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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2004
It's never considered cool or likely to increase your chances of being seen as a veteran fan if you say the newest album is their best ever, but this is. It's a subtle yet blatent, soreen yet full-sounding exploration of, well, just about everything. Everything that Faithless so famously stare into, that is. Be it politics, inequality, midnless dancing, love, and the rest.
Faithless have always written intricate and measured music, often of some genius, and I don't think it's fair to say their previous output was more about mindless dance anthems. The likes of Sunday 8pm are littered with moving, artistic pieces of music. This album continues this trend implicitely, and works both on technically musical and emotive levels.
There is scarcely a lacklustre track on the album. I Want More offers that holy grail of meaningful sub-tones yet gung-ho anthemic club melodies, as does Everything Will Be Alright Tomorrow and What About Love which, as someone stated, really is this album's dance anthem.
In a nut-shell? Careful, deliberate music which is both artistic and endlessly anthemic.
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on 20 June 2004
Fans of Faithless familiar only with Reverence won't recognise it.
Barring a few borrowed vocal lines and Maxi's smoothly delivered lyrics, No Roots is nothing like Faithless's earlier material. It is, however, an excellent return to form.
An expansion of themes explored in Outrospective (particularly Not Enuff Love and elements of Tarantula), No Roots is more or less one continuous piece of music. That said, the variety within it is excellently delivered, well paced and catchy. At times sombre, and always philosophical, the album has it's highs - Miss U Less, See U More is an upbeat tribute to Maxi's lady - his fluid lyrical dexterity making it instantly likable.
I Want More (Parts 1 and 2) are cleverly written, political pieces on greed and the worthy things in life. LSK, newly featuring on the Faithless scene, does well, and his husky vocals are an excellent addition to the album.
Love Lives on My Street and Bluegrass are pleasant but virtually indistinguishable from each other. The title track, No Roots, quintessentially represents the whole album - a strong, bald, likable song, well thought out. And Dido sings in it.
Tracks ten, eleven and twelve all seem to blend into one before the album picks up again - What About Love is a solid, beatsy tune with Maxi's reflective vocals that wouldn't seem out of place on Outrospective.
In The End is a fantastic end-piece. A quiet collaboration between Maxi and LSK, orchestral opening blending into well paced, haunting vocals and a simple, understated theme.
Above all, it's a good album. Essentially a theme piece, packed with potential for remixes and eminently listenable-to, it's a good effort from Faithless. A word of warning - there aren't any "dancy" tracks in the order of Salva Mea, God is a dj or We Come 1. It's not that kind of music. But it is good. Very Good.
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on 25 July 2005
well, having been a faithless fan for a while, this was the 3rd alum i bought of theirs. it is arguably their finest piece of work. it is no longer filled with insomnia styled anthems, unless yyou count i want more, and is actually one big long song, cut into 2 parts. the instrimental second part is undoubtedly better. stand out tracks are i want more (part two), a great club track, everything will be alright tomorrow, which has a great little chilled insomnia style riff in i think, and swingers, a wonderful chillout out track that sends shivers down my spine when i hear it. honest! if your a big faithless fan you'll have this, if not then try it, and listen all the way through, it may just draw you in
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on 9 June 2004
Faithless is well-known for their mixture of modern rythms (I haven't quite found out whether it is house or dance) that they produce so slick that it really cannot be done much better. Sister Bliss' musicallity is fantastic and creates tapestries and walls of music where the voice and words from Maxi Jazz are arranged like pearls, glittering and demanding.
What brings out the joy in me is "Massdestruction" where the video on the CD is splendid and the music good ol'e Faithless. That number is outstanding and although it is close to "Insomnia" in its trance recitation that is Maxi Jazz at his best.
Sadly the rest of the CD is hit by a CONCEPT: The group has chosen to play all the numbers in the same key (C) and although this does make it easier for DJ's to inmix other tracks it brings the music to a bit of a stillstand. Too ambient, you could say. The worst is though that Maxi Jazz is stepping to the background in many tracks and is letting the soft-voiced LSK do the job. No, I don't like that - give me back the REAL Jazz and his insisting voice.
But I must still surrender: I like Faithless so much that I will recommend this album to you - but remember, it is more conceptual that the previous.
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on 23 June 2004
I have always enjoyed Faithless' music. They have remained true to thier art yet still came up with some instantly recognisable tracks such as "Insomnia". "Mass Destruction" (the remix) is one such track. The album is quite mellow most of the time though. The band is joined by "LSK" for this album who gives some of the tracks a different feel than previous "Faithless" tracks. The concept of it being 2 big songs is interesting. You'll notice this if you pay attention two the lyrics of each track.
If you are a fan of this band then you should buy this song without reading any review. If you are not sure and just want some good music then get this.
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on 13 March 2008
This is a great Album and the only Faithless album I have. The bands sound can be likened to that of Massive Attack but with a less dark side to it and a few more beats thrown in for your money. I really like this album and recommend it to anyone into Massive Attack or Faithless equally..

