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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 15 March 2007
This could be Motorhead's finest hour - if you like your 80's rock heavier than hell. This is the best line-up, the classic 3 piece with Fast Eddie and Philthy Phil Taylor. Classic 'Head gig fave's like "Stone Dead Forever" and "Over the Top" line up with "Dead men smell toe nails!" - as Lemmy introduced it at The Bingley Hall on the Bomber tour in 1980. It could be argued that "Overkill" is a better album, but "Bomber" really put the Motor boys on the rock map. They toured heavily all the time, but the Bomber tour was spectacular with the Bomber suspended above the stage. It nearly killed them one gig when it broke it's moorings in Germany, but that's another story. Great album, great band.
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VINE VOICEon 1 October 2005
"Bomber" is a bit of a strange album. It falls between the two most revered Motorhead studio albums "Overkill" and "Ace of spades" and other than the title track and "Dead men tell no tales" gets largely forgotten about when the band play live. There are a lot of strong tracks but the sound is pretty wierd. Lemmy`s bass is less distorted and more trebley than usual and often "Fast" Eddie Clarke`s guitar lines play around the more dominant bass, instead of straight ahead heads down riffing. Philthy`s drums are also a bit quieter than normal. The cream of the crop here are "Stone dead forever", "Dead men tell no tales", the creepy "Sweet revenge" and the immortal title track. Also "Fast" Eddie cuts his only album lead vocal on the bluesy "Step down". There are a few fillers, "Talking head" and "Sharpshooter" being more worthy than memorable. The second disc contains a bunch of out-takes that aren`t really essential and the brilliant live tracks from the excellent "Golden years" EP which was released between this and "Ace of spades". Like "Another perfect day" and "Orgasmatron", (very) slightly different from the usual Motorhead album.
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on 30 September 2007
Having lived with the original 1991 CD issue (CLACD 227) of this album for the past few years I've finally decided to 'upgrade'.....and what a disappointment I found the remaster to be.....

Compared side by side with my earlier disc this one is MUCH louder. But because of the modern compression applied to achieve that boost in volume (and possibly some other digital tampering) it's less "natural" sounding than the original CD. I can't crank it up without it rapidly getting harsh on my ears. Yet I have no problem pumping the 1991 disc up loud, and loving it.

I'd say to anyone who wants to be able to enjoy their Motorhead at high volume, seek out the original Castle discs. If your ears are used to modern remasters those early CDs will probably at first sound a bit too quiet or tame (lacking the artifically induced "punch" common to many remasters), but crank them up loud and you'll soon see how they can be a more enjoyable and rewarding listening experience.

As for the music itself, I probably wouldn't recommend Bomber to a Motorhead beginner. It does contain some truly classic Motorhead moments (such as the title track and Stone Dead Forever), but taken as a whole it may seem to the uninitiated a bit of a hit-and-miss collection of songs.

My advice?

Buy it after Ace Of Spades or Overkill, and before Iron Fist.
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on 8 November 2015
'Bomber', from 1979, was the follow-up to 'Overkill' (also1979). The expanded 1CD & 2CD editions contain the December 1979 hit 'Bomber' and it's excellent B Side 'Over The Top', and also the 'Golden Years' live EP from May 1980. The album contains good songs, but some might say it is 'poorly produced', despite it's classic status. Tracks such as 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' & 'Stone Dead Forever' sound better as live versions on the aforementioned EP.

The overall mood of the album is one of anger, mostly aimed at 'corporate types' & 'men in suits', with titles such as the menacing 'Sweet Revenge', 'Poison', and 'All The Aces' ("held by people who ain't got faces"). I am not sure what the song 'Poison' is about, but there are negative references to Lemmy's 'Reverend' Father, and other types of 'poison'. Elsewhere Lemmy complains about people who are "just a talking head", but the song 'Talking Head' sounds like a B side and is one of the weaker songs.

'Fast Eddie Clarke' has a lead vocal on the slow-paced 'Step Down', and there are alternative studio & live takes on the 2CD edition. Another out-take appears to feature a second Eddie Clarke vocal; on 'Stone Dead Forever'.

