thoughts of humans. This is really funny because it is set in the 1950s and they think about Elvis and colur TV screens which they say will never catch on.

Then you get to impersonate the President of America and try to explain how cars have been flying around the place, cows started glowing, spaceships sightings. I love Crypto's sense of humor. Like every time someone says 'Little green men!!!' he says ' I am not green people!'. This is hilarious. And he likes to vapourize the plant as well. You can pick things up, like cars people and cows and signs. And you can burn buildings to the ground. There are many ways of killing a human you can, drop things on them, pick up their car when they are trying to get out, vapourize them, burn them, drop them in the water.

I also love the characters in this game:



Police men



So far it is the best game around please buy now!!
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on 27 January 2007
Whether you're devastating towns with your flying saucer or extracting human DNA, Destroy All Humans has everything you need when it comes to invading Earth. You play as the short but temperamental alien called Crypto 137, sent to Earth to discover what happened to his predecessor (Crypto 136) and to collect brain DNA in order to keep his species- the Furons- alive.

In order to cause as much damage as possible, at Crypto's disposal are several alien weapons that are exciting to use. These include the electrifying Zap-O-Matic, the pain-inducing Anal Probe, the vaporising Disintegrator Ray and the highly explosive Ion Detonator, which is like a grenade launcher that can be detonated remotely to great effect. Throughout the game you can earn upgrades for each weapon, which can vary from greater ammo capacity to increased damage. All these weapons are original and necessary for invasion! However, if you're finding yourself a little outgunned, you can always retreat to your saucer and wreak havoc from the skies. Your ship comes equipped with 4 weapons, which may not sound a lot- until you see the damage they cause. The Death Ray is your main weapon, which as the name suggests, emits a deadly beam that burns and destroys objects, though you will need to charge between shots. The Abducto Beam is the least exciting feature, and this simply raises selected objects from the ground allowing you, for example, to dispose of a tank by dropping it into a lake. The Sonic Boom and Quantum Deconstructor are your most powerful weaponry and these cause devastating damage but ammunition is limited. Your saucer weapons can also be upgraded as you progress through the story missions of the game.

Concerning the missions, these take place over several locations in 1950s America- from the suburban Santa Modesta to bustling Capitol City, these places are reasonably large and interesting to explore. Scattered throughout the locations in the game, there are several probes to collect and this, as well as a variety of side missions, will keep you occupied even after you have completed the story. There are different foes within the game and these include the local police, the army, and the mysterious 'Majestic' agents as well as more.

Overall this game may be a little slow to start (with a limited amount of weapons and mind powers), but once you progress and game gets much more exciting and addictive.
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VINE VOICEon 11 February 2007
This is a game that twists the normal plot of a bad 1950's B movie on it's hand and lets you play the role of the invading aliens.

Right from the start you get some exciting powers and weaponry to play with; all of them quite amusing to watch and play with.The anal probe is hilarious to use.Scanning people's thoughts is quite funny too - and the game developers are really poking fun at the American way of life at the start of the Cold War.You also get to use psychokinesis and this can be used to pick up livestock, humans and cars and throw them around.You can also posess livestock and humans - making a cow dance is extremely funny.

You also get to suck out peoples brains - in the pursuit of DNA for purchasable upgrades as the game progresses.The zapomatic is a nice old-style 'ray-gun' and the Ion Detonator is the equivalent of a grenade that gives you the opportunity for wholesale damage.

You also get to fly around in your UFO, using your Death Ray and Abductor, plus a few more as the game progresses.

All of your weapons on foot, and in your UFO are upgradeable and the extra firepower you gain will definitely help in some of the later missions.

As for the missions - they are fairly simple and enjoyable.My favourite was the mission involving protecting a Television Station.You get lots of ammo to destroy soldiers, tanks and robots.You can use the hologuise to imitate a human and walk amongst them without scaring them to death, or alerting the authorities.

The jet pack Crypto 136 uses is fun too - reaching strategically safe points, or areas where there is ammunition and hidden goodies.Crypto is fairly weak so you have to be quite tactical in your pursuit of completing the missions.

All in all i like this game a lot but there are a few down sides to it - not many though!

The worst thing is the camera - i find it such a hinderance to play with.It isn't appalling; just glitchy enough to be a pain at times.

Also, the missions get a little bit samey, and aren't too difficult even when you get closer to the end of the game.

However, it has a lot going for it. It is fun!!And far too many games these days take themselves too seriously.This is entertainment, not high-brow gaming.There are also enough reasons to try and complete the entire game - a few hidden extras lurk in the game.The voice acting is hilarious, and the plot is funny.

The game is now cheap and for the sort of money it is selling for you really can't go wrong at the price!

