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on 24 June 2017
came on time impressed
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on 15 June 2004
Word on the web is that this is the final thief game there will be. BUT BABY WHAT A GAME THIS IS!!!
Ahem... sorry 'bout that.
Anyway, Garret the master thief returns for his third and (apparantley) final outing in Thief: Deadly Shadows. For those who have never played any Thief games yet me enlighten you.
In Thief: Deadly Shadows you play a street born thief named Garret. You steal from the rich and give it all to your poor poor self.
Thief has always been about stealth. The revouloutionary Dark Engine allows players to hide in shadows and sneak past enemies rather than just run blindly into the fray. Only armed with a blackjack, dagger and anything else you find, players are forced to use thier heads to get around obsticles.
Thief: Deadly shadows has a vast amount of improvements. First of all, for the first time ever on a thief game, you can actually go into a third person mode and see Garret in full. But for all those who like the first person mode, with a simple click of a button you can revert to the orignial view mode.
Lockpicking has changed as well. Rather than holding down a button and waiting, you have to find the 'hotspot' of the lock by wiggling the control stick. This is quite entertaining and it makes a nice change.
A.I has improved as enemies now search everywhere and I mean everywhere if there is so much as a teeny thing out of place. Graphics have vastly improved and you get new equipment such as wall climbing gloves.
Thief: Deadly Shadows may be the last game in the series but it is also the best. Buy it now... you won't regret it.
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on 30 January 2005
This game provides hours upon days of fun gameplay. BUT, be warned, if you in the market for a more serious stealth game, splinter cell is certainly a better choice. Thief 3 allows you to roam around the city, break into houses, pickpocket, sell your loot, buy stuff, and do missions. The AI is very human like, they sneeze and talk and actually do stuff instead of just standing there. BUT they are also really stupid, which may seem like a bad thing but it actullay makes this game quite fun. Also, the inventory is entertaining and creative. For exmple, you can use a moss arrow to walk on metal without making noise, you can use a water arrow to make the moss grow or to clean up blood, and so on. The amount of detail thought into the game is evident too because of certain things like: certain surfaces make more noise, if doors are left open then someone will notice, and the ever entertaining fact that if two people fight, they wont notice you. The game has an enticing story line that really grips you and through the path of the game you can find notes that will lead you all over the city in search of loot. At the moment, i love thief 3 and i think it'll stay that way for a very long time.
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on 15 September 2004
So finally another installment of Thief- Man we waited a WHILE!!
The new Thief is greatly improved technically compared to the earlier Thief games, by that I mean graphics but also manouverability (crikey big word that), BUT though it was amazing to encounter guardsmen who grumble about their jobs etc in the first games, now they dont ever STOP. If you enjoy causing bedlam in games, just get into the upper floors of some of the buildings say in stonemarket overlooking guards and fire an arrow down to hit a guard, everyone chases around like bees until they acuse a member of another group then they fight amongst each other, you steal what you want you walk outside and everyone is reborn and standing around like a sunday morning in the park as if nothing happened (you of course are in the shadows). I find the best part of Thief 3 is throwing oil around and then watching guards go head over T*t if youre feeling uptight with the guards well fire a fire arrow into the oil and the death trap takes its toll. I've had 6 guards down in one using a noise-maker arrow as a lure to the oil- very handy and totally NEW in thief 3.
One thing that can never be taken away from all the Thief games- everying that you collect: diamonds, goblets etc- well it all looks soo nice! Overall I find Thief 3 more polished but easier than the old games.
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on 2 November 2004
I return around 80% of games I buy within a week: I am hyper-sensitive to irritations and imperfections that other gamers don't seem to mind that much. I guess I have very high standards, which means I get rid of many games. But I'll be keeping this one forever. I love it.
The graphics are beautiful, but also completely functional. Everything can be used, altered, examined etc.
It's the same for the sound: voices, footsteps, the noise made by dropping a candlestick on a wooden floor - all are brilliantly convincing, but they all also mean something within the game.
For example, you may have just shimmied up a wall, silently opened a window, and slipped into a candlelit room in search of things to steal, but if you bump into a chair in the dark, someone's likely to hear you and come and investigate.
It is this perfect integration of state of the art effects with gameplay which makes this game so very, very impressive.
The AI can be stunning. If, for example, you're careless, and someone sees you in their house, they may well go and get a guard, who'll come and investigate. If you've managed to hide in the meantime, and if he doesn't stumble into you in the dark, he'll search around for a while and then mutter something like "Well, whoever it was is clearly long gone" and go away.
The story is compelling: you really do want to find out what happens next - and it's always interesting and unexpected. The characterisation is especially good: Garret, the hero, is amusing and intriguing, and his voice actor is spot on.
There is a large element of freedom in the game. Whilst you're guided along various 'main quest' tasks, you can often decide which order you're going to do them in, and you can spend hours doing the many side-quests if you like.
The game is centered on a city, and if you really wanted to, you could just wander around the city burgling, robbing and pickpocketing. There are fences who will buy what you steal, and you then spend your ill-gotten gains on equipment and weapons.
The controls are almost perfectly intuitive. Never have I picked up such a detailed game and been so confident with the controls so quickly.
So, Thief: Deadly Shadows has beauty, comedy, depth, excitement, variety. I love it.
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on 22 January 2006
WOW! Forget Tenchu, buy this game now. What more can be said than the previous reviews? If you like stealth games, this is the ultimate. It's made even better by the lack of modern/futuristic gadgets and weaponary, (it is based in a sort of quasi-medieval city).
The previous review mentioning that the game had bugs is DEAD WRONG. There are NO BUGS in this game!!
Buy it now!
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on 13 July 2004
I had not played either of the first two Thief games so didn't really know what to expect from this. I would say though that I don't usually finish games as I get bored after a while but this one kept me playing through to the end. The story is fantastic and keeps you hooked, the graphics are varied, gothic in theme and incredibly detailed, the sound is extremely atmospheric perfectly mirroring the apocalyptic story and the level design is interesting and varied and never puts you in a position where you do not know what to do next. Along with Manhunt this is one of the most atmospheric games around.
The game avoids the usual dungeons and dragons type world and instead creates a more adult orientated fantasy with, for instance, mutilation and murder cropping up in the plot. You will come up against three sinister factions in the city and their idealogies are steeped in lore and history and are incredibly believable. Alongside the various human factions, there are pagan monsters, zombies, a long forgotten race of aquatic humanoid creatures, beastman, killer statues and telepathic assassins to avoid throughout the game's varied levels.
On the minus side one or two of the levels are bland and slowdown crops up regularly. Also the game didn't appear quite finished and I got stuck on scenery a few times and the game crashed once or twice. But I seriously recommend this to anyone who likes stealth, dark fantasy and a good story.
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on 30 July 2004
And this comes from someone who has always hated Stealth games, I've always found the genre to be crowded with overly complicated games, this one, on the contrary is extremely easy to pick up, after just five minutes playing it I found myself totally confident.
And not just that, it's really atmospheric, when you switch your Xbox on and you start playing this game it's like if you were transported back in time, and you do feel in a different world until you switch it off, truly absorving.
Graphics and music are really impressive too, although it can be a little bit too dark for its own sake, and it's quite easy to get lost in the beginning as your possition isn't marked on the map, but that makes it more realistic and challenging.

