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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Final Fantasy 9
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£66.45+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 4 June 2016
I do this the prices these go for is a little high.and that's the same for all game soundtracks. But I payed 29 for a new copy and I think it's well worth that. 4 disks worth of music that are close to an hour a piece.

Of your looking at this then you know what the music is like with is classical orchestral score with flourishes of electronics.

Not all the songs are great but there all short from a minuet to about 5 max.

The cd case is similar to that of the game. This comes in a card Sleave and a nice booklet with movie art and the track listing plus some info and lyrics. Nice set
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on 5 June 2017
came weeks before the date was given works great
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on 16 March 2016
This was an expensive purchase but well worth it. Includes all the music in the game over 4 CDs.

Note that there is no listing of the tracks in English.
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on 16 February 2007
Although I did not like the game of FF9 quite as much as FF7 and FF8, I still could not resist the CD, and I'm quite pleased with it, although the music is a bit more samey than the previous release. Of course the battle and boss music themes are easy to recognise, and both are pretty good, up to the series standards. I also enjoy the "lullaby" battle music of the friendly monsters, it's very relaxing! The theme of the game is somewhat medieval, and there are lots of tunes that carry this flavour, with jingling bells and pipes...Actually, there are a few too many like this, and having all the tracks listed in Japanese makes it worse, as I couldn't remember a lot of the tracks, or relate them to the time I heard them while playing the game. After spending some frustrated hours listening to the songs with no titles to help me, I tracked down a full translation of the titles on the web, and I have to say, my appreciation of the music went up enormously once I could identify a piece in its context within the game. For this reason, I am including the list of translated titles here, to help other non-Japanese speakers identify their favourite tracks:

Disc 1:

1 Place I Call Home 2 Memories lost in the storm 3 Battle strategy meeting 4 Skies of Alexandria 5 Vivi's theme 6 Living by the sword 7 Vamo' alla flamenco 8 Decisive action ~Search for the princess~ 9 Jesters of the Moonless Sky 10 Steiner's Theme 11 Primavista band 12 Captivating eyes 13 Tonight 14 Your warmth 15 Mistaken love 16 Queen of

the abyss 17 Awakened forest 18 Fighting 19 Fanfare 20 Memories of that day 21 More Fighting 22 Game Over 23 Run! 24 Goodnight 25 Crossing those hills 26 Ice caverns 27 Dali - Frontier village 28 Far away in the twilight 29 Reckless Steiner 30 Limited time 31 Zidane's Theme 32 Black Waltz

Disc 2:

1 Cid's theme 2 One danger put behind us 3 Lindbulm 4 Song of memories 5 Hunter chance 6 Marsh of the Qu clan 7 Quina's theme 8 Aloha De Chocobo 9 Ukule Le Chocobo 10 Freya's theme 11 At the South Gate border 12 Fairy

battle 13 Burmecia kingdom 14 Unforgettable face 15 Kuja's theme 16 Sword of doubt 17 Treno - Sleepless town 18 Theme of Tantalus 19 Wicked Melody 20 Garnet's Theme 21 Gargan Roo - Ancient Passageway 22 Clayla's trunk

23 Town of Clayla 24 Eternal harvest 25 Heavens Grief 26 Extraction

Disc 3:

1 Ambush Attack 2 Rose Of May 3 Fossil Roo 4 Conde Petie - Village Where The Mountains Blow 5 Black Mage Village 6 Where love doesn't reach 7 Ceremony for the gods 8 Eiko's Theme 9 Ruins of Madain Sari 10 Walls of the Sacred Beasts 11 Iifa Tree 12 Amarant's Theme 13 Footsteps of desire 14 We Are Thieves! 15 Slew of love letters 16 Quad Mist 17 Mog's Theme. 18 Those Whom We Must Protect 19 The Summoned Ones 20 Keeper of Time

21 Oeilvert 22 A Transient Past 23 Frog Appearance 24 Esto Gaza - Sacred Ground 25 Gurugu Volcano 26 Dissipating Magic and Spirit

Disc 4:

1 The Airship, Hildagaldy 2 Hermit's Library - Daguerreo 3 Ipsen's Heritage 4 The Four Mirrors 5 Successive Battles 6 Terra 7 Bran Bal, The Village Without Souls 8 Pandemonium, The Castle Frozen In Time 9 You're Not Alone! 10 Endless Sorrow 11 The Evil Mist, Again 12 Assault Of The Silver Dragons 13 Place Of Memory 14 Crystal World 15 Messenger Of Destruction - Trance Kuja 16 Final Battle - Necron 17 Bittersweet Romance 18 The Kiss Of Betrayal 19 I Want To Be Your Canary 20 Two Hearts That Can't Be Stolen 21 Beyond That Door 22 Melodies of Life ~ Final

Fantasy 23 Prelude 24 15'' Commercial song 25 30'' Commercial song 26 Melodies of Life (The Layers of Harmony)

Th album as a whole takes a long time to warm up, and it's only towards the end that the best tracks start appearing. My favourites are the more sombre songs towards the end of the collection like the beautiful Bran Bal village theme, and especially the tracks that accompany Zidane's loss of faith in his friends, such as "You're Not Alone, and "Endless Sorrow". The themes for Kuja and Necron, are impressively dark, and look out also for the tunes "Iifa Tree", and "Extraction", these are really creepy pieces, although "Extraction" is alarmingly short. On the lighter side, the Mage Village tune is a great poppy, electro number and there's one stunning piano solo piece called "Rose of May", which is always running through my head for days after playing this CD. I also really like the song "Melodies Of Life", both the vocal and instrumental, in fact I prefer it to "Eyes on Me", as it's very simple and brings just the right mood to the end of the game. As does the delicate instrumental version with just the "la-la" accompaniment that underlined the closing moments as all the characters went their seperate ways (sob!)

All in all, an enjoyable CD, not as good as FF8, but still a high quality product.
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on 26 April 2016
love this album, loved the music from the game, and this album is perfect for fans of video game music. yes the album songs are in japanese, but, if you use iTunes, it automatically converts them to english, all you have to do is import via english song name options, and, if, like me, you have an Android phone, just drag the newly converted songs onto your phone, and presto.

one other thing, got it just in time, got my copy for 20 and by the next day checking the cd listing, it was up to 43 sold directly from amazon both times. :) happy person right here.
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on 13 June 2013
Has all the music from the game. In my opinion, great games need great music and this game certainly did. Hence why I ended up buying the cd. Outstanding music. Not much more I have to say.
I guess one thing I would have liked was more artwork. And my copy of the cd was quite expensive. Worth it though if you enjoy the music as much as I do.
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on 18 April 2015
I'm so happy to finaly have this soundtrack to go with my collection. Arrived very quick and packaged well . Very happy! Thankyou.
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on 17 December 2004
Wonderful soundtrack to a wonderful game. If you own FFIX, This comes highly recommended.
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