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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 29 August 2010
Just how I remember it when I played the game so many years ago, this might just be the best film, television or game soundtrack ever. A must have in everyone's collection.
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on 14 December 2004
Each of the game's 85 tracks are on these 4 CDs, and have not been edited or altered since Nobuo Uematsu created them himself in 1996, during the development of the game.
As soon as I started listening to the first CD, it immediately brought back memories of those days in '97 when I was playing what I still regard to this day as the best RPG ever made.
If you're a fan of the Final Fantasy series, or just Final Fantasy 7, or even videogame soundtracks in general, then this soundtrack would be the ultimate addition to your music collection.
If you haven't already, then order this now, while you still can!!
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on 14 June 2005
Here in Europe, you see the name Nobuo Uematsu on this. You realise that this is the guy who composed the music for most of the Final Fantasy series and you don't really say much.
But in Japan, Uematsu is a legend. And he is to me. He's one of the most talented compsers alive, bringing tears to peoples eyes and filing them up with so much emotion. He is one of the reasons why the Final Fantasy series is so popular.
First off, if you haven't played the game and completed it, don't buy the soundtrack, you need to play it first to truly appreciate the music. Having played VII myself I can totally related to the music and listening to it brings back fond memories of playing the game.
VII is considered to be one of Uematsu's greatest works, just behind the VI soundtrack and I have to agree.
Disc one is mainly holding the tracks that were played during the whole Midgar stage of the game, the beginning basically. The disc is mainly filled with the evil ShinRa Inc. tracks such as the cold hearted "Makou Reactor" and "ShinRa Company" which gives the feeling of metal mixed in with lies and betrayal but with a cool edge to it. Other tracks on this disc is the mysterious "Anixous Heart" which is one of my favourites, also know as Cloud's unofficial theme, "Tifa's Theme", "Flowers Blooming in the Church" and "Those Who Fight Further".
Disc one has a big number of good tracks and a few that you might pass by, but it shows great and talented work.
Moving onto disc two, it opens with one of the best tracks on the whole 4 discs. "FFVII Main Theme" also known as the "Overworld Theme" is basically the Main Theme song of FFVII. It basically tries to give a sense of hope as FFVII is a dark game and it seems that all hope has been lost. It gives a mood and completely mutual in the respect towards it. One of the best. Another favourite on this disc is "J-E-N-O-V-A" the boss theme used for the Jenova fights. Considered to be one of the best boss battles themes it gives a sense of a Sci-Fi movie but with real time mixed in between that you have to hurry to defeat her. Other tracks on this disc are "Ahead of Our Way", "Trail of Blood", "Mining Town" and "Cait Chit's Theme".
Overall, Disc 2 is a good disc such the "FFVII Main Theme" and "Trail of Blood" included but some tracks don't give the same feeling towards the game. Good works they are mind ou, but not the best.
Disc 3 takes us to the end of Disc 1 of the game. Beginning with "Cosmo Canyon" and ending with "Who Am I?" it has some of the most emotional tracks in the game. Most favourites are "Cid's Theme", "Interrupted by Fireworks" and "Great Warrior". However, one of the most important pieces is one this disc, one of Uematsu's best works ever and has been stated as one of the reasons to buy this soundtrack. The immortal "Aerith's Theme", this track fights with VI's "Terra's Theme" as the best character theme and one of the FF's greatest tracks.
"Aerith's Theme" tells the tale of the tragic heroine Aerith (Her original Japanese name, was changed to Aeris in english version) and how her death affects Cloud and the others. It starts off with a single piano, slow and calming and then brings in so much. This is my favourite FF track ever, and is most gamers. "Aerith's Theme" has brought many gamers and myself to tears, it just brings out so much emotion that words just cannot describe it. A pure masterpiece.
Overall Disc 3 contains as I said, most of the emotional tracks in the game and brings out a lot of the darkness in the game and some of the best tracks. "Cid's Theme", "Great Warrior" and "Aerith's Theme" show this greatly.
The final disc contains the tracks that are practically at the end of the game with some of disc 2 of the game involved. Favourites on this are "Birth of a God", "Staff Roll" and of course, "One Winged Angel".
Ah, "One Winged Angel". Probably the coolest final boss music ever! It contains the cold and ruthless heart of our villian Sephiroth. Strong beats and it gives off a sense of nothing but darkness and that all hope is lost. And then comes in the Latin chorus! Chanting verses of burning anger and then shouting "Sephiroth!" sends chills down your spine. One of the best.
Most people complain about the sound quality of the tracks are they were recorded by syth and not digally, but you forget this are you meld into the tracks. There was not enough memory on the discs to do that.
What I get sick of is when people say that they want complete orchestral tracks of every piece. Read the title! "Original Soundtrack" VII only has three songs in complete orchestral form and that is "FFVII Main Theme", "One Winged Angel" and "Aerith's Theme" which are on the "FFVII Reunion Tracks" which are masterpieces along with the originals.
In words I leave you this. If you are a FF fan, then buy this soundtrack right now! Even if you don't like FF, I would recommed this you if you love great music. This soundtrack is a pure masterpiece.
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on 18 January 2005
Anyone who has played and loved FFVII will kill for a rare chance like this to purchase the official 4 disc soundtrack of the game. The themes are ALL included in their original forms, not like some of these synthesized rip-off "soundtracks" that are out there which only have poor renditions of the game's main themes.
The tracks are more or less in the order that they are heard in the game so most people will be most familiar and most fond of the tracks on Disc 1. Discs 2 & 3 are both good, with a few standout tracks and then Disc 4 climaxes with the amazing final boss themes, including the incomparable "One Winged Angel". With a total combined running time of over 4 hours, this is such a good collection as to be the next best thing to replaying the game itself!
Highest recommendation.
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on 6 July 2004
This is the Final Fantasy Soundtrack to end all sountracks. For me Final Fantasy 7 the game is the best of the Final Fantasy games, the stories great and every singl character has thier own story to tell and each is moving in its own way. Listening to this sound track, with your eyes closed, brings flooding back all the memories and emotions I felt during he game. And music that can do that, in my book, is worth every single penny. If you love Final Fantasy 7, you'll love this.
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on 31 August 2005
Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest, most emotional and epic games I have had the pleasure to play. Hearing the music that accompanies your descent into the crater moved me almost to tears. And of course, there is One Winged Angel, one of the most famous and revered pieces of video game music ever.
For non-fans, this won't hold anything near the same significance as it does for fans, and some may balk when they hear midi quality sound. But for those who want something both emotional and different, or those who want to relive one of the greatest adventures they ever embarked upon, this is a must.
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on 24 August 2007
This music is so great FF7 fans will listen to this till the ends of the earth!