If you've always liked adventure games but have not been very keen on Stealth, even though this is a Stealth game, you are gonna love it!!
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on 8 July 2008
In Thief:deadly shadows you play a thief called garret who has a mechanical eye and a voice like snake plissken. It is your task to unravel a conspiracy in a nameless city whilst stealing everything you can see to buy more thief tools. most of the time you're in a medieval city but you wander off onto ships full of zombies, the odd manor and underground ruins.

I always rate a game on how immersive it is when I stop playing and in the case of thief:deadly shadows I started to wear hoods, crouched in the shadows and looked for elemental arrows in my garden. This makes up for the certain flaws the game has because I got stuck on the scenery several times whilst playing and sometimes you would see a NPC walk through a bit of a wall. The mother of all flaws is in the south quarter where if you climb up to the prison roof theres nothing there and you end up falling in to purple space but thankfully the designers foresaw this and you die after a short way down.

The main annoyance is the lack of crosshairs which would be a great help in being able to centre your screen on the objects you're tryint to use because most of the time you're waggling the camera around trying to highlight that bit of loot which is in an obscure corner or panickingly trying to open a door or window to get away from persuing guards. Jumping is also an issue, if you're trying to jup out of a window or climp up on to somethign somethine you just end up jumping and allerting any nearby guards which is incredibly annoying.

The thief tools are a diffrent matter, each is highly useful for sneaking about and escaping foes, the only exception being the holy water which is generally uset for killing zombies but useless in any other respect. apart from useable items you can also buy practise locks and a pair of thief gloves which allow you to climb walls like spiderman but I would not advise this as a route of escape because guards will just stand underneath and tell you off as if you were a naughty child up a tree.

What you have to remember about thief is that it's a game based around stealth so you need an element of patience to wait for guards to go past or stop runnng round looking for you. what I don't find entertaining was how I could either kill or nock out everyone in a level and roam freely without anyone respawning or regaining conciousness so basically every mission you can just eliminate any NPCs and loot the place before completing any objectives. The NPCs are quite generic with only key characters looking diffrent. voice acting is also good apart from one guard voice which reminds me of the caveman in spyro 2.

Whilst on your thiefting exploits you have to do things for 2 factions who you seriously annoy at the start of the game from shooting arrows at cornerstones to smiting zombies. these 2 factions are the hammerites and the pagans, the hammerites all dress in red chainmail and carry sledgehammers which they'll readliy use on you if you haven't appeased them enough, they also takl like they're from some twisted version of the bible. the pagans are somewhat diffrent they dress shabily and have an iffinity to nature so basically they're hippies who are all in need of elecution lessons.

Overall thief: deadly shadows is a good game and worth buying but it's one of those xbox games that was originally on pc you'd probably be better off buying the pc version because at times the controls can be clunky especially when you are frntically tapping white to ge the flash bombs up or selecting some water arrows.
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on 14 February 2008
This game is fun, fun, fun! It will entertain you for days and the storyline is really gripping. The graphics are great and the city is amazing. The best buy ever!
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