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on 7 April 2015
It's got to be nearly fifty years since I watched this series. I unfortunately caught the new version on TV and felt such a pang of terrible loss I felt I had to order it, to see just why. It didn't take me long to understand what was missing. That show opening countdown is one of the most iconic of my childhood (that and some years later the Six MIllion Dollar Man) and just seeing it and hearing it again left me with a slightly silly grin just about half a mile wide.
Its amazing just how much you will remember just watching that intro!!!! And I should also point out the quality of the picture on the DVD conversion is absolutely outstanding !! Also, the sheer standard of the model and set building remains an incredible achievement, which, combined with the real time pyrotechnics and physical shooting makes it look wonderful. And give me puppets ,not CGI cartoons any time I!!!
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on 3 March 2015
When I was young I collected the figures, had Tracy island and loved the puppets. However, I never actually watched a single episode of the show. Although I am glad I waited as I probably wouldn't have appreciated it quite as much as I do now. I am now twenty years old and I have just purchased this set. The box is plastic yet sturdy and contains nine discs including a bonus disc. There are three or four episodes on each disc and they have been remastered getting rid of some of the grainy images. The episodes themselves are also fantastic and I can now appreciate the time and work that went into creating this series. I wanted to watch these before the new 2015 series is released which I am sure will be just as good. But if you like me had never seen the thunderbirds or even if you have and want to watch them again, then this is the set for you, it has all the episodes except for the two films and it is a nice convenient set to own as it doesn't take up much space. I love it, and it is highly recommended.
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on 13 January 2014
read about the problems of the blue ray wide screen on other reviews and it took me a while to see that it was the blue ray they were talking about and 1 / 5 ratings . i saw the DVD scores were good so i got that. sure enough its 4:3 format restored picture and sound , the sound was the first thing i noticed after putting it in. its Very good .

Im a bit of a format snob too and the idea of having the top of the picture missing appalled me. But boy was i wrong, after watching it in 4:3 for about 5 mins i started to play with the zoom on the tv and in the 4:3 stretched too fit wide screen it was wonderful. still sharpe and because of a lot of exterior model shots , shot in a wide long shot . you can see a lot more of whats going on . ie small cars or people next too the big Thunderbirds .

0.40p an episode BARGIN
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 February 2014
As the great British songwriter Graham Parker might have put it, this (amazingly good value) DVD box set of all 32 episodes of the 1960s TV series Thunderbirds is a nostalgia trip par excellence and for me a real 'back to schooldays’ moment. Having had to put up with inferior videocassette recordings up until now, it is a real blessing to be able to secure all 27 hours(!) of the series at such a bargain price – even if some of the images (as noted elsewhere) suffer 'technical limitations’.

Watching the programme again, I was reminded again of what stunning production values the Andersons were able to conjure up for the series – in particular, the camera tracking shots, the scope and creativity of the narratives and, for me most memorable of all, the intoxicating musical themes written by Barry Gray. Memorable characters and episodes? On the former, I think Parker is actually pretty difficult to beat (and undoubtedly the most atypical character here), whilst episode-wise, it would have to include Sun Probe (with Brains’ immortal words, 'I don’t think they’re gonna make it’), Pit Of Peril (with Sidewinder and the Mole in action), Path Of Destruction (another machine goes haywire, this time the Crablogger), City Of Fire (those women drivers!) and Attack Of The Alligators! (enough said).

Oddly enough, it may have actually been a 'blessing in disguise’ (in terms of not 'polluting’ the Andersons’ original concept) for the series to have been 'terminated’ early, due to its not gaining the necessary backing in the US. Of course, the Andersons also produced other similar series, most memorably for me, Stingray and Captain Scarlet, but neither series quite reached the peak of creativity and scope of Thunderbirds.
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on 21 July 2014
As children both my partner & I loved all the Gerry Anderson stuff, but our 2 favourties were Stingray & Thunderbirds; having sent for the Stingray collection - which we thoroughly enjoyed - we decided we just had to have the Thunderbirds collection. It didn't disappoint & is better than we'd remembered - infact it's just amazing and has really stood the test of time. Hat's off to Gerry & Sylvia Anderson & their fanastic team for creating such an incredible & so memorable programme. Forget the recent film (using real people) & treat yourself to the original & best!!!!
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on 5 September 2015
What can I say other than I totally enjoyed as a child ALL the programmes produced by the late great Gerry Anderson and his wife Sylvia from the very early day's of His Genius work on such gems as Space Patrol with the voice of female Canadian comedian Libby Morris as one of the charactor then there were torchy the battery Boy, Four feather Falls, Supercar, Fireball XL5, the list goes on. I brought Thunderbirds, as after watching the remake on Television, good as it was I still felt the old school style of production had something more creative about it than modern day technology. Would highly recommend to All who liked the Gerry Anderson Productions.. Would recommend seller.
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on 7 December 2014
A superbly packaged, designed and thought out Box Set. Cannot recommend this to fans of the show highly enough. I bought this set to replace my old tape recordings and am so glad I've made the switch.

OK so the more the quality of the pictures have improved the more obvious the painted backgrounds and technical trickery have been brought into merciless clarity but that doesn't matter at all. The sheer pace and excitement of the stories and the depth of creative genius that went into creating this show makes the suspension of disbelief a mere formality - by the time the countdown and teaser sequence has blasted it's way through to the opening titles you're hooked. Never is the clearer than in the stand out episode for me "Move - And you're dead" where the sheer tension of the whole premise carries you through the whole thing on the edge of your seat. I grew up with Gerry Anderson shows when I was a kid but it is Thunderbirds that still stays with me. It's lost none of its magic or power to entertain.
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All the episodes in the same place, it takes me back to when this was cutting edge special effects and I was still wearing short trousers.

Yes it is true I was wearing short trousers when this came out!

I bought this out of a sense of nostalgia, though this can be dangerous because sometimes you realise when watching or listening to something you saw or heard 20-30 or more years ago that you should not have bothered.

This to me is still as fresh as the first time I saw it, it still sparks the 'little boy' inside me. Cool vehicles, exciting episodes and I just love Thunderbird 2. My one regret is that I never got the original die-cast toy as a present.

I did have Captain Scarlet's car, an Interceptor and SPV and Maximum Security Vehicle but never got the really cool Thunderbird 2.

It has left a scar on my life.

This DVD set helps to make up for that, it is really good value and now I can share this with my children.
To me it is still as good as it was the first day I saw it.
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on 30 January 2014
I bought this a few weeks ago as I'd been looking to buy the series I used to enjoy.

I was pleased to be able to pick this up at a bargain price and I'm confident that the entire series is present.

The only thing I would note is that sometimes the discs can sometimes be a little tricky to remove from the case due to its design - be careful not to exert too much force on the discs or the case to avoid any damage and you should be fine.

I have had a peek at the bonus content and there is a good amount of it along with some original 'making of' material from the archives. This archived making of footage is in Black and White, though all of the episodes and the rest of the extra content is presented in full colour.

A worthy purchase for any Thunderbirds or Gerry Anderson fan.
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on 16 September 2013
It's Thunderbirds! Of course it's going to get 5 stars!
If you're like me, and old enough to remember sitting on the floor in front of the TV watching Thunderbirds as a small boy, then you don't need me to tell you how great this is.

Age has not dulled it. You are not looking back at it with rose-coloured glasses. It's still as good as you remember it.

For the price of a couple of pizzas, treat yourself to one of the finest TV shows this country ever produced.
And then go and buy all of Gerry Anderson's other 'Supermarionation' work too.

Sometimes nostalgia *is* what it used to be...
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