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on 25 April 2017
As a long time fan of Blue Velvet, it was a joy to see the extra footage contained on the bonus disc. This footage really gives some more insight into the character of Jeffrey and his voyeuristic nature and Sandy's line about not being sure whether or not he's a pervert is given a lot more meaning when viewed in relation to the lost footage. There's some lovely bonus content featuring interviews with Angelo Badalamenti, Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern and Dennis Hopper to boot. This special edition is a must for Lynch fans.
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on 22 April 2016
Splendidly and overtly over the top and Lynch of course is a master of this. It is what is implied that appears to be important to him and the opening sequence suggests. It is the world of a bad dream and some would call this surrealistic but I don't quite. For surrealistic see Bunuel, Cocteau and maybe Lanthimos (?) This is something else; bad taste rendered legitimate. Even the Roy Orbison number appears creepy. You either like these off kilter artists like Lynch or don't. I am not sure myself but keep on watching them so something must be there? Less Bunuel and more cleverer Tarantino I think? On the other hand - Not sure?
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on 8 May 2017
The upgrade from DVD to blue ray is well worth the money. You can see a lot more detail, especially in the dark corridor and night scenes. The colours are vibrant but not over saturated and it does well to keep David Lynchs intended mood/aesthetics intact. I waited 3 years for this particular blue ray as previously you could only get this edition with lost content in France. I think it's fair to say that this is the ultimate version of the movie.
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on 1 October 2016
Although this is not a remastered version of this wonderful film it has much better clarity than the Castle Home Videos DVD version (now dumped) that I'd been suffering with for years. So it actually seems like a remastered version to me! The extra footage is 'interesting' to see but you can see why it remained 'extra footage'. It remains one of my favourite films.
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on 20 February 2017
Remember from when it was first released on video. Always A Clockwork Orange fan myself though my brother loves this. I think I was probably a bit young for it back then. Great film . Hopper steals the film for me but great acting from rest of cast. Scares my wife so I have great fun with my ventilator mask.! Would thoroughly recommend if you like something a bit different from the mainstream.
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on 29 December 2015
this film is really horrible in places and I'm not going to describe them here as they are sexually and violently quite explicit. I gave it five stars because the acting was really good, and because I like Isabella Rossellini. the film has me wanting to watch some more of david lynch's work though, because the story was original. it's a kind of gangsters film but with a lot of off the wall weirdness in it, and shows how you never know what goes on behind the cute picket fences of a sleepy town.
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on 12 January 2001
Finally, a David Lynch film gets the home video treatment it deserves. This 25th anniversary edition boasts a beautiful new High Definition transfer overseen by Lynch himself, and a superb DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. Rest assured, Blue Velvet has never looked or sounded better. Colours are rich, blacks are strong and there is no sign of obtrusive digital manipulation. The clarity, depth and atmosphere of the lossless surround soundtrack is equally impressive.

I would urge anyone to buy this version over the UK release. Despite the box stating that this is a region "A" disc (i.e.-US and surrounding territories), this will work perfectly on a British BD player. Crucially, it also features something the UK release does not: 51 minutes of newly discovered deleted scenes.

Previously featured only as stills on the earlier Region 1 DVD, the footage has been fully restored, presented in HD and featuring the original music and sound elements. The care and attention these scenes have received makes a mockery of the scrappy, unfinished workprint versions of deleted scenes featured on most releases.

Whilst it could be argued that the majority of this footage was rightly excised from the final cut, it nonetheless offers a fascinating alternate perspective to the film, and provides a wonderful insight into Lynch's creative process. Would that the production company holding the rights to the legendary deleted scenes for "Fire Walk With Me" acquiesce to Lynch's demands and afford similar respect to that footage.

The disc also features the fantastic 70 minute "Mysteries of Love" documentary carried over from the Region 1 DVD along with the trailers, TV spots and "Siskel & Ebert" review. The disc menu is rather strange: having no screen of its own, it is only accessible via the "pop up" menu whilst the film is playing (although the film can be paused whilst scrolling through the options).

All in all, a wonderful edition of an incredible film at a superb price. Every Lynch fan should own this.
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on 25 December 2014
Weird and wonderful, this is essential Lynch and the classic by which he will probably be remembered. By blurring distinctions between reality and illusion, the dark side of human nature with its capacity for love, the fusion of genres (noir and romance), Lynch shows that the faculties we use to make sense of our world are often inadequate. Throw in Rossellini and the music, and what's not to like - though admittedly it may not be everyone's cup of tea.
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on 17 October 2009
This is an excellent movie, which I highly recommend. It displays all typical characters of David Lynch's movie making, from the use of sound and music (such as the disturbing "void" sound that enhances suspence), to that of the camera (e.g. pictures taken at odd camera angles), not to mention that of the (scarce) light.
Unfortunately the DVD quality - both image and sound - is at its worst. I ended up turning up the volume to almost the maximum and still I missed some dialogue. Besides, there are no subtitles, no extra - which is really not a tribute to this movie.
The only note I would add to the description by Amazon is that of the happy ending, which may be disappointing to some, but it turns out a relief after so much tension.
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on 15 February 2014
Blue Velvet the movie is 5 stars and everyone has been talking up the blu-ray release as really improving on the DVD releases so I decided to buy it on Blu-ray to improve upon my DVD version.

After doing research on the item's description I learned that Blu-ray.com list only one release of Blue Velvet in the U.S, which is this 25th anniversary release, as Region Free. People in the comments section also have said it's Region Free.
People in the comments section of Amazon also constantly talk about Amazon not being accurate always with their Imports as with some they assume it is maybe region locked, and are unsure about it being region free.
So with all this I confidently bought my item to be imported. Unfortunately for me, I then learned there was in-fact, two different releases of this title, one is Region-A locked and the other is Region free, not sure why this is as it seems to make no sense but there you have it.
There is also no region free listed version of the 25th anniversary edition so that also is annoying.
My item had already dispatched before I realised this, but just to warn potential buyers to clarify with the seller, or ensure they're getting the correct version of the film before you end up like me.

The 25th Anniversary edition includes 51 minutes of unseen footage which was supposedly lost but now is included on the disk restored which makes this version the definitive version of Blue Velvet. The film itself is great and for people who enjoy films dealing with adult viewing material, the struggle of good vs evil and in this case, good seemingly having no hope against the flame that burns ever so strongly (You'll get that reference when you watch the film) in Frank Booth, then this film is certainly one you won't want to miss.

EDIT -- Ok, so the item arrived from America today and as anticipated it has a Region A on the back of the Blu-ray. I thought I'd give it a try anyway for a last resort and the disk had no region on it which was strange as the case specified A. Inserted it into my B-locked player and wouldn't you just know it, region free.
Not sure if every disk is like that but turned out so in my case. Seller informed me it was A locked, case also confirmed that, but the disk played. Probably the most unpredictable blu-ray purchase I've made.
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