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This is a low cost monitor stand that also has space for 2 speakers. It's quick and each to assemble and if you don't want to use the speaker stands you don't need to, they can be left off.

As I have only little speakers I've been using the entire thing and it works really well. Feels nice and solid, the speakers flanking the monitor looks great, and you can push your keyboard under to make room on your desk for writing.

A simple, but effective, way to arrange and tidy up your desk.
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on 15 March 2006
This stand has a sturdy construction and risers so that you can raise it's height.
It's wide enough to fit my wireless keyboard underneath (which was my worry as they can be bulky).
It's about 56cm wide, 29cm deep and 10.5cm high (using the risers). Thought this would be useful info.
The 2 side platforms can be fixed to the left, right, or centre and sit about 4.5cm higher than the main monitor stand.
The stand has some clips at the back to help with cable tidying.
Seems better quality than others I've seen.
All in all very impressed. Having shopped around, this was the cheapest place I found it.
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on 25 August 2013
Monitor and Speakers now appropriately raised and generated a teeny bit more space when keyboard is stowed underneath, which is exactly what I was after :-)
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on 7 November 2005
Excellent product. It raises the monitor to the eyeline reducing neck strain considerably. The ability to 'park' the keyboard is an added bonus, I have actually got all of my desk top back to use after all the years of useing pc's. a really good buy.
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on 19 July 2011
Nice bit of kit and nice finish (well for plastic). Stand is black plastic with grey (non-slip??) inlays on the
main monitor stand bit and the 2 speaker side stands.
Very easy to assemble. Honestly, less than 2 minutes and that included popping in the 3 spacers that raise it up
to it's 10cm height and the 2 side stands.
For a 3 legged stand it is very secure and stable.
Keyboard fits under it when you need more space or want to do some writing. The space between 2 fron legs is 51cm
and depth til you hit the back leg is 22cm.
There is a semi-circle plastic bar that protrudes from the back of the stand which is very useful as it allows you
to push the stand right up to the wall and the back leg is then about 4.5cm in from this which means if your table
is fairly flush to a wall you can push the stand right back and know the back leg ain't gonna fall off the back of
the table along with your precious monitor.
Raising the speakers up off the table allows room for even more clutter underneath *8-)

The biggie that got me. Having read the dimensions of the stand I thought I would have no problems but my 22" LG
monitor has a round base with a 23cm diameter. This was larger than the depth (i.e. front to back) of the Kensington
stand. The given dimensions in the item description state the depth as 30cm but the max depth of the bit where the
monitor can go on is only 20.5cm. The max width of where the monitor go is between 33cm (min) and 40cm (max) as the
shape is irregular. Just through luck mine doesn't wobble but my monitor stand is resting up on the lip at the back
part of the Kensington stand. Perfection, you'll have to wait another day.
Not really a con, more of a nice to have but it would be nice if the speaker side stands had a little cut out at the
back of each them for cables to go through. My speakers are lifted a little because the cables have to run over the
lip at the back of each side stand.

To summarise, probably sexier than a 4 legged stand and raises the monitor nicely (as per it's primary function)
but with a lot of large monitors out there these days check your measurements to be sure you'll fit on
and be nice and happy rather than lucky and happy.
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on 9 October 2008
I'll keep this short as the existing reviews accurately acknowledge that this is indeed a nice looking and sturdy monitor stand from Kensington - definitely recommended.


I can only give the stand 4 stars and not 5 - for the simple reason that it's not *quite* "deep" enough to hold my monitor stand properly. (my screen is a very popular and decent F-419 19" TFT from Neovo)

The base of the F-419 IS large, I know. However, it's far from a silly size - and yet this stand isn't big enough. The end result is of course fine - but it does mean that the front (or back..) of the screen has to be propped on the base, over-hanging ever-so-slightly.

Not the end of the world - and I still recommend this stand. However, you'd have though that Kensington would/could have checked a few more makes for the base depth - as I suspect I won't be the only person left somewhat surprised by this minor flaw on an otherwise spot on product.

Best feature? - the base being wide enough to slide your keyboard underneath. EXCELLENT!
review image
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on 21 February 2013
This monitor stand looks good and it does its job. It arrived within 24 hours and couldn't be easier to set up. In position it looks stylish and sturdy.

So some details. It has two height settings, defined by whether you use the optional leg extensions or not. In either iteration, the plastic feet protect your desk and presumably stop it slipping around at all. The lower setting raises your monitor 2.5 inches, with the extensions this extends to the full four inches. You can switch between the two options to see which works best since the extensions are easy to swap in or out. At either height it will easily take a keyboard under it and should take a modern slim laptop. I won't comment on docking stations as that is not its advertised purpose. Useable space under the platform body is about half an inch less than the top of the platform.

I am currently using it to hold a widescreen 24" flat-screen LCD monitor. This overlaps the two side tables by about an inch each side but the height of the monitor stalk means the screen clears those side platforms by a couple of inches and they are still plenty big enough to take a good size pair of speakers or whatever else you want on them. The main platform shows no sign of being at all troubled by the weight and it feels solid enough to take a good sized CRT without complaint.

Looks-wise the stand has a quality appearance to it that disguises its modest price. Its rather stylish black and silver shape doesn't seem out of place on my beech wood desk. The cable-tidy does its job and the D shape of the platform takes up minimal space meaning I can stash my external drives behind it and leave even more desktop available for new junk! And the extra height of the monitor improves my posture. So all in all, it has the looks, it does its job and I can see no way anyone could really gain by spending more money on a more expensive product.
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on 16 February 2009
The stand is fantastic, easy to put together and larger than expected so easily supported my 22 inch flat screen monitor. There is plenty of room underneath for laptops and keyboards and can easily accomdate decent speakers on the stands. I search the web for a good stand and bought this as a gamble and glad that the picture didn't do it justice! Would highly recommend to thos going for something a little different as very well designed.
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on 28 September 2009
I was looking for something that would fit the space at the end of my table, raise the height of my monitor and allow me to tuck away my keyboard when not in use. When I saw the dimensions for this, I thought it looked just about right.
Reading the reviews I thought they were too good to be true. I noticed one reviewer giving a lower star rating "to balance things up". Anyway I went ahead and purchased this and I'm absolutely delighted.
When I was ordering the stand I wasn't sure how aesthetic the "wings" were. What is really great is that you can adjust them to be in one of 3 positions, and from a practical viewpoint they are incredibly useful - providing somewhere to place various bits which are not on the desk surface. They don't look bad either!
All in all this has been a perfect purchase for me and I'm very happy with it!
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on 4 February 2010
Excellent monitor stand easily installed in a matter of seconds, makes for professional look, really tided up my work space.
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