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Draper Bicycle Tool Kit
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:£11.28+ Free shipping

- Comes with everything you need
- Use plastic prongs to peg the tyre in place, to remove it (use hook to clip onto spoke, so one clip stays in place, whilst you attach the other)
- Decent allan key kit. Like this very much.
- Pump works. Slowly but brilliantly. Cool micro size.
Note with the pump, the lever must be down when you attach it to the bike air nozzle. Then lift the lever UP, to close the seal when you are ready to start pumping, not the other way around as you might expect.

Only needed this once. A friends rear tyre blew. It had literally worn through, and worn out, completely. We used two of these patches, one on the inner rubber tube, and the other inside the bicycle tyre for extra padding, to give him a millimetre of new tread. These patches are good enough to repair normal punctures, but have have proven to be good/strong enough to repair actual HOLES due to wear, as well. They worked well!

Not sure on required drying time, so we gave it just under 15 minutes, which proved sufficient.

There are several patches inside of different sizes. Plenty for multiple incidents. Spare patches and glue can be bought from poundland for a quid, which you can use to top up/refill this kit should your patch supply run low.

NOTE: When patching inner tubing, it really did seem that the glue was not sticking to the rubber very well at all, at first, so glue was used in abundance. It did stick, just very slowly, and required encouragement, massage it in hard first. Be patient, take your time, allow the glue time to melt into the rubber, keeping patched area as still as possible, would be my advice).

Like the tiny size of the whole kit, including the mini pump. There was enough extra space inside the kit to add a pen, USB light, cable ties, a miniature spanner, and tiny emergency things which you might want to keep in there. Velcro is good, strong, holds on well.

The case is very durable, is rainproof, and is also easily removed, just remember to take it with you. Really happy with this inexpensive, highly useful, lightweight and very small emergency kit!

Hope the review was helpful. If so, please give it a like.
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on 13 October 2016
Good enough, I don't use this for routine maintenance at home, I use my "proper" tools for that - but to keep on the bike for emergencies it's fine. I keep mine in a saddle bag as I'm pretty sure it would go missing if I left it in view on the top tube, so I can't comment on the security of the velcro straps. Tyre levers are fine, I've used them a couple of times without problems.

As a previous reviewer has said, the multi-tool is a bit loose and needs tightening with another allen key, but it's been fine since I did that.

The pump needs an awful lot of work to achieve a decent tyre pressure (road tyres needing 90 - 100 psi), I guess for off-road tyres needing lower pressure it'd be alright. It at least gets enough pressure into the tyre to get me home where I can use my track pump to top it off.

Overall, I bought this to be a basic get-me-home kit without filling the saddle bag with tons of kit I hope never to need, and it's perfect for that.
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on 19 September 2016
Very disappointing purchase. The day mykit arrived I got a puncture (typical timing) and within minutes I realised the pump doesn't work!!! It's missing a major piece which means it doesn't work. Needless to say after a six mile walk home with my bike I will be upgrading this. Disappointing as the style looks great and it fits my bike beautifully.
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on 19 September 2016
Great wee kit for out and about.

Has everything you need for any emergency while out on your bike, the pump is very small and would take a while to pump your tires up but good in a pinch.

The swiss army style tool kit is fantastic, lots of allan keys, spanner, screwdriver etc.

Definitely recommend for anyone going out on long bike rides.
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on 6 January 2016
This tool set is great value and has a lot of stuff you need. I switcjed out the multi tool for this VeloChampion Bike 'Gooj' Multi Tool 18 with Chain Breaker / Pin Splitter / Cutter and Carry Case. I also recently bought these to replace the standard patched: Slime Skabs Peel & Stick Patches.

The pump is the most confusing thing! The instructions weren't clear enough and I resorted to asking a friend to help: turns out I didn't try every permutation of the orange and black inserts! A simple diagram would have helped.. (both valve types are definitely supported).
That aside, a great cheap kit.
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on 5 September 2016
Purchased a new bike and decided to buy this kit just to help with punctures etc but I've already used to tighten the handlebar column. Have not used all the items but from checking what is received I would say that the tools are durable and will work well. Managed to get this item cheaper than the rrp as well.
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on 28 August 2013
Just received this today, it's excellent, I'll be hooking it up to the bike later.

Only downside for me personally is that the bag won't accommodate my spare inner tube which I like to carry about for speedy repairs.

I'll have another crack at getting it in there later.

It's a good kit though, the pump looks sturdy and the repair kit and tool look to be up to the job.

I bought this really to give me assurance that if I do get a puncture while out and about ( I tend to go out a long way from home) I will at least have the ability to get back up and running.

All I have done is replace the tool with one I already owned that has a more comprehensive set of features including the chain link tool.
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on 12 June 2014
This is a great little tool kit; I was originally disappointed because the pump looked like it was only suitable for one type of valve. After reading some reviews I realised it could be changed very easily by unscrewing the nozzle and turning the rubber insert around. I’m glad I did as I had a puncture and was able to repair and re-inflate the tyre although that was hard work as the pump is so small...

It also seems quite loose when it’s fixed to the frame with the Velcro straps, I’ve been over some rough terrain to and it didn’t fall off, so can’t complain.

All in all happy with my purchase
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on 11 September 2013
I got this kit because i recently got myself a road bike. Its already been used to fix a puncture and performed good, one point i would like to ad is when attempting to remove my road bike tyre the little lever's were not quite up to the challenge and had to resort to the end of a tea spoon, which now sits in the kit aswell, also i broke the strap that holds the mini pump in the first time i removed it. The pump itself is great it does both types of valves you just need to reverse the nozzle. Its hits a max of 60 psi, i know this because i checked the kick back from my tyre after connecting my tower pump with gauge ;). All in all deff worth the money cos it will get you out of stuck.
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on 25 July 2015
Great product. The tyre levers work great. Not had a chance to use the actual puncture repair kit as I had a spare inner tube and yet to fix the punctured one. But it's a repair kit right?
Tool kit is good only used to adjust seat and fit mud guards.


Tried using the pedal (15mm) spanner to fit new clipless pedals and failed to do so as it doesn't give enough torque in my opinion. It can only use in one direction, due to it's fold away design, which is frustrating with pedals as they have left hand and right hand threads. I would only use this as a last resort. E.g. my pedal needed tightening mid journey.
Used repair kit on my rear tire mid ride as I picked up a big nail on my journey. Worked really well as you would expect.
Don't expect to get the tyre pressure up with the pump as it is very small but can get enough pressure so you can finish your ride and pump the tyre up with a proper pump.
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