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on 11 April 2017
ordered this to start my tos collection but have to turn the sound right up to hear it but it was at a good price
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on 15 January 2018
picture very good but NOT FULL SCREEN FOR BLUE RAY
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on 9 July 2009
Of course the original Star Trek series is fantastic, so I will not review THAT content. As a Star Trek fan these are an enjoyable and essential addition to any DVD library. However...

This set of DVDs falls flat on several fronts. The sound quality varies substantially (negatively) from one DVD to the next. I have tried them on 2 separate DVD players, so it is not a failing of a particular player. This is a dissapointment, as the shows are great, especially with the remastered exterior special effects. It seems that vocal tracks and music tracks have been mastered separately, so sometimes the vocals are lost to background music.

The very first episode on the first DVD contained a digital glitch which caused my 2 separate DVD players to hang... The only solution was to fast forward past the offending section, after which the DVD played normally.

Another failing is in the order of the episodes and the design of the cases. The episodes follow the order they were initially aired in the US (one can only presume - as there is no written explanation), yet on the DVD interface each episode is numbered in what initially appears to be a random fashion. I can only presume (after some research) that the numbers were included so that if you want you can view the episodes in the story order they were written or recorded, jumping from DVD to DVD to DVD...

In order to see what episodes are on each DVD, the case liner needs to be removed - a pain - it would have been nice to have that info either printed on the back or included as an insert.

Those few complaints aside, it is fantastic to have each complete season in a single box set. Also it is the ONLY collection I have come across, so I cannot recommend any alternatives. As such I recommend this set (and seasons 2 & 3) to fans, just that they should be prepared to quickly review the entire DVD set and attempt to return for exchange any that are truly corrupt. Let the buyer beware...
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VINE VOICEon 14 April 2006
Given that Star Trek is one of the all-time great Sci-Fi series, and led to the biggest TV franchise ever, why has the DVD release been so shoddy? Other lesser TV shows have been released in their true Chronological order, with in-depth information booklets and compact but stylish packaging. What we get here is a mess - no Pilot episode ( we have to get series 3 for what is essentially the opening episode!!) and the episodes are in transmission order, which means that 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' ( Shatner's first appearance)appears third on the disc. To cap it all, the only info we get is a foldaway leaflet which is the only way to discover which episode appears on which Disc. As for the awful yellow plastic box it appears in...!!!

Yes, it is great to have these episodes, and the series will always be enjoyable, but it surely deserved better than this. Or will a special collector's set be issued once the fans have bought these....??
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on 7 August 2011
I'm a Trekkie, which is why i had to write this review.

I love the original star trek and couldnt wait to receive these remastered versions. However, they havent just been remastered, they have been altered, interfered with, ruined.

The colour and sound have been enhanced making it much nicer to watch but the space scenes showing the ships, shuttles and worlds have been replaced with CGI and not the original shots remastered.

I was truely disappointed with this and may have to look elsewhere for the true originals.

The show itself gets 5 stars, but i have to drop it to 3 due to the replaced scenes. (Also the episodes are in random order, which is REALLY annoying).
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on 9 November 2015
Love the series, but digital re-mastering has added many new effects - gone are the wonky ones. Loses its charm. Still, great to see Shatner, Nimoy, etc on the rise.
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on 5 November 2016
I know that the people who reworked these shows think they did an awesome job of keeping true to the original intention of the shows, but they didn't. If you add extra ingredients to paella, it is no longer paella. It's the same thing with these dvds. They mixed the old scenes, cleaned up and remastered, with new scenes which were computer-generated, and the result is the same as if they had taken someone's cherished vinyl music collection and remastered it, putting it on cds. It lost quite a bit in the translation, and I'm disappointed that I didn't know that is what I was buying. Buyer beware, these have been changed.
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on 19 June 2009
I have recently bought all three remastered Star Trek Series and I am very happy with the way they look compared to my old sets regarding picture quality. However, I dislike the new packaging. I prefer my old style plastic cases which look far more authentic and match the style of the series far better. This new packaging is difficult to handle (getting the discs out and in place again) and the cases are much more prone to damage (the metallic layer on mine were scratched in some places soon after I had gotten them). This was actually the second time I bought season 3, because the first time, a couple of the placeholders for the discs inside the box were broken and I had to get a replacement. I have never had this problem with my old versions. I was thinking of putting the new discs inside the old plastic cases, but no cigar!! Because the number of discs is not the same (there are 7 discs in my old plastic cases and 8 in the new packaging. I guess, some guys have all the luck.
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on 2 February 2017
Hi can anybody advise me please ive bought the full journey box set i didnt check the aspect ratio we have a big led 55 inch tv but when playing its only showing on the middle of screen 2 black blocks on either side ive tried screen adjustment no difference ive probably got the wrong set can anyone help please thanks
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on 16 September 2004
I had really been looking forward to recieving this package.
In my opinion for future buyers,The picture quality is very good.
The sound quality is also very good.But I certainly do not like how the dvd's are packaged. Having to take them out of the box and then out of the holder means it is very easy for you to damage the packing. It should just be in a box and the dvds in seperate packaging.
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