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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 June 2005
While some biblical epics spawn debate over the dramatic licence taken by Hollywood as opposed to remaining faithful to the source material, this series rightly deserved it's Emmy for remaining faithful to the Bible and thereby creating a dramatic, engaging epic with a stunning cast. Who would argue with the quality of Ben Kingsley, or TV's Warren Clarke among the other fine actors on display here. Yet for all the brilliant costumes, sets, direction and acting, it is the faithful, word-for-word adaptation that is at the foundation of this production, and the reason why I'm looking forward to seeing the others in this series! I recommend it to people familiar with the story, or people who enjoy well-made, fascinating, intelligent epics!
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on 7 July 2004
This is an amazing movie. It keeps almost word for word with scripture and dose not add or take away for the original story like most other bible epics do. It is both inspiring and educational.
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on 5 June 2006
What an excellent movie! It remains faithful to the Bible story and is superbly acted. Paul Mercurio as Joseph adds depth to a difficult role and Ben Kingsley is amazing. Loved it!
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on 21 December 2015
I have to say I was really disappointed with this film. Bible stories are really interesting to me and there is so much going on in them that you don't need to make things up. Clearly if you are depicting day to day life then there might be some poetic licence, but in the Word is says Joseph fled potiphars wife; he knew what the cost of that sin was - in the film is shows him feebly remaining under her hands before, eventually, taking to his toes. Potiphar showed up more times remains constant throughout the film. Joseph gets whipped in jail and, later, he gets flung against a wall and washed down by two women. I mean, come on now! in the Word, Joseph asks Pharoah's servants what was troubling them, but in this film you really want to ask Joseph that question. When they show him crying out "My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" I just wanted to take the dvd and crack it in half over my knee. There are some very good and accomplished actors in this film, it's a pity they didn't use their skill to tell it as closely as possible in the Word.

By the way, if anyone wants to by a dvd, very loosely based on the life of Joseph, let me know.
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2007
Not many Biblical adaptations do what this wonderful masterpiece does. Keeping the viewer gripped, while treating the whole story with sensitivity. Special mention must go to Paul Mercurio (stricly ballroom) who shines in the title role. Of course, everybody knows the Biblical tale of joseph. A young man equally blessed and cursed. loved by his father Jacob dearly, the jealousy of his twelve brothers is soon aroused. Eventually the brothers sell Joseph into egyptian slavery. Many years later, and the pharoah is having some bad dreams. Come in joseph. The king is so happy that he installs Joseph as his second in command to oversee plans to ride out the famine God had warned about in Phroah's dreams. Of course, the message is, that no matter what bad things happen to you, god can make good result from it. Wonderfully and lavishly produced,it's a must see whether you beleive in the Bible or not. Special mention must also go to Ben kinglsley, Remarkable in his role as Potiphar.
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on 23 July 2014
Rarely are biblical films something to write home about, they use poetic licence and divert from the actual narrative, the recent blockbuster about Noah being a prime example however this is one special production. It stays close to the narrative and presents quite faithfully the story of Joseph. I don't think it was that big a budget film but its locations fit well, costume and acting. It is amazing how the life of Joseph shadows that of Jesus Christ the messiah , in other words he is a type of Christ, a picture of the coming messiah. Just a couple of examples how he does that are as follows -
Joseph like jesus was his fathers beloved son.
Joseph was despised by his brothers.
Joseph was betrayed for silver coins after his brethren plotted, betrayed and sold him.
He was falsely accused and imprisoned.
Joseph was imprisoned with two criminals; one lives, one dies. Likewise Jesus wascrucified with two criminals one who found spiritual life and one who didn't.
Joseph was then exalted to the right hand of pharoah and authority given to him over all Egypt , Jesus was exalted to the right hand of the Father and given all authority.
There are five more similarities which I will leave you to pick out.
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on 7 February 2012
I first saw this presentation of the Joseph story many years ago and I have always wanted to see it again. This is outstanding in every possible way. First, and most important, it is entirely compatible with the Biblical account in Genesis of the Joseph story. It is comforting to know that there are some people in history who have dictatorial powers and yet use that power wisely and for the benefit of all. Joseph saved not only his family but Egypt as well and many outside Egypt. He is a good role model of integrity and competence. I have seen some other presentations of the Joseph story, including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, but this is by far the best. Whether you know the Bible or not, this is a good introduction to one of the key stories of the Bible. Although surprisingly it is rated by the BBFC as 12, this is good and wholesome family viewing. It tells of the best and worst in people, but it is primarily about redemption and forgiveness and healing of a broken family. Such a message would be of benefit to our society today.
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on 16 January 2016
Great story Joseph life and his coat of many colour given to him by his father because of his obedience to him Israel also name Jacob and his faith in the only one god of his people, The film show the brothers of Joseph sells him to slave traders, In that time because of thier jealousy, It also tell of Joseph rise and imprisonment because he resisted his masters wife, and his rise to the most important man only second in power in Egypt, and how he saved the life of not only all in Egypt but his brothers who had put him into slavery, great biblical story well acted, great for all the family.
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on 9 September 2012
This is a brilliant epic movie, a tour de force, the best Biblical movie I have seen with the exception of One Night with the King Starring Paul Mercurio in the title role, he gives an intelligent and passionate performance of a man who was prepared to die, to keep to the word of his G-D.
Ben Kingsley is his usual magnificent self in his role of Potiphar which he plays with panache. Warren Clark played a sterling role as Potiphar's thuggish overseer Domo Ednan, later to be Joseph's aid de camp. A deliciously evil Potiphar's Wife is captured in brilliant detail by Lesley Ann Warren and the actors playing the ten brothers also acquit themselves well staying true to the form of Israelite tribesman

The movie begins with the purchase of Joseph by Potiphar, and his rise from that of a lowly slave to Potiphar's major domo where he captures the attention of Potiphar's evil wife, when he resists her attention and she accuses him of assaulting her, Potiphar soon knows he is innocent, and he embarks on the telling of his story of his boyhood, including the narrative of the rape of his half-sister Dinah (played with shyness and prettiness by Mexican actress Paloma Baeza), and the destruction of the Canaanite town of Schechem in revenge by her brothers Simeon (Vincenzo Nicoli) and Levi (Colin Bruce) Then we move to the central story whose tale baring and father's favour lead to his brother's brutal attack of him, where he is thrown into a pit and sold to Ishmaelite traders.

His rise in prison, his interpretation of the dreams of Pharaoh (Stefano Dionisi) at the same time as we are taken back to Canaan and see the story of Tamar( a pert and beautiful Kelly Miller ) and Judah (Michael Attwell). The final sequence where Joseph's brothers go down to Egypt until the moving scene where he reveals himself to his brothers is the finest.
The sex scenes are tasteful and not at all gratuitous in any way , and yes this is an adult movie, but they simply cover what is told in the Bible without going further and it is extremely narrow minded to find them offensive
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on 24 April 2008
I must admit I do love a good biblical epic, my personal favorite being 1959's "Ben-Hur"

In Hollywood's golden age though many biblical stories were romantised thereby losing a lot of credibilty when it came to the accuracy of the story. That's why I probably like "Ben-Hur" as although it has a biblical setting the story itself is fictional. That is why I'm often disappointed with the bible stories on screen.

I must say however that with "Joseph" there was no disappointment whatsoever. It has it all. Accurate storytelling, emotion, adventure.The cast is superb and when Joseph reveals himself to his brothers I dare you not to get dewy eyed.

I particularly liked the research that went into the script like the fact that when Joseph was Governor of Egypt he was known as Zaphanathpenea.


Buy it now - it's a steal at that price.
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