My favourite song may not be everyone's choice ('Motorhead' by numbers?), but to me 'Sharpshooter' is the best track. A different take can be found on the 2CD edition. The bonus 'Golden Years' live EP contains the other best moments, such as the Holland/Dozier/Holland cover 'Leavin' Here', and a superior recording of the ('Overkill') B side 'Too Late, Too Late'. plus the other 2 previously mentioned songs. This EP is best heard on Sequel's 1990 CD of B sides & rarities, called 'From The Vaults', rather than this remaster, which can sound harsh, particularly the lead guitar.

Although the album has it's flaws, it is another essential album by the 'classic line-up' of Motorhead, and is worthy of your attention.
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on 5 March 2006
This has to be one of Motorheads finest albums. The recording quality isn`t all that it could have been but the songs are great. Personnal Favs..."Dead men tell no tales" "Law Man" "Sweat Revenge" "All the Aces" "Talkin` Head" "Bomber" & for my money the brilliant "Stone Dead Forever". All good & with that distinct Motorhead sound. You also get some extras on this as well including The Golden Years single wich is worth it alone. A great album showing a band on there way up.....
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on 25 June 2008
I loved this one when it came out, but listening to it again 20+ years later, I think there are quite a lot of fillers on it. It certainly does not compare to Overkill (the one before) or Ace of Spades (the one after), nor to some of their later works. If you want the whole collection, then buy it, but if you just want a few Motorhead cds in your collection, there are better ones out there.
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on 25 August 2014
Having read all the reviews for this album, it seems the vast majority of fans are in the Overkill or Ace of Spades camp as regarding their best works. And yet a select minority rate this as their best. I'm one of them. There's plenty of bone-crunching metal here, but the whole album to me has a more bluesy feel, which I totally related to the first time I heard it. Hell, I even love Step Down, Fast Eddie's one and only venture to the mic stand! Even he at the time said 'never again', but I've a hell of a lot worse singing in my time! In conclusion not the majorities favourite, but I have to say it's mine. Too many of their later albums are just metal by numbers.
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on 24 September 2012
Motorhead influenced your dog, that's how wide an influence they are, you just can't escape it Motorhead are the reason most metal bands sound the way they do. Their overdriven bluesy hard rock should make anybody who hears it bow and curtsy in reverence and then headbang until you don't know where you are anymore.

It is a funny feeling listening to Motorhead, it is almost like you could potentially get a very violent electric shock every time you listen to this album. A scary proposition but which you will constantly accept every time you press repeat on the stereo.

There are no standout tracks because there are no sub-brilliant tracks. It is an album that rocks your socks -and everything else- off from start to finish. There is an incredible magic which takes pride in the sheer beauty of the rough, raw, untamed diamond as nature intended. It is a two fingered salute to the cut diamond variety.

This is one of those timeless albums and one that appears too far down those charts of classic albums that you find in magazines. This is a complete and utter stone cold classic, up there with Sabbath and Maiden. The album sounds heavy and raw even today and most importantly it has that fun element, that most bands today lose under a stiflingly dense production job.

Track List:
Dead Men Tell No Tales
Sweet Revenge
Stone Dead Forever
All The Aces
Step Down
Talking Head

Bonus Tracks:
Over the Top
Leaving Here (Live)
Stone Dead Forever (Live)
Dead Men Tell No Tales (Live)
Too Late Too Late (Live)
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on 22 June 2014
Without doubt this is the finest Motörhead album they ever recorded,at times bordering into prog rock. All the rest of the Motorhead albums are trashy heavy metal thrash music, every track is superb from this early album. A must for collectors forget about all the other grunge. BULLET
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on 7 February 2006
Proof that Overkill was no fluke. OK so there are a couple of tracks on this one that I don't especially care for but the rest of it is excellent, particularly All The Aces, Sharpshooter, Poison and the ferocious title track. Disc two of this special edition features two other classics, Over the Top and Too Late Too Late, both originally B sides of singles. Anyway....get it!
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