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on 19 January 2017
Chances are, if you’ve watched any popular movie over the last fifteen years or so, you’ve probably heard the line, ‘The first rule of *whatever* is do not talk about *whatever.*’ This is of course the most famous line from the Brad Pitt/Edward Norton 1999 classic, ‘Fight Club.’ In a nutshell, Fight Club is so good it’s spawned many parodies and rip-offs, none of which have even come close to emulating just how good it is.

I’ll give you a brief plot synopsis, but leave it there, as if I go into too much detail, I start running the risk of letting slip some major spoilers. Edward Norton plays a bored and run-down salesman who spends his days flying across America selling his wares. However, his dull life takes a turn for the interesting when he happens to bump into Tyler Durden (or rather Brad Pitt) on a plane. The two of them form an unlikely bond and come up with a novel way of dealing with male stress in the modern age – they beat the hell out of each other for fun. And, believe it or not, this idea soon spreads across the nation and ‘Fight Clubs’ start springing up everywhere.

It’s about now in the review where I list the good and bad points of the film. However, I can’t actually think of anything negative to say about Fight Club and, if I listed all its plus points then I’d probably be here all day. There’s very little wrong with this film in general – it has everything from great central performances from Pitt, Norton and Helena Bonham Carter (and even a sterling performance from Meat Loaf – who’d have thought!) to wry social commentary, snappy dialogue and those plot points I refuse to mention for fear of being hounded off the internet for spoiling movies.

As I’ve already eluded to, there’s definitely more to it than the synopsis, but anything more may ruin the surprises in store. Whether you like dark, intelligent thrillers or just want to see Brad Pitt topless, you really should check this film out at some stage. It’s already a classic and, even after all these years, holds up very well with its themes of fragile male ego, bonding and the establishment in general.

When I watched it last I felt it had an almost ‘Hitchcock-vibe’ to it all, which would explain why it all feels so dark and timeless. If you haven’t seen it, don’t ask people about it, as they may well give away bits of it that will stay with you forever. Just watch it. Then re-watch it again with a completely different view of it all when you know what it’s really about.
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on 8 June 2017
A film bound to go down in hostory as a classic.
Excellent casting. Edward Norton is the star of the film, showing his acting skills once again after the excellent American History X.
Brad Pitt plays the nutjob perfectly, hints of his character from Twelve Monkeys.
David Fincher directs perfectly. Brings the depth and hunger of the book to life. Probably his best film since Seven.
A story of alienation, of inclusion, of rage against the self and society.
A very pleasant way to pass a couple of hours with a belting soundtrack.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 August 2017
Nearly two decades after I first watched it, was delighted to find that Fight Club has lost none of its punch.
The script and performances are, if anything, better than I remembered. And the quasi-anarchist / anti-capitalist / blue-collar political uprising theme is probably more relevant right now than it was in 1999.
Like so many good movies, you could watch this two or three times and still miss things - but definitely watch out for the snapshot glimpses of Tyler Durden in the early sequences. And ask yourself why, as the story unfolds, Durden becomes increasingly fitter while Ed Norton's character appears to be physically unravelling...
Brilliant dialogue. Dozens of screamingly funny moments. Pithy sociological observations. Uncomfortable truths for IKEA addicts...
One of Fincher's best films, and definitely worth two hours of your time.
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on 14 February 2017
This film is a classic. Great movie with an excellent plot twist.
You have to see this film, it must be on everyone's list.
It's a beautifully made, and acted film.
There is no weak link in this film, all the actors are fantastic.
Brad Pitt pulls of a stellar performance.
Must buy.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 August 2016
Make no mistake, this is a highly intelligent film with great acting and great camera work. Helena Bonham-Carter demonstrates she's got a life outside Merchant Ivory. My only problem was that the film made me uncomfortable, and there were moments of violence that made me want to retch. Perhaps it was a reminder that I'm a middle of the road, comfortable, conventional consumer - the sort of person who needs to be transformed into a real human being by joining a Fight Club. I didn't really enjoy this film, although it held my attention until the end (which I confess I didn't fully understand).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 June 2017
No review: I can't talk about this.
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on 2 September 2014
Fight Club is quite possibly the boldest statement of today’s society. One cannot ignore Pitt’s exceptional performance as Tyler, a man who lives the dream that is, everyday life. The main narrator (Ed Norton) plays an insomniac office worker looking to change his average everyday life. He meets Marla (Helena), another ‘faker’ at the various groups he has been attending. Then, as paths collide, ‘mayhem’ breaks lose. You cannot help but assess your own life and wonder; do I marvel to these aspects of life? I still carry the messages forwarded from this movie throughout my life. Excellence worth buying.
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on 15 May 2014
I was told after watching this movie years ago that it was not as good as the book.

I recently read the book, which is a good read, an excellent debut for the author and an interesting descent into sleeplessness and beyond. So, having thoroughly enjoyed the book I re-watched the film with new eyes.

Those eyes enjoyed the film just as much. Yes the film has a slightly different slant and ending, but that's to be expected. The film does a great job at showing the descent, and I think does the book justice. I would recommend the film or book to anyone who likes a little anarchic action and something a little different form the normal trite fair on offer. I would recommend reading the book first, but it really shouldn't matter.
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on 3 April 2010
Fight Club is a very interesting movie, but I'm not going to review the movie, because that has been reviewed here hundreds of time.

The bluray: before I bought this, I was doubtful whether it would matter to have this movie on bluray. I can say I am satisfied with this HD version. The sound is very clear and the music in this film (in the beginning for example) seems spiced up compared to the dvd version and is cleary superior. The picture quality is robust: this movie had some soft grain, but I think that it was the intention of the moviemaker. Somehow, in this movie, it adds character. There's also an interesting depth to the picture which I cant recall from the dvd. Furthermore, a lot of extra detail can be seen when watching this on blu ray.
There are some documentaries on the disc, but I didnt watch any of them so I cant comment on them.

In short: if you like this movie, and dont own it yet on dvd (I didnt own it yet), you should definitely buy the blu ray, its worth the extra money because it sounds (a lot) better and it looks better (and grittier). If you already own the dvd, it depends on how much you like this movie. I wouldnt buy it again if that were the case.
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on 15 July 2017
An informative and entertaining guide on how to form an underground fight club. They provide a list of rules and everything.
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