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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2009
Directed by Luke Greenfield and released in 2004, The Girl Next Door is a teen comedy movie (with some romance thrown in,) that is based around a "straight A" student called Matthew Kidman (played by Emile Hirsch.)

The eighteen year old has aspirations of a career in politics, but before he is meant to deliver a speech, he concludes that he's yet to do anything memorable in his life. However lucky for him Danielle (played by Elisha Cuthbert) has just moved in next door to him, and she soon begins to encourage him to do things he though impossible. The pair quickly fall in love with each other, and things are going great until Matthew discovers that the girl next door is actually a porn star. When things between them turn sour, Matthew and a few of his friends travel to an adult film convention in Las Vegas to try and win her back, but despite his best efforts things go from bad to worse.

I purchased this film on DVD in the first half of last year, since then it's sat on my shelf untouched, before I finally decided to watch it earlier today. While the film was somewhat better than I expected, it still falls slightly short of a five star award.

The Girl Next Door is more intelligent than I was anticipating, offering more than just another teen comedy movie. While the plot and the script isn't the most believable, some really hilarious moments in the film combined with some brilliant scenes, will make you laugh past the point of caring. Despite containing some strong sex references, I didn't find the film as crude as some of the American Pie films. Whether this is a good or bad thing, will depend on your own tastes, but in the case of this film I found it allowed The Girl Next Door to stand by itself without the need for any explicit material.

Elisha Cuthbert, plays her part as a porn star well - though her character is a bit underused at times. Emile Hirsch also gives a noteworthy performance as Matthew and seems ideal for the part. The acting from the other cast, while not being anything special, was generally good for a film of the type, and the script they had to work with. There's a decent soundtrack in the film and even the ending of The Girl Next Door, was actually impressive and surprising.

There is also a host of special features included on the DVD, most of which were actually good and a welcome addition.

As a comedy, the film works well and has the ability to make you laugh. The love story (for those who like that sort of thing) between the two leads has been handled well and was touching at times.

