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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 4 December 2004
I have been a massive fan of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down since it was released but never realised it's full potential 'til i got a Broadband connection and played it online. OH MY GOD!
So when word came out that Novalogic were in the process of creating a new game to be played purely online i got very excited.
Here's what's different about it...
1. Vehicles
ATV's, APC's, Littlebird's, Black Hawk's, Armoured HummVee type vehicles, Dhingy's, Gunboat's, Hovercraft Transport's..... They're all at your disposal to drive where you like and shoot at whatever you want. No more vehicles on pre-set paths like in BHD!
2. Map's
As big as you like, full of detail, very impressive design!
3. Player Capacity
As mentioned in previous reviews, there are servers with capacity for 150 players at one time which makes large maps less empty and small maps pure chaos! It's the most redeeming factor of the game in my opinion.
4. Constant Updates
If you have not played the game in a while and an update has been released, the game will not allow you access the game servers until you download the latest updates using it's own downloader. This is great as they're constantly fixing bugs and making the game more realistic.
5. Different Game Types
Team King Of The Hill, Advance & Secure, Team Death Match, Seek & Destroy, Co-op... these are just some of the game types that are available so there's always something to suit your gaming style.
So there's not much more that i can say other than BUY IT!!!
And i'm buying the Escalation expansion pack today so i'll review that soon.
Hope this helps with your choice!
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on 23 June 2004
After playing both the beta demo, official demo and also the full retail game I have reached the overall conclusion that this is going to be a successful game over time. If you are buying this game as a single player game, dont bother! This game is strictly multiplayer only and people with 56k connections will have extreme lag issues when playing on a server with 149 other people, there are others servers supporting smaller player games for players with 56k. The single player side of things only consists of basic training maps covering all the essential parts of the game with no campaigns etc included. The training ranges from weapons training, land / water/ air vehicles, an assault and defence practice map.
The online side of things is were all the action is at. There are many massive maps with tons of vehicles to keep the action running at a fast pace. You can either work alone or work in a team with other online players via the squad interface. There are a few issues with the initial release of the game such as low fps (frames per second) when playing with lots of players online (on some systems) and also some minor bugs which will get ironed out as patches and updates are released.
Overall this game is definatly my favorite online multiplayer game and is definatly better than the likes of the battlefield series. If your a serious online gamer then this is a must have!
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on 25 July 2004
Drive to near a base, sneak up, lob grenades in followed by flash bangs - run in machine gun down the opposition. All this whilst coordinating with teammates and managing logistics of huge maps.
This game is great fun, its got it all with one caveat (*) - massive maps, 150 player rooms (lag free too!), useful but not indestructible vehicles, player profiles (medic, gunner, sniper, engineer etc.)
When I bought this I didnt really know what to expect, I played H&D2, CoD and FarCry, but no other FPS before those, this is better I would say (though CoD has some good mods - Revolt namely.)
I cant compare it to BF1942 or BFV but its the best I have played so far.
* - If you dont play online the this game probably wont deliver for you.
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on 30 April 2012
I was really looking forward to playing my country's special forces (Kopassus)in this game, but unfortunately I cant! Why? Well, as soon as the cd is installed basically only the training part playable and the rest you have to play via Novaworld. OK, fair enough since I have been a big fan of Novalogic. But when I try to connect to Novaworld, i keep getting error which mean I cant play the game. C'mon Novalogic give us better games like you used to.
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on 22 June 2004
As you might have guessed by the score i've given this, I love this game. I love this game because, apart from looking gorgeous on my PC, it makes you think and it makes you collaborate. Although you can always jump in a little bird and do your own thing, this game comes into its own when you work together with other players and coordinate attacks.

Nothing beats flying over an enemy camp in a black hawk with the sun setting behind you, team mates taking out gun emplacements with their mini guns whilst you take pot shots perched precariously on the side. Jumping off as your pilot lands you just out of the line of fire and approaching your target with teammates covering you on either side. Brilliant stuff.
Couple that with some seriously sexy tropical views, solid netcode with over 100 people on one maps and a host of vehicles and weapons and you have what I would consider multiplayer game of the year.
I've got room on this bird!
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on 14 August 2004
Usually, I read about a game before I buy it, this time I didn't, just consider it would be a updated Delta Force sequel.
It was very frustrating to discover that it was a MULTIPLAYER ONLY game. There is absolutely nothing you can do w/o an Internet connection.