Buy it!And prepare to play the sequel......................
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on 25 July 2005
In this game you're not fighting evil alien hoards to save all of mankind. Rather you are one of the evil hoards who literally want to suck out the brains of all mankind!
This is a great game there is a lot of humour and the game play is excellent, by taking the rather original viewpoint of an alien you get to abduct innocent human females, fight metal robots and generally cause mayhem in your flying saucer.
While these are all good points the side missions are all very repetitive and quickly become dull, but this doesn't really detract from the overall experience. This is defiantly one to try. The mix of humour and outright daft missions is a great combo.
Ever felt sorry for the little green men you've sent to a better place in other games? If so this is your chance to even the score!
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on 27 July 2005
First of all, the graphics on this game are pretty good with decent lighting effects, but lacking in the cutscenes. The background music is good also, enhacing the old "B-movie" idea (that the game is based upon) with strange but suitable noises.
This game is set in the 1950s America when they were worried of being invaded by "commies" (Russian communists). This works well as when Crypto (the alien invader that you play as) destroys something or generally wreaks havoc the government try to cover it up by blaming it on the "commies".
There are a decent amount of levels in the game starting off with a couple of extremely simple ones in order to get the player used to the controls and crypto's abilities. Crypto has a small amount of weapons, such as the "anal probe", "disintegrator" etc., each brings a different level of enjoyment to the player. He also has some mind powers, these are often more fun to use then the weapons as you can manipulate the humans and some of your surroundings with them. If boredom starts to kick in then you don't have to stay on foot, you can go to your flying saucer and destroy things on a larger scale.
all in all i think that this is a very good game but i just don't think it is good enough to get the full 5 stars. Some of the locations are too small and can soon become repetetive, which is dissapointing because it detracts from a possible classic. if you think it sounds like a game that you would like then there is no reason why you should not buy it as there are no major faults with it and it is extremely enjoyable.
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on 22 February 2015
While reviewing this game a tiny grey man blasted me with some sort of beam and then everything felt fuzzy.... But anyway, ignoring that, I've probably been drinking too much.
Game arrived in good condition and relatively quickly, with box and book, Hooray!
As for the game its self, It's enjoyable, good for fun, but not a huge amount of challenge anywhere.
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on 10 July 2005
I think this game is great!! Sometimes it wears a bit thin but you find yourself wanting to play it more. In some ways it actually reminds me of GTA San Andreas 'cause i like to reap havok on the little people and get the army after me. It works the same on this game. You have five star levels, once you get up to 5 stars you have tanks and army men after you... its great!! I do think though that it would be better if you could get into regular cars as well... but i guess then you wouldn't have to use the holo-mabob to disguise yourself as a human and wouldn't have to be as stealthy around Majestic an thats fun too!!
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on 21 August 2006
Destroy all humans is a fantastic game i love it. The weapons are great,the saucer rules.

Now i actualy got this game about for my ninth birthday i think. It took me a couple of weeks (Wow i'm slow!) but i thorughly enjoyed all if it but even though i took so long i still foud it quite easy . My favouritwe weapon was probably the ion detonater coz it felt utimateley powerfull it's a manual detonating grenade wich is used for clearing out hoardes of cars (when it's upgraded) and disentigrating swarms of humans ( majestic in my case). My favourite saucer is the classic deathray. Just setting cars on fire and watching humans run around in flame is brill.

by the way girls like it too my freind's cousin liked it she's a girl! So does my sis!

this is for destrution fans and in later levels there reqires brain power. Definatley worth it's money.
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on 24 June 2005
Saw the preview for this ages ago and the idea of the game had me hooked! I just hoped the game would fulfil it's potential and believe me it has! I won't go into too much detail but basically humanity is looking down the barrel as there is a strand of alien dna in humans and the aliens have been cloning themselves for years and have suffered bad consequences!
The game itself has great graphics and cut scenes and the ufo 1950's style music really adds to the comedy of the game, along with anal probes and extracting brains to munch on! The abilities you have include moving objects with your thoughts, hypnotising people, morphing into humans to use as disguise. The thing that makes it great is that the Furion race is pretty clueless about humanity so your mission is to gather info to let them see the big picture and who controls MAJESTIC (the men in black!)
Only get it yesterday in Tescos of all places and nearly got into a ruck as there was only one copy but managed to get away. It is addictive, original and it's funny too without a doubt worthy of your collection!!
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on 11 February 2011
This is quite a remarkable game. You play a B-movie alien on the rampage on planet Earth. The gameplay has many similarities with the Grand Theft Auto type of game,with large free-roaming areas (nothing like as big as those in GTA though) which contain hidden items,ammo and mini-games. You can do many of the missions either on foot or in your saucer, and you pack a varied supply of weapons in both modes. You also own an array of mental capabilities such as levitation of objects and the ability to scan human minds. A jetpack allows you to reach high places. The game is fairly easy at first, but the difficulty level soon ramps up in the later levels, particularly when the authorities start using tanks and devices which can temporarily disable your weapons. "Majestic" agents also start to appear in increasing numbers,and these have the ability to neutralise your camoflage screen which you use to appear human to avoid attention. This can be very frustrating at times as this can cause you to fail a mission right at the end. I've often pointed out in my reviews that I'm a very amateur player,and again I used an Action Replay Max cheat system to make this game a little easier,but even so I'm now firmly stuck on a mission near the end. With this in mind,I'll say the following. If you're a below average player like me you will find this game very difficult in the later levels,but if you're the sort who can complete GTA games (without cheating!),then this one's for you.
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