Personally while I'm glad I watched it, I doubt that this is the kind of film I would be rushing to watch again. But considering it currently costs less than a fiver from most retailers - you can't go far wrong.
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on 7 May 2017
One of the many teen comedies that came in the wake of the American Pie series. While many are disappointing, this ones ok
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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2005
I rented this film from my local blockbuster, and within 20 minutes of watching it I had bought it online. Even after just one viewing I was hooked, and certain this DVD would make shelf status quickly.
The Girl Next Door, Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) is a beautiful blonde who can turn heads quite easily. She plays an ex-porn star who moved out of LA to "start over" and immediatley becomes good friends with Matthew Kidman (Emile Hirsch), her next door neighbour.
Their friendship starts with Matthew watching Danielle changing from his bedroom window. He quickly gets caught and watches Danielle storming out of her house. Before long, his parents are calling him from downstairs, but when he gets down he acts innocent, and Danielle tells his parents that she'd like to be shown around the neighbourhood, which turns out to be a lie.
After getting in Danielle's car, Matthew is driven down a long stretch of road where Danielle parks her VW Beetle and says "Well you've seen me...."
The story continues through strip clubs, Las Vegas, The Adult Film convention, numerous parties and of course Matthew's school, at which he is studying for a rather important qualification which could result in Matthew becoming President of America, which proves harder than it sounds already when beautiful Danielle is there to distract him.
I won't ruin the storyline anymore, you'll have to buy the DVD (which I recommend doing) if you want to know the rest. One of the best teen films with a fabulous unique storyline, from start to finish.
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on 14 January 2006
I don't like the way this movie was marketed as a teen comedy. YES it has the jocks and the losers but I wouldn't class this as a teen comedy at all. It's so much deeper and really much more of a love story / adventure because that's what happens.
The first 1/4 is pretty much your average Teen comedy and was mostly what you saw in the trailers. Hard working kid with no time for fun meets hot girl next door who just happen's to be a porn star with his loser mates talking about "banging" hot chicks and not getting any. Thats the plot overall but that doesn't make an enjoyable movie in my eyes. In fact I only watched this when a friend had it on DVD and let me borrow it. I didn't exactly go out my way to watch this. Now it's one of my favourite films.
This is because of where the film takes you and how much you can relate to what's happening. How many of you have felt your working to hard when you're young and not having much fun? How many of you have seen the perfect girl and wanted her so bad you'd do the craziest stuff? Half the "stuff" that happens through the film (especially the ending) you wouldn't have predicted from watching the first 1/4 and I want to tell you all the "stuff" but that would really spoil the first viewing (there will be more).
The film is almost perfectly made, the kids are all excellent and the two stars have sparks practically flying off them when they are together. The music is spot on and the twists and turns will take your emotions on a roller-coaster ride.
This film is perfect for watching alone, with friends or with your girlfriend because its "feel-good", "funny" and really "deep" and really deserves better credit as it's more than just an above average teen comedy. It fully deserves your attention.
Also: The extras on this dvd are really good quality. Theres more than just the usual trailers and making of. Unlike most films they add to the next veiwing as well as making your experience more enjoyable.
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on 19 January 2005
I got this film not realising that it was pitched at teens, but right from the start it's prety apparent that it is. So the plot is pure fluff, and the morals are simple black and white.
Our hero is a hardworking high schooler, who's kept his head down so much that now he's graduating he's had no social life to look back on. Then into his life walks the most gorgeous girl, who makes a beeline for him. They become good friends as she shows him how to loosen up
The only thing is, a porn obsessed friend has spotted her in his movie collection. Can he save her from the seedy life she leads?
The bad guys are very hammed, the porn industry expoitative, and his girlfriend, underneath it all, a vulnerable victim.
I'd give it 1 star except that I'm obviously far too old and cynical to appreciate it.
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on 22 November 2005
When i originally saw the trailers for this film coming out into the cinema i thought it was going to be another cheese-fest and completly boring but after discovering Elisha Cuthbert from watching TV's 24, i had a real urge to watch the film so i bought it from Amazon at a really reasonable price. It has now became one of my all-time favourite films which i can just watch over and over without it getting tired.
The plot revolves around the school geek Matthew Kidman (Emile Hirsch) who longs for a girlfriend and immediatly falls for the 'girl next door' Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) who seems so out of his league. But, the two start dating and everything is going well until Matthew discovers something about his girl - she used to be a porn star. From this point on the relationship spirals out of control (with Danielle's old boss making an unwelcome appearance) and everything starts to go downhill for the couple. After a whole lot of crazy events and an ending even i wasn't expecting, the movie reaches a satisfying conclusion which ties up the film nicely.
The acting in this film remains at a high standard throughout and Miss Cuthbert does an astounding job of playing her part, that little window scene was worth the money on it's own!!!
The film has one of the best soundtracks i have ever seen in a flim, though it is a shame that the soundtrack CD contains very little of the main songs from the film (The Verve, The Who, David Gray etc) for if it had, i would have bought it aswell.
This DVD offers it's share of great special features which i was really pleased about including Featurettes, Commentarys (By cast and crew), Trailers, and an excellent Gag Reel which all add together to make this DVD a must have.
Buy this if you are looking for a hilarious comedy with heart which is what this film is and it deserves the recognition. Or just buy it if like me, you can't get enough of Elisha Cuthbert.
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on 1 March 2005
First of all, I thought I was just going to watch a movie like one of those teen movies but I was in for something beyond my expectation. Ok so his next door neighbour was a former porn star and he was falling for this girl like crazy. Compared to most teenage which is more or less sex-driven this wasn't exactly driven by sex but you still get the sex in a different style.
What made me love this movie and made it one of the best teen movie I've seen to date is that despite the whole ex-porn star thing of the girl, and the association of her porn-star girlfriends, is that it has very humourous twist that suddenly gets you bursting out in laughter, and it really has depth (something you can relate to in real life)! I will describe this movie as also being romantic and very sweet, and very touching! It shows how much love can really do, and how it can change someones life.
The same day this dvd was delivered to my house, I had to watch it twice right after seeing the another dvd because it was just too sweet, funy, moving and more real than some high school kids trying to do almost anything to have sex.
You will never regret buying this dvd
I rated this movie a 5-star because it is one in it's class
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on 8 December 2017
it dos"nt work. tried watching it on 3 different dvd players
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on 2 December 2004
I loved this film. Bought it in a sale the other day and I was pleasantly surprised how unlike American Pie it was. It wasn't gross out toilet humour, but a rather clever comical take on an industry which doesn't really have a reputation for having a funny side. Don't take it too seriously and you'll love it. Or, as the delectable Elisha Cuthbert says in the film... "Go with it"...
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on 25 September 2005
this film starts good, ends fantastically! film probably has the best kiss scene ever (the first kiss) what a perfect song! best directing job done for a teen movie i think, using great camerawork and a superb cast recommend 100 percent! buy, rent whatever, just see this movie. elisha cuthbert, wow!
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