Yep i think this is the best in-game music ever its sooooo cool there are 4 discs with lots of sounds from Final Fantasy VII.

Mako Reactor is my favorite and One Winged Angel i could listen to their songs over and over and never get bored.

I just love this soundtrack to bits reminds me of how great FF VII was.

Buy this soundtrack FF7 fans or people new to final fantasy either way you will love it no matter what.
If you don't like it well you must be mistaken i don't think anyone could hate this soundtrack.

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on 17 March 2006
For those of you who love this game, i urge you to buy this.
The games soundtrack is around 85 different pieces of music, including all you favoutites, Aeris's Theme, Prelude and the Heart pounding One Winged Angel. The epic score comes on four cd's with a booklet, my booklet the wording was in japanese, but don't let that put you off, the cd's worked absolutely fine and now i have it on my iPod! The booklet contains some pictures i have never seen before and comes in a nice presentation case (the picture you see when you look at the item on it's product info page).
This is a brilliant collection which should sit on everyone's CD shelf!!
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on 30 March 2012
Here it is, the official, original soundtrack to 1997's record-breaking RPG classic, Final Fantasy VII made by Squaresoft. Created by veteran video game composer Nobuo Uematsu, the FFVII OST spans across 4 compact discs, averaging about 20 tracks each and adding up to a whopping 85 in total.. thats 4 and a half hours of recreational wonder. This is the real deal, the reason why more and more video game publishers simultaneously release soundtracks (The Limited Edition of 'Dark Souls' is a prime example). However not many people hold video game scores in high regard, the fact that they only really cater to those who enjoyed the game and go on further to hunt down the original music. It goes without saying that Final Fantasy VII is nothing without its soundtrack and vice versa. For me, FF7 was my first FF game and the most influential video game that undoubtably made its mark - I acquired this soundtrack several years later solely to reminisce, for around £30 brand new on eBay back in the mid 00's. So best not to consider this product unless you have experience with the game or just plain love MIDI file instrumentals.. That said, this review is based on the products involvement with the game and its fans, not a stand alone review.

Straight out of the sleeve, the OST comes in a reactor like design with background stills from the game and a small booklet for you to peruse. Its in Japanese but it has some nice images and character illustrations in there. The order of songs is as you experience them in game, so its fitting that the very first song on the massive album is 'The Prelude', an introduction that, looking back, pretty much says "You have no idea what is about to happen". Only heard on the New Game/Continue screen (and after game completion) is a soaring, bubbling, crystal like sound of synth goes up and down the scales, gaining more momentum each time, eventually met with cellos and violin like sounds that raise this song up in stature. The song is largely based on the older FF intros, seen as far back as games on the Nintendo systems. Straight after that is the song that officially starts the game known simply as 'Opening - Bombing Mission'. This track accompanies the initial FMV that greets you in a new game, flashing the title and sharply forces you into battle with rife drum loops, a high tempo and even more orchestral noises mimicking entire string sections and also a bit of brass. Conveniently, the whole of the first disc is based on one location in the game - Midgar - a gigantic conglomerate metropolis, polluted by the company that runs it.

