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on 15 May 2015
After the Bradley brothers are rushed to hospital, they are rescued by a kindly old woman who runs a home for the outcasts of society. Duane attempts to throw off his old image and become an average guy whilst Belial is at home among the monstrous inhabitants of the house and even finds love. However, the ruthless sleaze-happy press are soon at the door determined to ruin the tranquillity.

A completely different format to the first film, this is nevertheless an enjoyable black comedy romp.
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on 3 January 2017
5 star
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on 20 August 2015
Great buy
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on 23 January 2015
Not a great sequel but at least the movie picks up from where the original ended. There is also some continuity in the fact we have lead actor Kevin Van Hentenryck back and Frank Henelotter is once again behind the lens.

Unfortunetly the original movie really lived off the sleaziness of New York City- and here the action takes place somewhere Upstate in the countryside, mostly confined to one house, which is very boring. However residing in that house is a host of freaks and that is where Duane and his brother hide out and recuperate.

The make up on the freaks is simply superb and this is a major plus, with the advent of CGI this has to be underlined given that the make up was all done by actual humans on set, kudos!

The story is a little flat and seems too distant from the original. You really have to take the sequel as a comedy otherwise you will hit the off button within 10 minutes. Gorehounds should be pleased and the ending is a knockout.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 March 2013
Basket Case 2 takes place right after the original. And, if you've seen the original, you may be in for a surprise. The first instalment was pretty dark - about a young man who carries his psychotic miniature deformed brother around in a basket. However, number two immediately changes the genre slightly into more of a wacky comedy (yes, with a few murders in, but mainly it's played for laughs).

A lot of people who saw the first film see it as a cult classic (yes, it's cheesy, but still pretty enjoyable nonetheless), so when number two shifted gear it took a lot of stick. Not only does the overall atmosphere change, but the central two characters - one being the `basket case' himself - are slightly pushed out of the forefront of the story - another reason Basket Case purists see the sequels as a step in the wrong direction.

However, if you look at number two on its own, it's reasonably enjoyable (in a silly kind of dumb way). Number three follows on from number two straight away, but keeps the same comedy feel with horror as a secondary part to it.

I quite enjoyed all three of them. However, the general consensus is that you should stick to the first one if you like horror films. The next two are pretty wacky. You have to be in the mood for such silliness, or a complete basket case (which I obviously am).
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on 21 January 2016
The original basket case was prob the last of the great cult movies
2/3 has legendary jazz singer ANNIE ROSS that quite frankly is a waste of her talents
Not recommended
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on 7 September 2006
Basket case 2 and 3 are perfect films if you like films that are pretty crap but brilliant at the same time,this is a gore comedy series,not a million miles removed from the likes of braindead and bad taste.

The films are all about freaks who are protected by granny ruth who has a very sinister side to her if one of her family are threatened,she is sadistic and she unleashes manic deaths via her house of freaks to those who interfere.

The freaks are all so wacky looking that you cant help but laugh and the gore is so over the top that yet again you laugh so whats the harm in all that,the films dont run in a straight line and there is plenty of mindless enjoyment found in these two movies,it doesnt even matter if you have seen the original,the stories dont need much explaining,brilliant stuff in a macabre way.
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on 1 August 2015
A more Comedic follow up to the Grindhouse Classic with a Bigger budget and More Freaks than just our Pal in the Wicker Box.A great Story with sick Effects.
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on 26 May 2015
A silly follow up to the cult classic but a funny one. Its aged badly but its really fun

The twins get taken in by a lady who has an attic of freaks
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on 1 November 2010
this one takes part right after the first one
it mostly strays from the original two characters and more to this random old woman and some pointless monsters that live with her
Im not sure it's because they made some money from the first one so they wanted to make this one seem high budget and throw in a bit more monster-make up just for measure, but to me this is what ruins the storyline
the monsters or 'freaks' spend a bunch of time doing nothing and are only there to fill out the room
the only good bits are duane bradleys awkward character, which i think by character design they changed too much, from having his trade mark poodle noodle in the first one he switches to a generic joe-everyman hairstyle,and for some reason even though his horrible brother killed his girlfriend and tried to kill him he's still friends with him.
the twin brother isn't as creepy in this one,he's just a joke, he and duane basically take the side stage as these ''freaks'' just woddle around the whole film.
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