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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2015
Just a quick browse of the titles of all 22 episodes in this fourth season of everyone's favourite dysfunctional yellow family, should make you instantly want to buy this collection. This is many people's favourite season and justifiably so. 'Kamp Krusty,' 'Mr. Plow,' 'Marge Vs Monorail,' 'Whacking Day,' and the frequently touted 'best Simpsons episode ever' - 'Last Exit To Springfield,' to name just a few. The Halloween Special (which features the still hilarious joke on Smithers' thoughts on women and seamen!) is one of the best ever, even the clip show episode is brilliant!
The animation style is a little more settled than previous series, but again isn't quite 100% decided on yet, but is still nonetheless clear and well drawn.
Whilst its probably fair to say that some of the jokes were topical and typical of mid 90's American comedy and it would help if you were an US citizen to fully appreciate an episode or two, nothing can or should affect anyone's enjoyment of every single episode in this classic series!
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on 25 January 2016
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on 14 March 2017
The disk 3 and 4 didn't work very poor from Amazon
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on 23 July 2004
As a self-confessed Simpsons addict, I have picked up all four box sets now, and even though my copy of Series 4 only dropped on the mat yesterday, and I'm only two episodes into it, I know already that this is the best of the sets so far.
Some of the most memorable episodes of the entire run make it onto this set, and within them some of the funniest moments - the Monorail song; Apu's nephew when he gets to run the Kwik-e-Mart; the moment when Ralph Wiggum's heart actually breaks; Smithers' thoughts on seamen; Dr Nick's heart surgery; and Mr Plow getting it on. You may not have seen some of these episodes for a while, but you'll be back into them straight away.
If you're not a Simpsons fan, and you've never understood what all the fuss is about - you will never get a better chance than here. Intermingled with the limitless humour are plotlines about teenage heartbreak, the possibility of a parent dying, being distant from your kids, the thought of never having any kids, and alcoholism. The best show never made for children.
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VINE VOICEon 9 August 2004
For a collection of 22 episodes of the Simpsons to be littered with so many great moments, it would be extremely unfair not to give this boxed set 5 stars. This series is the beginning of the 'Golden Era' for the Simpsons, and is totally essential, and as usual, the package as a whole is great value for money.
But I was seriously tempted to mark it down for the most annoying inclusion on any Simpsons boxed set to date, the anti-piracy warnings at the start of every episode. Are the warnings at the start of the DVD not enough? They last for the best part of 10 seconds each and you cannot scroll through them. The only way to avoid them is to go to 'Scene Selection' and start playing the episode from Scene 2 (which begins immediately after the opening credits), but alas, the episode menus are so slow to navigate that it defeats the purpose. Each part of the menu carries a little animation, which are funny the first couple of times, but become quite annoying after a while. Given that the purpose of these menus is supposed to enhance the accessibility of scenes and extra features (including the obligatory commentaries, which once again are mostly the writers laughing at their own jokes), it seems rather self-defeating to make them so slow.
That said, despite all those criticisms, the sheer heavyweight comedy punch that these 22 brilliant episodes delivers demands a 5/5 rating. Even the foreword from Matt Groening himself recognises that some of the most popular episodes ever are on here. And although these episodes have seen more than their fair share of air time of British TV, some are curiously unfamiliar, possibly due to the controversy that they provoked. Season 4 has everything we have come to know and love about the Simpsons, including some particularly black humour in places (e.g. Dr. Hibbert coming out of the operating theatre and telling Marge, 'I'm sorry, Mrs Simpson, your husband is dead..., only kidding, April Fool's!') and Homer's great moments are almost too numerous to list...
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The Simpsons continued to become even better, showing their animated contemporaries how humour should be done as it moved into it's fourth season.

Many people believe that this was the start of the programme's golden era, and I'd go along with that. The 22 classic episodes spread across this boxset will entertain you, remind you of how clever the show was, and is the perfect season to introduce someone who is new to The Simpsons.

Standout episodes include 'Homer The Heretic', where the Simpson's dad meets God, the brilliant 'New Kid On The Block' (which is in my personal top ten favourite episodes), the legendary 'Mr. Plow', the infamous 'A Street Named Marge', Homer discovers he has a half sibling in 'Brother From The Same Planet' (this one *always* has me in stitches with the wicked one liners, and in 'Marge In Chains', Mrs. Simpson ends up doing a spot of porridge for accidentally shoplifting. There is also the first Simpsons Clip Show (showcasing some of the golden moments of the show from the past three series), and the third installment of the Treehouse of Horror.