Throughout the discs are the character themes, each one helping you gain further insight on the characters personalities. Some, like 'Tifa's Theme' are fairly slow paced, with echoed bells and delicate woodwind melodies, others like 'Barret's Theme' are more heavy on the brass section and feel like the beginning of a big mission. A common fan favourite, and well recommended theme would be that of Aeris (or Aerith), whose theme occurs a couple of times, changing drastically later on. The first disc sets also has the many tracks you'll get used to hearing in the game, such as 'Let the Battles Begin!' the general fighting music for the random encounters, and 'Fanfare' should you manage to be victorious. You truly get all the songs head in the game, that means you get songs reminding you of all the places you've been, the landscapes you trekked across and enemies and rivals you encountered along the way. Another famous song is 'Fight On!' known mostly as the boss theme - its the first song to feature are rock sound with guitars (synthesized but still..). While there was nothing bad about the tracks that led up to this one, its still refreshing to hear as it reminds you of the major battles you fought in throughout the game. 'Crazy Motorcycle' is a top example of escape music in style - I'd recommend looking this one up, even better if you find the FMV sequence that accompanies it.

Like the way the disc began, it ends brilliantly in 'Dear to the Heart', a farewell to Midgar, wandering song that doesn't feature much in the game, but is treasured all the same. Disc 2 ushers you in to the games world map song labelled as 'F.F.Vii Main Theme', one of the longer songs and one of the best - again its well recommended, perhaps with far greater urgency than any of the others, its orchestral journeying magic with ups and downs and only a glimmer of hope left in its ending. Theres a reason why it was made to be heard over and over again on the world map - it never gets old. The second disc starts to fill up with a few chocobo songs that are fine a few times but get a bit irritating being overly jolly. There are a few shorter tracks as well that last from 10 to 30 seconds, like the brief interlude heard when characters rest or sleep and the games game over music. Like the first though, it has an almighty boss song in 'J-E-N-O-V-A' - a storming, pupil widening race against the clock. Admittedly I have skimmed over some less memorable songs, but it largely comes down to personal preference as what may have been exciting for you (as a gamer) could be mediocre to the rest. The 3rd disc, probably my favourite list of songs, showcases all kinds of music mentioned (character themes, environments, FMV's and one off experiences).

'Lifestream' the song that follows the description of the Gaia philosophy, is one of my all time favourites, which is surprising because it is quiet, slow paced and simple - atmospheric. It gets better instantaneously as the next track 'Great Warrior' is a fan boy addiction. Anyone who has played the game remembers it as it only plays once through the games entirety. Since you've stuck with me for almost a thousand words, it won't surprise you that this is another song I urge you to check out. 'Cid's Theme' is what you'd imagine to be the soundtrack if you were to save the planet from certain destruction, its full of vigor and duty with deafening harmonised trumpets, snare drums and a super catchy melody to make this a badass theme.. a bit like the character I suppose.. Unfortunately the best disc has the worst songs too, with the victory and defeat tunes from chocobo racing, yet again a source of frustration. Thankfully, 'Interrupted by Fireworks' helps you forget the dross with magical imaginary, pagoda skylines. The final disc, shortest disc has the rarest, most scarcely heard songs on it, as the game would reach its pinnacle. Some songs are re-workings of others, with a different intent and others are largely FMV related. The final handful of tracks are based on the dying moments of the game, boss locations and battles, especially the most well known boss theme in video game history 'One Winged Angel' (which is features real vocals) and its crudely underrated counterpart 'Birth of a God'.

'One Winged Angel' is a swirling vortex of violins, cut off by the Romaji vocals, sang with real verve for the games main antagonist, Sephiroth. Imagine a meteor hurtling through space, destroying planets in its wake, colliding with the sun and causing it to super nova - that rather adequately describes the song. All thats left after this is the the ending FMV score 'The Planet's Crisis', the longest of all the songs at over 8 minutes long, and the 'Staff Roll' of credits at the very end of the game. To describe the first is to mar the occasion of the games end and the 2nd is a frequently occurring instrumental that appears on many FF games. Despite all the songs being made via MIDI sounds, the soundtrack is still a shining light amongst the dark and dreary background music heard in the new games today.. and it needed to be with a game that had no voice, only script.. I hope I haven't bored you too much and maybe peeked your interests even slightly with my nostalgic ramblings, as I have had a blast re-listening to the pure escapism that is Final Fantasy VII's Original Soundtrack.
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on 19 August 2014
GAMERS ONLY! Cannot fault this masterpiece because I am a FFVII aficionado. Late husband played several times as Cloud Strife and it gave him so much pleasure. For me, well worth investing in so that I can relive those happy times and think about him. On first playing the game, we were both devastated when Aerith was killed and husband sincerely thought he could at some point recover her from the Lifestream....I remember it so well. "Aerith's Theme" brings it all back. On a lighter note, who could not dance round to "Cosmo Canyon"? Cannot recommend this for non-gamers as don't feel they'd be able to relate to it.
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