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on 3 March 2017
What I want it
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on 4 March 2015
arrived on time , good game ,
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on 6 December 2005
Ok first things first, don't compare this game to the pc versions. It has been made for a console, so it is obviously going to be different, and it will obviously be limited in a certain way =)
The game itself is a fun game to play, and is very challenging. The point score system is hard to keep up, so it ensures you play well and focus in game. It gives you a tension, cus the better you play, the better you develop and the more you unlock. Being battlefield, it is a intense fighting zone, not completly realistic if you compare it with the likes of Socom, however the fast paced, hardcore action keeps you immersed.
Think of it like this, with so many guns blazing, and vechiles driving about, most of them hostile, you gotta watch your back and try not to die. This is an amazingly fun game, and is sometimes bloody hard to acheive your goal.
Online is a great laugh, playing with up to 25 people, however this doesn't mean that single player is a downer.
The single player feature in the game puts you in to over the top combat across the world. As you progress you rise in ranks and unlock better and more sophisticated weaponry.
The missions are mixed and you also are able to access challeges, like hotswapping or races. You are timed and they can be extremely hard to complete. But that's part of the fun, also the parachuting you can do! Hooyah!
The game gives you 200 missions in single player, I've played for hours and only done 17 missions, that's a long lifespan for a game people.
Have fun should you choose to buy it, it's worth it.
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on 11 June 2006
Hotswap WOOSH! This is one of my favourite games on PS2. Even in the offline single player mode the missions are non linear, so you never have the same battle twice. And hotswapping is great. Fancy a shot at being a sniper? just look at him and press square and WOOSH! the camera flies across the fabulous landscape before lodging in the head of the hotswapee. You can even nick one of the games many vehicles off the computer this way. The missions are great fun, whether you're chasing patrol boats in a helicopter gunship or defending an oil rig, scooting round the desert in a hummvee or attacking a submarine base. Your performance in the mission earns you stars which earn you ranks and weapon upgrades. I've not got an online PS2 yet but I've heard great things about the multiplayer so I can't wait.
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on 26 October 2006
This game is extreamly fun with it's 200 levels. It will keep you going forever. the best part is hotswapping were you can change charicters if your health run to low or your in a tuff spot.Somepeople say it's better with online but i don't have it and it's still the best game i'v got.the cheepest place to get it is amazon so if you have not got it already GET IT NOW.
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on 14 August 2008
i think this game has alot to offer and i have really enjoyed my time playing this game. the weapons are great the graphics are great and the game has a very realistic feel to it. the only problem in this game is that the way the enemy die feels slightly unrealistic because they fall to the ground like a rag doll and thier limbs flop around like a strong gust of wind has grasped hold of them. the new hotswaping technique is a completly new concept and provides a major advantage in the mist of war. the reason i say enjoyed playing this game is because i have got stuck on a level and cannot get it done. but that aside this game has alot to offer and is a favorite of one of my mates as before i purchased an xbox 360 this was the game he always wanted to play. i hope this review has spured you on to purchase this game with a very interesting concept... Tom
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on 22 May 2010
This game is quite good the graphics are good.
The Guns are good you get from machine guns to rocket launchers.
You get granades as well but there not very good.
The pistols arent very good but the rest of the guns are.

Your enemys are as good as you are so be carefull.
The enemy will try anything to kill you so dont just stand
there like a jackass.

You also get to drive vehicles like tanks or
transport trucks. By the way the machine turret on
the transport truck is pretty sweet. The shells are really
good and you can turn into any of your men wich is also sweet.
You get to be snipers as well.

So have I covinced you that its a good game yet SO BUY THIS GAME
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on 30 July 2009
This game in general is great, the only thing lacking is the vehicles. Don't be fooled..... Battlefield 2 DOES NOT have airplanes, only helicopters are the air borne vehicles.

Apart from that, the game in general is great, especially on Multiplayer Online. The graphics for a PS2 game is very good.

The campaign is poor, but the game was made for just Multiplayer, so what do you expect. The PS2 campaign was added on for extra enjoyment.

Good Graphics, great fun, massive explosions.
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on 2 September 2013
The Battlefield series really took off around the time of Bad Company 1 and 2, earlier games in the franchise are very hit and miss depending on which you play.

Battlefield 2 is certainly playable, it has its moments, but the low quality graphics (even for the time), clunky and counter-productive control layout and clumsy play mechanics will lead to far more frustration than fun.

Not terrible, but leave some time aside to get around it's bugs.
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on 3 December 2006
This game is quite simply brilliant. The single player does'nt really get dull as there always more stars to get (more stars mean better rank/weapon upgrades). The online play is what is really special though, there is a really good community and there will always be a game that suits your style. I like sniping and can easily find a suitable map, with about 18 players and no restrictions in well under a minute, i can then get a kill within another minute of that. I bought the online adapter especially for this game and it was definitely worth it. Guarentee you will love it...
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