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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Star Ocean: Till The End of Time (PS2)
Price:£35.27+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 22 December 2005
I don't agree with the above reviews at all. Having played "shadow hearts covenants" for over 40hrs and loved it I bought this in the hope that it would offer much of the same from the reviews I read. However, although the graphics are good the fighting is all over the place! I was finding it extremely difficult only 2hrs into the game and died fighting a mediocre boss. I just found the enemies so difficult with even the lowest taking nearly 800 hit points to defeat. You're running around with this sword and when your in the middle or surrounded by enemies it's extremely difficult to manouvre and fight at the same time. Also you can only purchase a certain amount of healing berries so you quickly run out with no where to buy more except for the ones you can find in the odd chest here and there.
Having played all of the Final Fantasy series and being an avid role playing enthusiast this game lost it's appeal very early on. I would say this is much more of an action game where you run round winning battles but you have very little control of the other players and in battles they are controlled by the computer who quickly uses up their magic points leading to them being killed off unless you can get away from the battle and heal them.
Not what I wanted at all!
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on 5 April 2007
I love RPG games and I have played all major titles for PSone and PS2.

This game really drew my attention because of the Enix exclusive game it had always been, and I said to myself: maybe it will be a good change from the Final Fantasy series.

In the beginning, it was kinda confusing, but later on the game play, plot etc were smooth. The more I played though, the harder the game started to be, so I neede to use a walkthrough's help, if I did not want to spend like 2 hours to get unstuck by luck in some of the levels. Plus, the storyline became complicated, and the battle system kinda tiring.

Overall, it was a mediocre game. I never managed to finish it, because of it's tough enemies and boredom, but I recommend it for someone that plays all RPG titles. This one is kinda different from what most people are used to, so it is genuine and original. Still, if you want to buy an RPG, and you have mny choices available, do not buy this one. It's up to each individual player and his/her tastes in my opinion.
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on 28 March 2006
It was after I had completed Kingdom Hearts and started searching for a new game to play, that I stumbled upon this litte beauty.
Star Ocean Till The End Of Time has few faults, the gameplay is brilliant the characters are great the only problem I have is with a rather creepy cave called Kirlsa Cavern.
One day I was happily playing SO TTEOF when I was required to make my way through the said cave. Everything was fine until...shock horror I was confronted by my ultimate fear...spiders. Now everytime I'm up to that part I have to get my brother to help me out.
So my verdict is, that if you are not too arachnophobic then this is an absolute must have for rpg and Square fans.
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on 8 May 2006
Ok first of all I'd like to say I love this game. It's a great purchase and I really enjoyed playing it. Yet it has its own little problems, the starting 10 hours as stated by other gamers are such a bore and the Sci-Fi element was hard to settle into at first. Ok, you say? That's fine, i can deal. However! This is a big but, every time I get involved in the plot I get stuck. Some of the puzzles are extremely easy others are completely stupid. Particularly when you have to open doors with a whistle, sounds easy? Wrong! Let's just say matching a different sound to a different colour on the doors harder than it sounds.

Anyways if you're lucky or very good at these horrible puzzles then you should buy it. If your not and what to keep 60+ hours of your life, don't waste your time
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on 22 August 2011
the game was great at first but then some where half way through the game it just stop working i dont understand why
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on 12 July 2011
I found this game after many hours of looking around on the internet so when it arrived I couldn't wait to get it loaded up and start playing.

Its not a bad game, just seems to be alot of aimless running around and you don't really get any pointers in the game as to where you should go next despite me running around like a headless chicken talking to everyone!

I had to resort to a walkthrough to move on with the game, not my idea of fun.

Graphics are functional, the sound is ok, but having to press "X" after everyone talks is a PAIN!

Bottom line: No, I would not recommend this game.
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on 5 September 2004
The battle system from what i have seen is very much like the Grandia series. This means that as a combatant you enter fights via walking into enemies rather than random time ammounts.
The gameplay is different from Final Fantasy completely, and id go as far as to class it as a different game, even though it is made by Squaresoft.
One thing i would like to add is that Final Fantasy has got to where it is by being the best. It is one of the most popular RPG games for a REASON. Although some people inflict their own opinions on others by stating their are better games. If you are an experienced gamer.... then look at the facts.... no other game in its genre has ever sold as well as the Final Fantasy series. Some people think its 'cool' to be different.... which is fine because im into heavy metal.... but im this way because i choose and so should be your gaming. You make the desicion and go with the facts.... Final Fantasy SELLS because it is popular due to its addictive gameplay and always enchanting storie lines.
Star Ocean is bound to be a quality game. It holds development by one of the leading companies of RPG gaming. Im sure you won't be dissapointed.... Especially if you like Grandia series. Thanks and good gaming :)
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on 6 August 2004
Nowadays you say rpg and people immediately say "Final Fantasy". Well its understandable its the mainstream thing. Dont get me wrong its a great game but there are some of us out there that prefer depth and a real rpg experience. Star Ocean was a prime example of this the voice acting for the time was great, all out battles instead of waiting your turn you fought real time. This new installment takes in all the great aspects of the previous and then some! Item creation, character depth and loads more. You will love this game even if you haven't played any of the other Star Ocean games. So for all you wanting a great game this is it! And if you want something different from that damn FF series also try;
Star Ocean 2 - PS1
Suikoden 1+2 - PS1
Suikoden 3 - PS2 (import)
Tales Of Destiny - PS1
Legaia 2 - PS2
If you want more great games email me at diasflac@o2.co.uk
So there you have it, dont wait around pre-order NOW.
You most definately wont regret it!
Dias Flac
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on 23 July 2004
Going by the first game that I owned on import for the PS1, this will be another great adventure in the early FF mould! I am looking forward to it's release.
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