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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2013
After having completed & loving Far Cry 2, I turned to Far Cry 3 with some trepidation. Another great game, but difficult almost to the point of despair. So I picked up this one for comparison & whoa - found it was like Far Cry 3 with old style graphics. Well worth the effort.
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on 26 August 2017
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VINE VOICEon 23 November 2005
Far Cry Instincts is a hugely impressive game ported from the PC original. It's not a direct port however. Despite being very expansive in scale, the levels are more linear than before. Carver (your character) now also develops feral abilities (exclusive to XBox) including increased strength, speed and jumping abilities. You can also follow the scents of your enemies and hunt them down!
The graphics are wonderful in Far Cry Instincts. They are colourful, detailed and the water and lighting effects are incredible (especially the water - it looks so realistic). Trees even move in the window and effect lighting and shodows in real-time. The only slight downer is pop-up on occasion.
Enemy AI is a bit hit and miss. 50% of the time the enemies use intelligent tactics and prove to be challenging adversaries. The other 50% they are incredibly stupid (and blind) - they sometime stand around in battle just waiting to be shot and on several occasions I have walked right in front of them and they haven't twigged.
There is also the opportunity to use various vehicles including boats, jeeps, quad bikes, hangliders and hover crafts. They are slighlty awkward to control - the left analogue stick controls the vehicle whilst the right analogue stick controls which direction you face (to shoot the bad guys).
Overall, this is a thoroughly enjoyable game. It's challenging but is always fair - it is always possible to progress but there is a sense of achievement in doing so. It looks gorgeous and plays extremely well. This is one of the best games I have played in a quite a while and is highly recommended.
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on 24 July 2016
Good quality and fast delivery . very happy
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on 28 September 2005
firstly the press have been giving Far Cry Rave reviews 9+/10 have been given across all sots of magazines/ internet sites if you want to see videos or screen shots for this game vist IGN.com. ok for thoose of you who dont know what Far Cry is Far Cry is one of the best FPS games on the PC along side Half life 2 and DOOM 3. This version of Far Cry (instincts) is the now xbox exclusive console version of the game with a slightly altered story line and gamplay elements. far cry offers a huge range of vechiles to drive and wepons to shoot. the game takes place on a remote tropical island and each level takes place like a First person GTA game with literaly hundreds of routes you can take through diffrent levels. you start of stranded and hunted having to use skirmish tactics to take down your enemys.but later in the game you get injected with a serum giving you super human abilitys allowing you to weild huge guns , run faster and track enemys using thier scent and advanced sight system. i cannot stress how great far cry is and how it should definatly be one of your last xbox purchases (along side Half Life 2 and Ninja Gaiden Black!)before you (envitably) upgrade to a 360. great game smooth controls and amazing graphics with some cool touchs. definatly not your average shooter!
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on 26 October 2005
The moment I started playing this game I was stunned with the visuals. The island featured in this game is incredible! The water effects are stunning. When you swim you can look up through the water and it looks very realistic. You'll find various underwater plant life in different parts of the island.
The game play is just as good as the design. Although there arn't many weapons you can tell alot of time and effort have been put into the ones you will find. The control layout is new and works very well. For instance press right on the d-pad and you'll draw your pistol...press again and you'll dual wield (pistol in each hand) same for automatic weapons.
Theres two ways of playing this game 1.Stealthy 2.Kill everything in sight.
When playing stealthily you can use the foliage to hide, ambush, set traps or stalk your enemy. When playing all guns blazing you'll find the enviroments provide plenty of cover and is very interactive.
Later on in the game you'll begin to get your feral insticts. basically these are the natural skills humans supposedly lost thousands of years ago. You'll begin to be able to pick up on the scent of creatures and blood. You'll be faster, stronger and see better. You'll also have a very usefull attack...
All in all personally I would say this game is definatly worth buying.
Best bits: Gameplay, Visuals, Cut Scenes, Detail.
Worst Bits: Maps are more linear than I expected.
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on 10 October 2005
I have recently played Half Life 2 on my PC. I was really impressed and didn't think there would ever be another FPS to even come close, but Far Cry Instincts has changed my mind. It isn't quite as good as Half Life 2 but it is pretty close.
The first thing to notice is that most of the graphics are top notch especially the outdoor scenery. The vehicles and enemies all look great as well.
And speaking of vehicles, there are so many of them. On some levels they are littered all over the place, ranging from hang gliders to gunboats and armoured vehicles. They are not all easy to drive at first but after a while you get used to them. The hang glider was the one I had most trouble with and found it quite hard to pick off enemies whilst flying. On the other hand if everything was easy in a game it would be boring.
Another good thing is that you can't just dash in and blast everything, sometimes you have to be stealthy and pick the enemies off one by one. On other occasions there were so many after you that I found it impossible to kill them all and just legged it to the next part of the game trying to avoid them.
Another thing I liked was that you are restricted to just 3 weapons at a time, 1 light ie.. handgun, 1 heavier ie... machine gun and 1 more specialised ie... sniper rifle. You also are allowed grenades.
I could go on for ages but lets just say that this is the best FPS that I have played on the XBOX so far. We will have to see what the soon to be released XBOX version of Half Life 2 is like, personally I can't wait.
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on 2 September 2005
I've played the demo levels to this game and i've been blown away by everything it has to offer. It's not a port from the PC, it's an entiely new game, and a better one I think.
In my opinion, probably the most important thing about any type of game is the enviroment. Where you are and what it feels like effects the hole experience of the game, and the tropical island paradice you are traped on is certainly one of the most beautiful and detailed enviroments I have yet seen. The sun streaming through the thick trees, butterflys and birds fly through the colouful plants and foilage littering the island. To put it simply, it's gob smacking.
And the conrols and game mechanics are equaly as fine. Moving around, aiming, shooting, setting traps, driving cars, boats etc, making stealth kills, the lot, it all feels natual, polished and solid.
As i've only played a couple of demo levels I havn't yet experienced the best bits of the game, but from videos, the 'animal' powers you later obtain all seem rather solid and fun to use, something that PC gamers wont get to see.
Overall, this can't really fail. If you like FPS's, then buy it, if you like sunshine, palmtrees and beautiful scenery, buy it, if you like mutating into a beast and going on a murderous rampage, then just buy it! Its brill, seriously!
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on 27 April 2014
I loved the PC version of this game and the later Far Cry 3 on PS3, which made me look seriously into FC:I. Since playing it through, I felt I would share my impressions on what turns out to be a mixed bag of some excellent aspects, and others which are extremely poor.

