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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2014
One of Joe Dante's funniest films with some suspense thrown into the mix
THE BURB'S, excellent writing from Dana olsen
very Funny acting from all the cast, Tom Hanks, Rick Docummon, Corey Feldman, the whole cast is Great
with of course Great Directing from Joe Dante
i used to watch this film lots of times when it was released on DVD years & years ago
never ever thought this film would get a blu-ray release until i saw the listing on amazon uk
what i surprise i Got, this blu-ray special edition by Arrowfilms is incredible
Arrow films went the Whole nine yards with this film
The Theatrical release has been given an excellent blu-ray Transfer in 2K resolution
i only watched some scenes from the Theatrical version to check the picture quality out
considering i've seen the film so many times on DVD
Arrowfilms have done a Great Job cleaning up the picture quality from dvd to High Definition 1080
the Audio mix is only Master audio stereo, not 5.1 surround sound unfortunately

now to the special features, man am i excited about the extras
Arrow films have produced a brand new 1 hour long Documentary on the making of the film
new interviews with Joe Dante, D.O.P Robert stevens, Production design James spencer
plus actors Core feldman, Wendy Schaal and Courtney Gains who played Hans
Mr Klopek played by Brian Gibson passed away years ago
unfortunately for some reason Bruce Dern, Tom Hanks, Rick Docummon or Carrie fisher were not interviewed
maybe they weren't available.
this Doco is Great, Detailed interviews with Joe Dante is most of the cast and crew
he talks about the Workprint version and other things about the film
there's an Audio commentary by writer Dana olsen on the Theatrical cut

there is also the UNCUT Workprint version on this blu-ray Disc aswell
i never knew there was a workprint version so instead of watching the typical Theatrical cut
i watched the Workprint version first, very very enjoyable watching it.
a massive difference between this workprint and the Theatrical
the workprint goes for at least 105mins and is Fullscreen only 1:33:1 ratio
the Theatrical cut is only under 90mins with credits included

the workprint has no credits before and after the film, there is no Burbs title at the beginning
the Workprint has both some scenes from the Theatrical cut mixed with Deleted scenes & extended scenes
there are some scenes that look the same as the Theatrical scenes but Different Dialogue
the Dream sequence where Tom Hanks is Dreaming is also extended
more footage of the Pagan followers, i prefer this extended Dream scene than the Theatrical cut
the Music score is also different, it does not sound like the Jerry Goldsmith score for the dvd release
the Heavy metal songs from the dvd release are different on this workprint
eg when Corey feldman's Guitar mock scene is on he's playing to a song from THE CULT.
there is also a Different ending where you see the Klopek's Get arrested and put in Handcuffs
i Could talk about this workprint all day and how Different it is to the DVD release
the workprint is a completely Different film version that's for sure.

this workprint has been transferred Directly from Joe Dante's personal VHS copy
so it's a master copy transfer in Fullscreen format 1:33:1, so the picture quality is VHS quality with Mono sound mix
but Arrow films have done a Great Job cleaning up the picture quality little bit to make sure
the whole 105mins is watchable
i like both versions of the film actually
but very very interesting Workprint i'll definitely watch it again
there is also a 30page booklet by Kenneth Souza writing about the film, an interesting read.

like all Arrow films blu-ray's this is region B locked so any U.S. fans reading this review
you'll need a region free blu-ray player
Arrow films have gone the whole nine yards with this blu-ray release
the 2 versions of this film plus 1 hour long Doco on 1 Disc
it Deserves 5 stars for sure, Definitely worth the cash
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VINE VOICEon 28 June 2005
The Burbs is a cult classic black comedy directed by Joe Dante and stars Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher and Corey Fledman among other reocognisable faces.
The story is based around a group of suburbanites and their obsession with a strange new family in the neighbourhood called the Clopeks. Their overactive imaginations lead them to delve deeper into the odd activities taking place at the Clopek residence, such as the strange noises coming from the basement, digging up the back yard in the middle of the night (like grave diggers) and the general odd behaviour of the family.
What makes this film so appealing is that this could take place in any neighbourhood you care to think of. The suburb is otherwise very ordinary - set routines, nosy neighbours and typical banter you would find in a quiet suburb.
The Burbs features a fantastic cast, lively script and some genuine laughs. The characters are all fantastic to watch and you learn to love them all for their individual qualities (of which there are many).
This is the uncut version of one of the best films I have ever seen. The only part I have never noticed before was the inclusion of a four letter swear word in one scene (for those who want to know, it begins with "s"). I didn't notice any other differences to when it is on television.
This DVD only includes a 90 second teaser trailer from when the film was released but the film is so good you shouldn't let the lack of extras put you off. This is easily one of my all time favourite films. Very little comes anywhere close to the quality of this little gem. An incredible film!
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on 24 February 2008
My sister and I are reviewing this film as it is definetley one of our favourites.First is that anyone I know who has seen this film cannot help quoting from it comments such as "this is walter" and "what is that Slavic?".

What makes this film remarkable is that Tom Hanks leads the film and it is just not a Tom Hanks film. There is no message of hope no triumph of decent Americans.on the contrary this is a film that celebrates fear of strangers/foreigners and extols the virtue of snooping. What I find slightly annoying is that Rick Duccomon (Art aka Tuna-Neck) has been in so little since (I think he was in the lamentable California Man and Gremlins 2 but that is it). This is a tragedy as Rick's performance is a revelation especially his ability to eat in every single scene.

