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on 29 May 2010
I purchased this game seeing all the amazing the reviews so i expected no less , i was not disappointed . You choose between three characters - an american , a brittish exMI5 agent and a swedish person . You work for 4 different governments - China , Allies , South Korea and the Russian Mafia , you choose who to do missions for and raise their friendliness towards you but certain contracts will involve killing another governments people and when you do this they become more unfriendly and eventually become hostile which can only be fixed by giving them a large amount of cash . This creates a very good plot and forces you to pick sides which means the game can go on for so much longer than you would expect . My game came with a page of cheats in the box and i am very happy that they did this , you can unlock all of the items in the Mafias online shop , you can get lots of extra money and you can get unlimited health . These cheats are very fun and make the game so much more enjoyable (unfortunately to the point where you dont want to play the game normally anymore) but still creates a VERY fun free play . Overall if you are considering buying this game then get off of this review and buy it ! I bought mine used and therefore cheap but i would definitely of bought it new if i knew it would be this good
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on 23 September 2006
I bought Mercenaries a few years ago off of Amazon having no real idea as to what the game itself was like, however I was pleasently surprised. This game is one of the most rewarding and highly enjoyable games in my collection. You find yourself as a Merc thrust into a very high risk venture localised within North Korea. Some power hungry despot has overthrown the current president there and taken control of the countries military and nuclear bases with full intent on using them. Once in the warzone you can start to take individual missions from 4 different factions, The Allies, South Korean's, China and the Russian Mafia, all the while targetting rebel North Korean forces. You are paid handsomely for your services of course. All the money you collect can be used to buy vehicles, support and weapons off the black market to help you as you progress. The one bit that keeps it exciting is that sometimes one faction requires you to destroy something that belongs to another. The Chinese really hate the South Korean's in this game. This will cause the affected factions to lose favour with you forcing you to have to bribe your way back into their good graces if you need extra missions.

The environment is quite large, some say it's not big enough but if it were too much larger then it could take ages to get around. The main missions you will have to perform is to arrest or kill, arresting gets more money, specific North Korean personel, there is a wanted list written up by the Allies called the Deck of 52 that lists all of the most key personel within this rebel government. You start off by tracing the business personel, then the military, then the scientists and eventually the specialist command staff and the president. The game is quite lengthy and you really get a sense of accomplishment as you progress.

Much like the case tells you, nearly every vehicle in the game can be used, if you can reach it it's your for the taking and new specialist vehicles can be unlocked along the way. Weapons vary from the cheap and nasty to the new and expensive depending on your credit limit. it should be mentioned however that the Russian Mafia are responsible for the black market, if you hack them off too much you will lose access to the shop and all of it's supplies.

The only real down side of this game is that the environment feels very bland and lacks colour. Also when you try to arrest a card they can be inadvertantly killed by their own forces or even by themselves by mistake and when your trying for a complete suit it can get very frustrating as if you do not save after every arrest, you will have to start the game from scratch to try again. This said however, the game Mercenaries is one of my most favourite games on the PS2 and if you like GTA but with a little more bang in the guns department then this one is for you.
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on 3 November 2017
fantastic great entertainment hrs of fun
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on 9 February 2018
Great game
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on 30 May 2017
Brilliant game, explosive hours of fun.
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on 19 April 2017
Bought as a gift for my son.
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on 23 September 2015
I love it very good
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on 29 April 2015
This game is a true PS2 classic however the story is quite generic and when doing missions feels like bland. The Game is fun lots of stuff to do and quite a big enough area go about in this is basically a military version of an old grand theft auto.
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on 13 March 2015
Just right.
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on 29 December 2015
Thanks just as expected quick postage
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