You won't be disappointed...............
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on 18 June 2004
This is the album that will see Faithless leave the dance mainstream and become the band Rollo always wanted.
I was disappointed with OutraSpective, primarily because I thought the band were making music they thought they were expected to make. On 'No Roots' time has been taken. To say they've gone soft and popularist becuase of the message in the lyrics is nonsense. Rollo and Sister Bliss are laying down the beats for Mazi Jazz to provide their message over. No-one slates the Clash, the Smiths et al. for providing a message in their music.
If you don't like there being feeling in your albums then don't buy it. However if you want to here the passion of an intellegent and caring band of people then look no further.
Rollo was produced the album as a continuous opus with each track representing chapter. The affect is a very smooth journey thoughout the album and a joy to listen to. Soes make one feel guilty for skipping to one's favourite trak though.
Mass Destruction is of course well known now.
Love Lives on My Street is a beautiful ballard done in the Faithless style. LSK voice complements Maxi's wondefully.
Miss U Less, See U More is likely to be a classic and I can't wait to here it played live. There is so much potential there.
No Roots is epic, and certainly doesn;t feel only 5 minutes short. So much emmotion is squeezed in there.
Swingers is 3 mins 46 seconds of moshing beats. Can't wait for the dancing remix. Think Salva Mea...
In short this album represents Faithless doing what they want and if people want to go on the journey with them then jump on the bus, you'll see me dancing at the back...
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on 2 September 2004
I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in Faithless' new album "No Roots". I have been a big fan of the dance act since I first heard "Insomnia" in the nightclubs in my early twenties. However the more I listened to the cd, the more the music has grown on me. I was a bit surprised that the group's first single isn't their traditional epic dance song like "Insomnia" or "God is a DJ" but the more laid back sound of "Mass Destruction", a satirical take on politics if you ask me. The entire album is a lot darker than the band's first three albums but yet still has Faithless' familiar sound. My favorite song on the cd is "What About Love?" which follows in the big, epic dance sound of "God is a DJ" and "Insomnia", the band's biggest hits (outside the US). The instrumental songs "I Want More" (parts I and II) reminds me of "The Garden" from "Sunday 8pm". The one song I didn't really care for was the remix of "Mass Destruction". It was not one of the band's better remixes. Although "No Roots" is no "Reverance" or "Sunday 8pm", the album is still a pretty good album. I immensely enjoyed "No Roots" and listening to Faithless's music in the past several years. I want to thank the band for giving me so much joy in their brief music career.
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VINE VOICEon 18 June 2004
High were the expectations of this, Faithless' first new material since Outrospective and the outcome is well... difficult to say. The first thing you can say after a full listen is that this is really nothing new (certainly not the change in direction that the single mix of 'Weapons of mass...' suggested). There are the dance tunes which will be the darlings of every club in the country this summer complete with Maxi's thoughful mantras ("I cant get no sleep" and "We Come 1" is in the form of "I Want More" and "What about Love"). There are the lesser dance tracks with their ambient strings and pleasant repetitions ('Pastoral' and 'Sweep'). Finally there are the trademark Maxi raps which as expected make references to pantyhose and scanty clothes.
Now all of this may sound bad, but if you like classic Faithless balance as seen in Outrospective more than the other two albums, then this is for you. This album essentially IS outrospective.
Having said this, it cant be said that Faithless havent improved on this same sound. The fact that the whole album is played in C Key gives a very monotonous feel that you might get in a Massive Attack or Radiohead album, making this Faithless album seem more... mature than its predecessors. Its pretty much impossible to tell where each track begins or ends making this an album, not a collection of songs.
Beware. If you are a fan of the classic 'Single-edit' Faithless then stay clear. It is obvious the club anthem of the summer will be 'I Want More' but the album edit doesnt take off like the remixes will do, you think its about to with all the stoic building up but then... no. This is something of a trend throughout again contributing to the mature feel of an electronic album as opposed to a Dance album.
So do you like Outrospective? If so, buy this, but dont expect anything new. Acoustic and alternative Faithless fans shouldnt be afraid either but appoach ready for a familiar ride.
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on 14 May 2006
I can easily see why people are understating the value of this record. It has followed in the wake of a whole host of anthemic tunes from Maxi and the gang and has been overshadowed, rather unjustly, by the major anthem of this particular record: weapons of mass destruction.

That song aside a cursory search by musical inspectors will not uncover any similarly powerful weapons of mass (aural) destruction but rather an inoffensive collection of soulful and calming electronic ballads that pacify rather than incite.

Sit back, relax and imagine soaring high above an urban cityscape as day gives way to the temptations, troubles and relationships of the night.

If this album was released by a different band I think it would be more highly acclaimed than it is but it is precisely the groups history of barnstorming bass and roof-lifters that I believe has tainted its emergence as a hit downtempo record in its own right.
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