It also has excellent support from the always interesting Feldman and the barking mad Dern. One review (halliwells)described the Burbs as the most unusual American major studio film of the 80s It is certainly one of them. Make sure you buy the dvd because it is on tv a lot but always annoyingly cut.
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on 14 July 2004
If you have the appropriate sense of humour, you will laugh at this film forever. It carries more character quotes than any other film I can remember, like Bruce Dern's "Where you going Pinocchio", Corey Feldman's "No tan-lines today" or Tom Hanks " Who keeps a horse in their basement?" amongst others. The performances by the star cast are so strong that they completely take over what is a fairly ordinary storyline. The excellent directing catches some wonderful moments of real pace during a pedantic day in suburbia which comes alive with the antics of the various characters as they interact with their strange neighbours, the Klopeks. On average I watch this film once a month and still find new angles on the jokes and asides which pepper the script. Give it a chance and it will hook you in too.
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on 25 November 2000
An absolute classic. You really can't describe The 'Burbs, a bit of horror, a bit of suspense, a bit of action, adventure and a huge assortment of comedy glued together with slapstick and dark humor. Altogether, a great film, a great cast and a great script. This film has sadly been forgot but for the few people who actually appreciate this film it remain an all-time great forever. Full marks to the director Joe Dante. Buy this film, its EXCELLANT!!!
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on 2 December 2004
An unashamedly enjoyable treat from director Joe Dante.
Tom Hanks plays Ray, a thirty-something suburbanite who is just beginning a relaxing week at home with his wife Carol (Carrie Fisher) and his son Dave (Corey Danziger - who couldn't look more like a young Hanks if he tried) Unfortunately for his family, Ray is overly protective of his neighbourhood and becomes increasingly suspicious of his reclusive new neighbours, the Klopeks, especially when bizarre noises emit from their basement late at night.
Flanked by his other neighbours - the oafish Art (Rick Ducommon), the military obsessed veteran Mr. Rumsfield (hilariously played by Bruce Dern) and the stoner next door Ricky (Corey Feldman)- Ray sets out to discover the truth behind the Klopeks - more so when Walter, the old guy at the end of the street mysteriously disappears.
Featuring appearances from Dante regulars Dick Miller, Henry Gibson and Robert Picardo, The Burbs is a hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable film that comments on neighbourly suspicions in a typical American suburban street. The film often veers into slapstick territory, particularly during the films final half hour, but like Evil Dead 2, this adds to The Burbs' enjoyment rather than watering it down.
The performances by the leads - Dern especially - are excellent and the 'neighbourly chat' in the Klopek's home is a particularly memorable scene. Once again, Dante tips his hat towards 50's B-movies with spooky lighting, odd camera angles and even a ridiculous dream sequence.
A deliciously offbeat film and an underrated one at that. It has been a while, but it is finally available on DVD. Go buy it.
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on 5 May 2003
i first saw this film at about 1.30 in the morning in the easter holidays(2003) there was nothing else on so i decided to watch this film and i was disgusted that it was on this late when not many people will be watching, i thought it was a great film with great acting and is really underated. A MUST SEE!!!
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on 28 March 2016
I have always enjoyed this Movie. It is Great fun, full of laughs with a somewhat underlying Dark Side. The only Extra is the Movies Trailer. However, there are times when the Film transfer to Blu-ray is very poor quality with some really grainy scenes. It wouldn't surprise me if the Upscaled DVD gives better Film Quality than this Blu-ray version.
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on 27 October 2009
On a week off from work Ray Peterson (Hanks) and his neighbours become
suspicious of the new residents next door who are hardly ever seen in

In and amongst The Da Vinci Code, Charlie Wilson's War and Cast Away it
is easy to forget how brilliant a comedy actor Tom Hanks is.

Has it really been over 20 years since his first Oscar nomination in
the groundbreaking Big? That vintage scene stealing presence with a
charming innocence was exquisite method acting by the American, in
which his child was trapped inside the vulnerable adult figure. Of
course you only have to visit a few years back for his last "comedy" if
you can call The Lady-killers that. Dark reality humour encoded but his
awkwardness peeked through in perhaps the Coen's worst picture.

Nevertheless here we were in 1989 having come back off the monumental
success of Big and Hanks was up and running towards Hollywood stardom
and this Joe Dante picture showcased much more of the comic genius of
its central star.

With a plot spilling out mystery about quiet and non fundamental
neighbours this is a perfect example of what society in the suburbs is
reflected as from an outsider's view. You only have to flick on the TV
to see the same representation in a sitcom such as Desperate Housewives
or a film in Little Children to find gossipy neighbour's prying eyes
over their fence for a good nosy at everyone else's dirty laundry.

The Burbs' sensationally capitalizes on this conformed ideology of the
nosy neighbour by parodying all the way through by running delicious
gags at how formula and formality gets shaken up by the arrival of the
unknown. This is simply staggering, the benchmark to judge what is and
isn't out of realism.

Spilling with parodies, over the top pranks and marvellously hyperbole
suspicions about the activities, this is vintage physical comedy with
people getting hit, top actors screaming silly and dog mess on the
front lawn.

But if this sounds a bit over the top then no need to worry as come the
end there are so many turnarounds you'll be spinning and a wonderful
shouting emotion from Hank's Ray that you know he is telling the truth
and everything never feels the same again.

Dante adds wonderful spice to this picture. Opening with a conventional
bird's eye view of the suburb we see his intent to make everything
normal but then when the mystery builds and the wind blows at night
with the garbage can then the director lets his exuberance flow and
this flies from normal everyday life to wondrous fantastical comedy
horror with some splendid sets and a purposeful tension overflow for
extra laughs.

Hank's is brilliant as is everyone and everything; this is splendid
comedy and a true reflection with an added spice of misrepresentation.

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on 3 June 2015
I'd never seen The 'Burbs all the way through before; I was glad I waited for a special edition. The Blu-ray special edition is very good, with a commentary by the writer and interviews with some of the cast (no Hanks, unfortunately) and deleted and alternate scenes.
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