There isn't a great amount of depth to it to be honest, but then again, this is the world of the FPS where the story is really not as important as the action elements and the gameplay itself. In case you weren't already aware, you play the role of Jack Carver, an ex military man who is dragged into a paradise gone wrong. Islands crawling with mercenaries and other less amenable creatures are your new home, and you'd better start enjoying it, because the action comes thick and fast. Due to the lack of depth, it's quite hard to go into detail without the presence of spoilers, so I will leave you with the fact that it isn't that great, but it's not really a deciding factor in how the game pans out.

There is a lot to say about the graphics in this game when looked at from a purely console orientated view. The developers have really done a fantastic job pushing the most out of what is an aging console soon in for replacement. The environmental detail and slight bloom effect will make you enjoy the outdoor areas of the game and though some of the finer detail is a little bland, when compared to many other Xbox games out there, it really does stand out. The frame rate is very solid, but unfortunately it comes at a price.

That price "pop-up" and though this is purely down to the limitations of the system upon which it is played, it is a shame that many of the finer textures and detail only come into focus when you're right on top of them. A lot of textures are also a little bland when you get close to them, which is a pity in an otherwise good looking game. It can cause a little loss of immersion, but nonetheless, it is a beautiful game and though there are indoor areas, you'll only have eyes for the tropical beaches. Character models are also a little similar at times and could have used a little more time on them to make them rival the stunning environments.

Now, to my mind, the most important thing when considering buying a game is the way it plays. Forget the sound and the graphics, you can have a great looking, yet generally dull game. It's not totally the case here, but in terms of the single player experience this game leaves a lot to be desired. Why? Well frankly, it's the shockingly bad AI. The enemies in the game do lack a little material between the ears and may often be seen getting stuck, standing still whilst firing at you or generally running in your direction waiting to get gunned down. It is poorly implemented and makes the game far too easy - add to that the fact that there are no difficulty levels and you find that you're left with a somewhat hollow experience.

The feral abilities are gimmicky. They only add to the arcade like feel this game seems to convey, with the over the top auto aim and stupid AI, it's run and gun and crazy physics for much of the time. Whilst they certainly add to the element of fun, they end up feeling tacked on and after the first few times of use, you'll find yourself going back to the guns. Vehicles are implemented well throughout the game with a variety to choose from such as the ATV, hand-glider, 4X4 and so on and add to the variety of the game. Another disappointment with the game though rests with the linearity of it all. It feels far too much like you are on rails and after the PC version showed so much potential, it is a great shame they couldn't expand on that in this game and give you some alternative routes and different ways to play out the levels.

Then we have the auto-aim, which in the single player, takes a whole lot of skill out of the playing experience. Bullets will wind their way to the target, even if they weren't aimed well in the first place if the crosshair is red. It just requires very little skill, and though this can mean a fun blasting of enemies, for me, that is not the way the game should play - if you miss, bullets shouldn't home in on their target, but sadly, a lot of the time they do. Again, this is a big negative as coupled with the poor AI, most enemies are sitting ducks for an easy take down.

So after all that criticism, I would stress that this is my take on it, and though stealth elements and feral abilities are present, they feel a little rushed and the sub-standard AI means that your traps often go unused. It is no doubt a fun run and gun shooter, but don't expect any more depth than that. It promises much and I feel, fails to deliver.

Generally no complaints here, the sound is pretty atmospheric, the music is well implemented and as in some other games around, the radio broadcasts are a fairly constant source of mild amusement. Guns and vehicles all sound nice and meaty and all effects play out well through a good TV.

In terms of single player it would score a big fat zero. For reasons already mentioned such as the lack of difficulty levels, this extremely short game (8 hours average first completion) is far too short to hold your interest for more than 2 run throughs, and that is being kind. So where does this 8 come from? Multiplayer and map maker, that's where.

Thankfully, this is the one thing that this game gets absolutely right. The multiplayer is entertaining and varied with a Predator gametype added to the usual mix which adds a new twist. One player becomes the Predator each round and is given special abilities whilst everybody else's task is to hunt them down. The map maker is intuitive and provides many opportunities to create a wide variety of maps which can keep you and your friends entertained for many an hour.

The fact that the single player of the game is too short, too easy and generally unsatisfying. The weapons and vehicles are nicely balanced and integrated well, yet when you have enemies this stupid, it really is of little consequence.

The multiplayer is the saving grace, but the xbox live component has long been shut down. A good version on the classic xbox, but sadly not a patch on the original and feels too arcade like and simplistic to last very long.
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on 3 October 2006
This is a beautiful game. Just look at the water. It looks REAL !!! I have great respect for the people who made this hugely entertaining game. The story is not very original, but the sense of danger from the enemies & the sheer size of the island are what makes this game so very playable. For me, the 2nd best game of 2005 ( after GTA San Andreas naturally !!).
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