In short, a MUST for all Simpsons fans, with effortless humour, clever writing, and a variety of stories and subjects, the writers were never stale in those days.
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I didn`t think, looking back to 1989/1990, that The Simpsons would develop as it has - I didn`t think the art, voices or ideas were original or simply good enough. Well, time might just have proved me wrong on that! But I still didn`t think it would ever be as funny as this season, which is where the brilliance of the mid-to-late 90s really gets into swing.
Loads of great episodes here - "Itchy And Scratchy: The Movie", "Mr. Plow", "Marge vs. The Monorail", "Duffless" and my favourite, "Last Exit To Springfield"...this is a wonderful season. Homer and Marge act like normal people sometimes, who are in love, and try to be good parents and citizens...ideas that the writers seemed to have got bored with at about the turn of the millenium. Nevermind that for now though - this is superb stuff, and sits happily alongside the excellent next four seasons, and is the beginning of the "golden age".
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on 31 May 2004
Season Four of the Simpsons is when the show started looking and sounding like the show we know and love today. The humor wasn't quite as extreme as it is today, but it's this season that started the episodes that could REALLY entertain you. But above all, this is the season that began to establish Grampa as the funniest character on the show. Now, read on for some episode summaries.
Kamp Krusty - For the summer, Bart and Lisa get to go to Kamp Krusty, but once
they get there they discover it's a living hell.
A Streetcar Named Marge - Marge tries out for the starring role in A Streetcar
Named Desire. Though the producer rejects her at first, he gives her the role
upon discovering she is deeply depressed.
Homer The Heretic - Homer skips church one week, and after having such a
great time at home, decides never to go back.
Lisa The Beauty Queen - Lisa places second in a beauty contest, but by default
becomes the new Little Miss Springfield.
Treehouse Of Horror III - A Krusty doll tries to kill Homer, A King Kong parody,
and Bart reviving zombies are the three stories in this season's Halloween
Itchy And Scratchy: The Movie - Bart fails to look after Maggie, and she takes
the car, crashing it. As a punishment, Homer forbids Bart to ever see the new
Itchy and Scratchy movie.
Marge Gets A Job - When the Simpson home takes damage, Marge must take a
job with Homer at the nuclear plant to pay for it.
New Kid On The Block - A teenage girl moves into a home near the Simpsons
and Bart falls in love with her.
Mr. Plow - At a car convention, Homer buys a snow plow and uses it to become
a local hero.
Lisa's First Word - While wondering when Maggie will speak her first words,
Homer and Marge tell the story of when Lisa spoke hers.
Homer's Triple Bypass - Homer begins to have heart problems, and shops
around for the cheapest surgeon.
Marge Vs. The Monorail - Springfield uses its newly-obtained three million
dollars to build a monorail.
Selma's Choice - When Homer gets too sick to take Bart and Lisa to a new
amusement park, Selma takes them instead. They raise hell there.
Brother From The Same Planet - Bart begins to hate Homer, and gets a new
father figure from a local non-profit organization. Meanwhile Homer uses the
same organization to get a new son.
I Love Lisa - When Lisa shows pity for Ralph on Valentine's day, he falls in love
with her.
Duffless - When his driver's license is revoked for drunk driving, Homer must
give up beer.
Last Exit To Springfield - The power plant attempts to do away with its dental
plan. Homer fights to save it because Lisa is in need of braces.
So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show - Bart shakes up a beer can in a
paint mixer, and when Homer opens it the explosion hospitalizes him. The family
then recounts past experiences.
The Front - Bart and Lisa write a series of Itchy and Scratchy cartoons under
Grampa's name.
Whacking Day - Bart is expelled from school. Soon enough he and Lisa try to do
away with a very awkward town holiday.
Marge In Chains - Marge accidentally forgets to pay for an item at the local
convenience store and must spend a month in jail.
Krusty Gets Kancelled - A new puppeteer steals Krusty's ratings. He becomes increasingly desperate for ways to stay on the air.
If you're a Simpsons fan, you'd be doing yourself a huge favor. These are GREAT episodes all the way, and I strongly recommend them.
The 5 stars are for the seasons original broadcast.
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Another series of the Simpsons comes out on DVD and its just another excuse for me to fall in love with the episodes again, on what in my opinion is the second best series (series 5 being the best) What doesn't this serie have?? From Ralph's crush on Lisa and the classic moment where Bart pinpoints the moment Lisa breaks his heart, to the star studded series closer Krusty Gets Kancelled, with uniformly brilliant turns from the guest stars, especially Bette Middler ("Ill get your for this Middler" brilliant!) this is just full of classic episodes, and it is a joy to watch. There are also some cool extras, the deleted scenes always being interesting and enjoyable, as are the commentaries, now a staple of the DVD package, and few do it better than the simpsons. Isn't it great there are at least another 12 of these to come, lets hope they start bringing them out quicker, the waits almost unbearable, at least I can tide myself over with these!
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on 18 April 2005
This is the fourth Season of The Simpsons, including all 22 episodes from 1992 and 1993. Most episodes come with special features, including; Deleted scenes on episodes. Commentary by Matt Groening and other producers and directors, and different clips and scripts from different stories.- There's even more, which you'll be able to see if you buy it!!
My favourite episodes: Kamp Krusty- Bart and Lisa go on a trip to Kamp Krusty, hoping their hero will be better than ever... does it go that well?? I also like Treehouse of Horror, in this episode Bart receives a Krusty doll... but it's EVIL! Also including; Itchy and Scratchy: The movie, Marge gets a job and Homer's triple bypass, and 17 more episodes from you to choose from!! It comes with a guide to episodes and features, and you get the 4 discs with your favourite episodes on. Not bad, not bad at all!
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