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3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 28 July 2004
This looks so appealing from the back label if your seriously into soul music, but the old saying of dont judge a book by its cover is certainly true here. This CD is compiled by Ian Levine who infamously put two fingers upto the scene in the 70's and who went onto to produce "Tailor Made" Northern, which sounds great in theory, but believe me, poor on the ear.
There are lots of classics here, the KFC ads are here, some other truly great soul tunes are here, but as soon as you get to "DO I Love You" you feel very let down, as its not the great orginal but the Levin Remix project from a few years ago, it doesnt end there, there is more of Levines projects to come.
My advise is to avoid this at all costs, there are some truly great Northern Cds available, if your just getting into the scene I would advise "Best Norhern Soul Ablum Ever.."
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on 30 May 2005
This CD is absolute daylight robbery! Several bona-fide 60`s Northern Soul classics are indeed here but they are completely outnumbered by pasty watered down remakes mostly from the 80`s. The cover should make it clear that this simply isn`t the real thing. And it`s expensive too! And we`re lining Ian Levine`s pockets so he can make even more of this rubbish!
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on 8 October 2004
knowing I was a Northern fan a relative picked this up for me: a nice gesture for sure, but I can't help feeling this isn't a very good or broad ranging introduction to the genre.
You can't help thinking that after compiling all of the KFC ad themes on here they simply lost interest, in fact apart from those, most of this is generally found on bargain-bin Northern compilations - the "modern" tracks here are particularly bad and the jive-bunny style remix version of Frank Wilsons "Do I Love you" is appalling. There are some excellent songs on here ("tainted love","out on the floor", "baby boy") but nothing that cant be found on many other much more cohesive compilations giving a far more accurrate representation of this incredible scene. Check out 'The Best Northern Soul All-nighter Ever' or 'The In Crowd:The Story of Northern Soul'. Less well-advertised but a better introduction in my opinion.
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on 1 June 2008
There are at least 3 CDs of this title-how can they all be the Ultimate?
This one is probably the Ultimate in Garbage-I wouldn't even be curious.Everything here can be found on Goldmine Soup Supply anyway and the proper versions not remixed by people after your money.
You just need to check before buying.Don't believe the Hype this is not the real thing
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on 15 December 2004
This is the CD all fans of the KFC adverts had been waiting for. I bought it (rather mindlessly) at Woolworths as it looked a pretty good 'party mix'and ideal for livening up a dull journey. I first played it in my car as we set off on our hols to the Lakes this year. Disc one kicked off with a storming mix of Bob Brady's - "Everybody's going to the Love-in" followed by Laura Greene's evergreen "Moonlight, Music and You". So far so good, we were fair dancing up the motorway, however by track three it was clear that all was not well. Frank Wilson's majestic "Do I Love You" (by far and away the rarest Northern Soul record) is the reason many people would want to own this CD, however this was not the version I knew and loved - wrong backing track, weak vocals, and all the tell-tale hallmarks of an Ian Levine remake. A quick examination of the sleeve revealed the worst, fifteen of the tracks had all received the dreaded Levine treatment!
I'll explain, Ian was one of the big wheels when Northern Soul first emerged in the early seventies, a DJ at the famous Blackpool Mecca - where he took the bold step of playing 70s soul records to revive a scene that was sinking in a morass of sixties inertia. In the mid seventies he began producing his own 'Northern' records using established soul singers performing over his rather cheesy backing tracks. These sides have a certain tacky charm but they don't sit very easily next to the classic 'Detroit' productions and they didn't earn him many friends amongst the Northern cognoscenti. Nevertheless Levine continued to churn these things out with monotonous regularity even convincing such luminaries as Edwin Starr and Kim Weston that their classic Motown tracks would benefit from a 'Levine' makeover. His productions on this CD range from some of his earliest credits like Evelyn Thomas's "Weak Spot", to his later dire efforts including Frank Wilson and a truly appaling version of Yvonne Baker's "Didn't Say A Word". The original versions are all available elsewhere on CD and are definitely worth tracking down.
I've listened to this compilation several times since our 'rainy' fortnight in the Lakes and to be honest......... it's not that bad. Forget the fifteen Levine productions, this CD still has another thirty classic Northern tracks (in some cases beautifully remastered) and since it's starting to become available at bargain bin prices I'd say it's well worth investing in. There are fantastic 60s stompers from The Tempos and Dobie Gray. First timers will be blown away by cuts like "The Snake" and "Landslide". The Flirtations "Nothing but Heartaches" is fist-clenchingly fabulous, whilst the awesome 70s tracks by The Montclairs and The Carstairs demonstrate what the young Ian Levine was really about.
If you're looking for authenticity and detail, check out any compilations on the Kent or Goldmine labels, but for those who are just dipping their toe into the wonderful world of Northern, this ain't a bad place to start!
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on 16 May 2010
An album that promises much but delivers so little.

With so much good northern soul compiled to date, this 'quick buck' compilation was put together after a couple of chicken adverts. Don't get me wrong - the tracks reproduced here from the KFC commercials are the originals and are fine tracks, the problem I have, as has been articulated previously in reviews, is the number of Ian Levine butcher-jobs of songs.

There are far better compilations that exist to introduce you to the genre. 101 Northern Soul Anthems is a good 'mainstream' example(however it should be called 100 Northern Soul Anthems as the version of Gloria Jones' Tainted Love is just dreadful). I would also recommend 'The In Crowd - The story of northern soul' or any of the 'After Hours' compilation series or ANYTHING on the Goldmine Soul Supply label.

Steer clear of this CD though. Fancy stylised cover = Style over substance. Also they spell the word 'lose' as 'loose' on the back cover proving the compilers are idiots.
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on 11 March 2011
some horrible tunes production wise that lack genuine rawness of a genre that can makes hair stand up on the back of ones neck...

There are many better offerings than this.
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on 1 August 2004
Like many of the uneducated i was first attracted to this album purely because of the KFC advert and the T.V Programme No Angels but i have to say it has exceeded all my expectations. I love it!I dont know much about soul so if you are seriously into it and know your stuff then maybe this album isnt for you? i dont know? but for those who love a great tune and like to sing along when driving then this is the album for you. Hope this helps
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on 11 December 2016
perfect . can't stop playing it
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on 7 May 2013
Read some of the RUBBISH COMMENTS BEFORE.. However I think this CD is well worth the money lots of classics.... GOOD Northern Soul at its best... I absolutely love this CD and keep playing it... As I only paid 1p + PP for a good used copy I am thrilled to bits with it and have ordererd 3 more copies at the same price for my friends and 1 for the car.............
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