Consider this aspect before buying.
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on 6 August 2009
well i got hooked to this game when i saw my bro in law play it at his house 3 years ago, so i built myself a rig got my self broadband (wanted pc and line anyway this was just the final decision that made me do it) that was 2 years ago. todays joint operations is totally different to that back then. The age certificate should be changed to 18 and above as the abuse and language in servers isnt fit for young players to read!
novalogic has changed its attitue towards its customers, being more focused on novalogic than customers, if you think you have the best internet speeds in the world you can be proved wrong novalogic servers are riddle with lag server updates make things even more worse and game updates get absolutely stupid. novalogic use a program called punkbuster this is no longer in use but you still need it as the game wont run without it and as all ties were cut with the makers of punkbuster before vista came out there will be a few modifications you need to do before you can enter a server first you need to find the punkbuster vista patch and implement it into the novalogic file in you program file for joint operations. if your thinking of buying this game for the first time i recomend you know whats in your pc and what you have running within your operating system the system requirements for this game is bare minimum and bare minimum is impossible to play with not a joke its fact the game does support nvidia, ati chipset motherboards but you'll be playing on bare minimum and with internal system lag again impossible to play joint operations with. joint operations does seem to dislike norton security antivirus and macafee,and avg and avast running while your in game they seem to cause system lagg and connectivity issues to the servers. another issue is contacting nova for tech help there is none the telephone number in the booklet is now an obsolete number and turning to the novaworld forums for help is like getting blood out of a stone the support e-mail address is still in use but you dont get a received message back or a reply to your question or query if you do get a reply your one in about 0.5% of those who does get an answer. as with all games there are cheaters (known as hacks) report them via the forums and you get ignored by novalogic there are verry few novalogic moderators left and these do not moderate this game. but that said nova will have a clean out once in a while about every 4 to 8 months to ban a few cheats. another downside is that when you register your game you become a silver vip member of novalogic if you want to upgrade to gold it will cost you money £12.99 dont be fooled that upgrading gives you higher status within novaworld comunity it doesnt and novalogic will treat you the same as a silver vip. over all when the servers aren't laggy and you can find a server with people in them to play against it is 100% addictive adrenalin pumping action once youve learned how to shoot and spot enemy and dance like MJ (GOD REST HIS SOUL). there are many bugs glitches to the game wich are extemely annoying nova tries to fix them with update patches (oh you have to update the game as soon as you install and register the game) but things just get worse or you dont notice a thing that theyve done except make the game more compataible with higher resoltion monitors. and this review dont just apply to this game either it goes for all novalogic games including the upcomeing delta force extreme 2 its alwready release in the usa and there cheaters in it alwready and no nova moderation. all in all novalogic is struggleing they dont have customer service skills and the servers are emptying slowly due to people moving on to better more customer focused developers of top games i soon will be following.
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on 19 September 2004
As far as tactical gaming goes it has great potential. I play this occasionally, (when I have time to), and do enjoy it - even when amongst the 'battle-hardened' multiplayer regulars. I do find opportunities to do my own thing and our small 'clan' can operate very fluidly once we have all come together. The interfaces and controls are relatively easy to follow and there is quite an array of weaponry, vehicles (incl helicopters) and character sets that you can choose. If I fancy playing on my own (against the AI) - and don't want to do a 'Training Mission' (which are all set pieces) - then I will go on to LAN and select a Co-op Map. I can then run around at my leisure and won't have to worry about anyone else except the enemy AI. I find this useful for getting to know the controls, etc, and concieving tactics and plans of attack. Overall I am enjoying this game but would prefer a No Respawn policy on the big multiplayer battles... then really see who's soldiering skills are actually up to the mark!
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on 19 November 2004
What can I say, prepare to be amazed! graphics, gameplay, everything are absolutely stunning! I have played a fair number of online games in the last 8 years and have never been so engrossed in a game before!
Prepare to be calling in work sick! The expansion pack is out soon, and I will certainly be purchasing a copy as will most of my friends who have been sold within seeing it for 5 minutes!
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on 3 January 2006
this game is a must buy. its brilliant with lots of killing but only if your good. the graphics are good and game play is fun and realistic. i love this game and also have the expasion pack joint operations escalation. the servers are great.
BUY THIS GAME.....!!!!!!
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